Skidding and spinning to Physics class on my motorcycle to study the kinematics of rotation thinking: all rotation is revolutionary.
I am getting a new angle on everything, and the symbol is a small-case theta, which looks like a wheel seen at an oblique angle, turning on its axis.
Twist the accelerator grip on the handlebars and feel the torque: the moment of force my turn signal arm become a lever arm.
Listening to the engine's organ tones as Bach, listening for the center of mass; Yoga on a Yamaha; the moment of inertia "the still point of the turning world."
I feel I am standing still, the Earth spinning below me like a giant gyroscope, the entire galaxy "like a prayerwheel in a whirlpool."
The day draws towards its omega; I hear the cheerleaders sing out: "What makes the world go round?" the crowd replying: "angular momentum!"

1440-1510 4 Dec 78

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