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Appetite for Trouble	
The Case (mini-mystery by e-mail every Wednesday)
Cherry Ames Page (popular 1943-1968 juvenile series about a mystery-solving nurse)
The Doomsday Brunette
KAPOW  (semiweekly series)
The Mystery Corner (short stories each week)
Planet Blortland
The Reader's Corner (stories)
Woodstock 3: The Theme Park Murders

and this is not on-line as yet, but do check out the bibliography "Killer 
Thrillers" by J. Feeny, Madmoiselle, vol.102 (February 1996), p.94

Also, take a look in your hardcopy library for "Crime & Mystery", a 
special section of the New York Times Book Review, Vol.1000 (8 October 
1995), pp.21-4 for some good bibliographic information

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