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Updated 20 March 1997 Below listings of credits and plot summaries courtesy of The Internet Movie Database ( Barton Mystery, The (1919) Barton Mystery, The (1932) His Mystery Girl (1923) Jungle Mystery (1932) "Kraft Mystery Theater" (1961)TV series Madame Mystery (1926) Much Mystery (1926) Mystery at the Villa Rose (1930) Mystery Broadcast (1943) Mystery Club, The (1926) Mystery Date (1991) Mystery House (1938) Mystery in Mexico (1948) Mystery Junction (1951) Mystery Lake (1953) Mystery Liner (1934) Mystery Man (1935) Mystery Man (1944) Mystery Mansion (1986) Mystery Mountain (1934) Mystery of 13, The (1920) Mystery of a Hansom Cab, The (1911) Mystery of Alexina, The (1986) Mystery of Edward Drood, The (1935) Mystery of Edward Drood, The (1993) Mystery of El Rocio, The (1995) Mystery of Marie Roget, The (1942) Mystery of May Celeste (1935) Mystery of Mister X, The (1935) Mystery of Mr. Wong, The (1939) Mystery of Room 13, The (1941) Mystery of the 13th Guest (1943) Mystery of the Hooded Horseman (1937) Mystery of the Leaping Fish, The (1916) Mystery of the Mary Celeste, The (1935) Mystery of the Maya (1995) Mystery of the River Boat (1944) Mystery of the Sleeping Death (1914) Mystery of the Wax Museum (1933) Mystery of the White Room, The (1939) Mystery Plane (1939) Mystery Ranch (1932) Mystery Ranch (1934) Mystery Range (1937) Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie (1996) Mystery Sea Raider (1940) Mystery Ship (1931) Mystery Ship (1941) Mystery Street (1950) Mystery Submarine (1950) Mystery Submarine (1963) Mystery Train (1989) Mystery Valley (1928) Mystery Woman (1935) "Mystery Science Theater 3000" (1988)TV series "Mystery"! (1980) TV series Sea Mystery, A (1916) Trunk Mystery, The (1927)
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