Patent Family Trees

A patent family tree is a series of charts showing the relationships between the different branches of patents that have been filed in a given field of technology, going back to the roots of the field, and forward to all the branches of possible future development. These charts include information about strategies for planning products and controlling intellectual property; the key research personnel and companies; their competitors; and areas of related research.

The advantages of drawing up a patent family tree are many. A company that undertakes to conduct this type of study of technology will find that it provides a clear picture to assist the decision-makers in their product planning, prototype planning, the targetting of the most promising areas of R & D and identifying markets. A patent family tree reduces the problem of "reinventing the wheel" and helps avoid patent infringements. It is a good visual aid for informing and motivating employees. It correlates patent information with the company's strategy, strengths, products and markets, and greatly assists in forming future strategies.

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