Prom Night 2010

Age progression uses a mixture of science and art to show what your child may look like on night of their High School Prom. Start with a photograph of your child (ages 5 years and up) and use digital photo enhancement to change the bone structure (jaws, cheekbones etc) to show how he/she might look when grown up.

  1. The fun version, which not only shows the child age progressed to about 18, but idealizes their appearance to show how they might look when spiffed up for their Senior Prom. This is great entertainment for both parents and the children themselves. Adopted children, especially, will be reassured by the images of themselves as beautiful adults.
  2. The serious version, for customers with a special need. The age of child is advanced by a subtle technique. The child is not glamorized, and their hairstyle is not changed. The final image shows only the changes to bone structure that might occur during their teens.

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Look at the examples shown above: a six-year-old boy and an eight-year-old girl have been age progressed to eighteen by a digital process. If you look carefully, you can see the original features are basically the same, but the result shows a more mature face. Here are some more examples:

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