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Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1994)
     Rather clever Jim Carrey vehicle
"Ace Ventura: Pet Detective" (1996)TV series
Agenzia Riccardo Finzi, praticamente detective (1978)
     Italian, aka "The Finzi Detective Agency"
American Detective (1999)
"Armchair Detective" (1949)TV series
     with John Milton Kennedy and H. Allen Smith
Art Deco Detective (1994)
     written and directed by Philippe Mora, with Joe Santos, Brion James, 
     Rena Riffel
The Boy Detective, or The Abductors Foiled (1908)
     silent, with Robert Harron and Edward Dillon, directed by Wallace  McCutcheon
Buddy the Detective (1934)
     Disney animation, directed by Jack King
Calamity Ann Detective (1913)
     silent, directed by Allan Dwan
Charlie McCarthy, Detective (1939)
     Edgar Bergen, Edgar kennedy, written by Harold Shumate & 
     Edward Eliscu & Richard Mack
"Charlie Wild, Private Detective" (1950)TV series
     Series starring Cloris Leachman, ran 1950-1952
Cheap Detective, The (1978)
     Written by Neil Simon, this wonderful comedy spoofed Bogart films, 
     and particularly spoofed:
     The Maltese Falcon (1941)
     Casablanca (1942)
     To Have and Have Not (1944)
     A Streetcar Named Desire (1951)
     Chinatown (1974)
     and starred Peter Falk, Ann-Margaret, Eileen Brennan, Sid Caesar, 
     Stockard Channing, James Coco, Dom DeLuise, Louise Fletcher, John 
     Houseman, Madeline Kahn, Fernando Lamas, Marsha Mason, Phil Silver, 
     Abe Vigoda, Paul Williams, Nicol Williamson, Scatman Crothers, David 
     Ogden Steirs; and was basically a sequel to
     Murder by Death (1976)
Chick Carter, Detective (1946)
     with Lyle Talbot and Douglas Fowley
"Chinese Detective, The" (1981)(mini)TV series
     BBC, with Derek Martin and David Yip
Columbo: Sex and the Married Detective" (1989)TV
     Peter Falk
Dan Turner, Hollywood Detective (1990)(TV)
     with Marc Singer, Arte Johnson, Paul Bartel, written by John Wooley
Dangerous Davies - The Last Detective (1980)
     British, with Bernard Lee, writer/director Val Guest
Dear Detective (1979)(TV)
     Brenda Vaccaro, R. G. Armstrong, Ron Silver, Areln Dean Snyder, 
     M. Emmett Walsh
"Dear Detectives" (1979)TV series
     Brenda Vaccaro, R. G. Armstrong, Ron Silver, Areln Dean Snyder, 
     M. Emmett Walsh
Detective (1985)
     French, Directed by and co-written by Jean-Luc Goddard
Detective Belli (1970)
     aka "Macchi di belleto", aka "Ring of Death", directed by Romolo Guerrieri
Detective Bureau 12: Go  to Hell, Bastards! (1963)
     Japanese, directed by Seijun Suzuki
Detective Fiction (2003)
     Writer-Director Patrick Coyle adapted this from his award-winning 
     play (same name)
Detective Henry and the Paris Apaches (1911)
     silent, directed by Theo Frenkel
Detective Kitty O'Day (1944)
     comedy with Jean Parker, Peter Cookson, Tim Ryan, Veda Ann Borg, 
     directed by William Beaudine, story ny and co-written by Victor Hammond
Detective Lovelorn un die Rache des Pharao (2002)
Detective Malone (1990)
     Italian, written by and with appearance by Ronald Russo
Detective School Dropouts (1985)
     aka "Dumb Dicks", aka "Private Detectives", written by and appearance 
     by Lorin Dreyfuss, directed by Filippo Ottoni
Detective Story (1951)
     Film-noir with Kirk Douglas, Eleanor Parker, William Bendix, Cathy 
     O'Donnell (as Susan Carmichael), from stage play by Sidney Kingsley, 
     music by Miklos Rozsa, directed by and co-written by William Wyler
Detective y la Muerte, El (1994)
     Spanish, aka "The Detective and Death", directed by and appearance by 
     Gonzalo Suarez
Detective, The (1968)
     from the novel by Roderick Thorpe, with Frank Sinatra, Lee Remick, 
     Jack Klugman, Robert Duvall, Sugar Ray Robinson, Jacqueline Bissett, 
     directed by Gordon Douglas
Detectives (1928)
     silent, directed by and co-written by Chester M. Franklin, with 
     George K. Arthur, Karl Dane, Marceline Day, Felicia Drenova, Tenen 
     Holtz, Tetsu Komai
Detective in the House (1985)TV series
     with Jack Elam and Judd Hirsch
Detective School (1979)
     comedy with Douglas Fowley (and Robert Redford??)
