by Jonathan Vos Post (as if Walt Whitman reviewed the novel "Less Than Zero")
Less Than Zero? NO! I am More Than One.
I am more than one, half my father and half my mother, and more I am one-fourth each of all four grandparents, and more Each brother and each sister is half of me, and I am half of them, and all the people of the world are my brothers and my sisters, and more and there is more than one world; I choose this world, and more
I am part of every group, and more than all those groups I choose to join I am a representative of every trait I manifest, and more I take part in every belief I choose to hold, but I am more than my beliefs I am, in part, each thought and memory and feeling, but more than all parts
I am more than one, I am my past, and my environment, and my free will, half nature, half nurture, more halfs, adding to more than one
I am more than one, I am conscious and unconscious and more I am perceiver and percipient, sentience and conscience and more
I am the record of my own history, the fount of history to come, and more I am the choice, the chooser, and the chosen; I choose this life, and more I am more than one; I am past, present, future; otherwhen and otherwhere
Less than zero? No, I do not admit to less than Infinity I am more than one, and there is more than one infinity I choose this infinity, and more than this infinity
I am more than one... and SO ARE YOU!
Jonathan V. Post 25 July 1986

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