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Unlike arbitration, mediation is a voluntary process and does not involve a formal evidentiary hearing or result in a binding decision. Instead, all parties or disputants agree to the appointment of an experienced mediator. After all sides explain their positions in the presence of a mediator and one another, the mediator meets privately with each party to discuss the strong and weak points of their cases, the risks of arbitration, and how the problem or controversy might be settled.

MEDIATION HAS BEEN SUCCESSFUL in settling cases because it permits an impartial, experienced mediator to discuss settlement possibilities privately with each party with the understanding that their positions will not be disclosed to the opposing party unless the opposing party agrees to the settlement of the dispute on the terms privately communicated to the mediator. Since all parties are seriously negotiating the dispute, mediated settlements normall occur earlier than arbitration, saving everyone valuable time as well as money.

EVEN IF mediation does not result in a voluntary settlement of the dispute, the mediation process is worthwhile because all participants have become more fully educated on the strengths and weaknesses of their cases, thereby providing the basis for a reasonable settlement in the future.

PLEASE CONTACT Jaqueline Downs, our Executive Director at (800) 987-8406, if you are interested in mediating or obtaining more information on mediation. She will be happy to assist you in utilizing the forums PACIFIC ADR SERVICES offers in this area.

REMEMBER, should you voluntarily agree to mediate, doing so will not affect the processing of any claim you file in arbitration at PAS. Your claim will continue to progress within the arbitration framework unless and until a settlement has been reached.

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