Detective's Wife (1950)
     with Lynn Bari
The Detectives, Starring Robert Taylor (1959)
     with Robert Taylor and Adam West
Detectives, The (1989)
     with Jasper Carrott, Robert Powell, George Sewell, directed/produced 
     by Ed Bye
Dick Tracy, Detective (1945)
     aka "Spliface", written by Eric Taylor, directed by William A. Berke, 
     with Morgan Conway and Anne Jeffreys
Dizzy Detectives (1943)
     3 Stooges
Do Detectives Think? (1927)
Dolly Plays Detective (1914)
"Droopy, Master Detective" (19??)TV series
Ellery Queen, Master Detective (1940)
Emil and the Detectives (1935)
Emil and the Detectives (1964)
"Encyclopedia Brown: Boy Detective" (19??)TV series
Father Brown, Detective (1935)
Four Junior Detectives (1991)
     version of "Ein Fall fur TKKG: Drachenange"
"Front Page Detective" (1951)TV series
     with Edmund Love
"Ghost Dog: A Detective Tail" (2003)(made for TV)
The Girl Detective (1915)
     silent with Paul Hurst, Ruth Roland, Marin Sais
"Glam Metal Detectives" (1995)TV series
"Great Detective, The" (19??)TV series
     with Geraint Wyn Davies
The Great Mouse Detective (1986)
     Disney animation, with voices by Vincent Price, Barrie Ingham, 
     Melissa Manchester
Hide and Seek Detectives (1918)
     starring Ben Turpin, written by Mack Sennett
The Hollywood Detective (1989)(TV)
     with Telly Savalas, directed by Kevin Connor
How to Be a Detective (1952)
     Disney animation
Jim Harvey - Detective (1937)
Kalle Blomkvist och Rasmus (1997)
     also known as The Master Detective and Rasmus (1997)(International:English title:informal)
Lady Baffles and the Detective Duck (1915)
     silent, starring Max Asher
Michael Shayne, Private Detective (1940)
     from the novel by Brett Halliday, with Lloyd Nolan and Marjorie Weaver
Mr. Wong, Detective (1938)
     starring Boris Karloff, story by Hugh Wiley
Nancy Drew, Detective (1938)
     starring Bonita Granville, directed by William Clemens, one of three 
     related films released in the same year
Nick Carter - Master Detective (1939)
     directed by Jacques Tourneur, with Rita Johnson, Henry Hull, Sterling Holloway, 
     story by Harold Buckley
Old Mother Riley, Detective (1943)
     British, starring Arthur Lucan and Kitty McShane, part of a 14-movie 
     series (1937-1952)
Private Detective (1939)
     comedy starring Jane Wyman, story by Kay Krausse
Private Detective 62 (1933)
     also known as "Man Killer", starring William Powell, directed by 
     Michael Curtiz, story by Raoul Whitfield, writer Rian James
The Return of the World's Greatest Detective (1976)TV series
"Richard Diamond, Private Detective" (1957)TV series
     with Barbara Bain, David Janssen, Mary Tyler Moore, many guest appearances
Sherlock Holmes, the Detective (1984)
"The Singing Detective" (1986)(mini)TV series
     Outstanding, often surrealistic, Dennis Potter
The Singing Detective (2003) weaker film remake
Tom Sawyer, Detective (1938)
     starring Donald O'Connor, directed by Louis King
Twin Detectives (1976)(TV)
     with Billy Barty and Lillian Gish, directed by Robert Day

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