We speak of Man, evolved in nature with keen senses and emotion: thus the power of observation and the freedom of locomotion. Eden: peaceful, but still penal; Man is not trapped by abstraction. He is driven by the adrenal, the gland that drives us all to action. Brains evolved for nomenclature, reasoning, communication. He organized, imagination led him towards a legislature. But now the problem of controls, deceit, confusion, and frustration grew from conflicts between goals of group and family, self and nation. The adrenal's no magician, it still cannot recognize messages about cognition that intend to civilize. We seek the means for living well; for us to find the just solutions we must know in parallel both ourselves and institutions. We cannot quickly change our ways; we must refashion what we've built To fit our nature, without guilt, then live in peace for all our days! 1030-1120 5 June 87

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