Prior Art Searches

Attention Patent Attorneys! Have you a patent infringement suit that has technical problems? Let Computer Futures team of experts help you find prior art by extending your search into libraries of private and public entities that contain documents that do not exist in any data base. Our consultants can search such libraries themselves, or we can enlist librarians, retirees and students to search under our directions. Retired or senior librarians are usually best at searching their own holdings given proper guidance. Our consultants are skilled in the particular art so that they do not depend on key words or abstracts: unlike computer-based searchers they search whole papers and books. Misleading titles on some documents can conceal useful information, but our consultants know not to omit anything that might help the search.

We locate prior art inventors and converse with them in their own technical language. We can hire them to participate in problem solving or to invent new solutions to your problem, without disclosing confidential information about the client.

Computer Futures, Inc, will protect your clients' trade secrets through the use of a need to know basis, non-disclosure agreement searches, and public-knowledge-only searches.

No hourly rate or total dollar commitments will be made without the clients approval. All our consultants are 1099 independent contractors.

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