Poetry by Jonathan Vos Post

  1. I'm Certified for Sleep
  2. illustrated humorous fantasy poem
  3. Business Blues
  4. happy hour haunting a taco bar
  5. 8 Haiku for CHALLENGER
  6. dedicated to the seven Challenger astronauts
  7. Crime Doesn't Pay
  8. sonnet on the Mystery Writers of America motto
  9. The Density of Death
  10. published in Amazing Stories Magazine
  11. Dialogue Before the Earth-Goddess Eloped with the Star-God
  12. published in Amazing Stories Magazine
  13. Before the Big Bang: News from the Hubble Large Space Telescope
  14. published in Analog, Star*Line, Rhysling Anthology, and Nebula Awards #23
  15. I Am More Than One
  16. if Walt Whitman reviewed the novel "Less Than Zero"
  17. Love and Death Poems (nearly 30 kilobytes of text)
  18. No Girl Next Door
  19. single mothers lost in the apartment house maze
  20. Prologue to Dr. Norton Moise
  21. the Adrenal gland and the evolution of human beings
  22. On the Programming Language Simscript II.5
  23. Samuel Butler parody about software
  24. One Hundred Trillion Worlds
  25. Poem Summarizes, One Quatrain per Chapter, Novella by Jonathan V. Post & Dr. Christine Carmichael
  26. Science Fiction and the Search for Transcendence
  27. Hypertext poem about the metaphysical nature of Science Fiction
  28. Selected Political Poems
  29. 30 kilobyte hypertext (hardcopy published 1992) book of poetry
  30. The Twilight of Genetic Engineering
  31. the future of DNA, lawyers, and war
  32. Valedictory to Software
  33. death parallels a spacecraft leaving the Solar System
  34. When We Must Part
  35. published in Amazing Stories Magazine
  36. Hologram
  37. a skewed vision of reality
  38. Round-trip Ticket to the Twilight Zone
  39. 63 rhymes in alphabetical order, submitted to Twilight Zone Magazine.
    new: just added to web 24 Jan 2004
  40. What Makes the World Go Round?
  41. based on a Caltech football cheer

The Ultimate Science Fiction Poetry Guide

An entire encyclopedia of Science Fiction, fantasy, and Horror poets and poetry from some 20 countries, from the dawn of history to the present...

Poetry for sale by Jonathan Vos Post

  1. QUATRAINS FROM THE MARTIAN CHRONICLES (with Ray Bradbury), $5.00,
    (autographed by Ray Bradbury, $10.00)

  2. COLD MOUNTAIN: 30 Haiku from the Chinese T'ang Poet Han-shan, $10.00

  3. FATHER'S DAY, $2.00


  5. CHAOS: INFINITY [Science Fiction Poems], $10.00

  6. SCIENCE FICTION AND FANTASY POETRY, critical and bibliographic essays, $10.00, including 1-year membership in the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) Special Interest Group in Poetry

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