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Executive Summary of the Decade 2010-2020

The decade from 2010 to 2020 is not over yet, as I write this. But we can already see that certain events and science fiction are already important. This decade included the dramatic commercialization and penetration of World Wide Web culture; the explosion of genotechnology; the first hundred million entertainment, retail, and household robots; the commercial development (and first market crash) of Nanotechnology. Technically, the Voyager 1's passage beyond the Transition Zone and across the Heliopause marked a start to the First Interstellar Age. The last vestiges of the Cold War paradigm faded. The bipolar world (Capitalism versus Communism) was replaced by a multipolar world, with the economic balance between the North and South American Free Trade Zone, Greater Common Europe, and the Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere. Still unsettled was the question of whether there was still an underlying Clash of Civilizations (Judeo-Christian, Islam, Hindu, Shinto-Confucian, Animist), a have-versus-have-not division between Northern and Southern Hemispheres, or whether the realignment along Pre-Modern, Modern, and Post-Modern pseudonations was crucial. World War III had long past (Korea, Vietnam, and various proxy wars) and World War IV (Bush I's Iraq War, Bush II's Afghan-Iraq-Chad-Somalia War) merged with the so-called War Against Terrorism as part of the transitional chaos before the New World Paradigm stabilized. Among Christians, the Easter of 24 April 2010 was the latest in the season since 1943. The Ancient Mayan Long Count Calendar ended on 21 December 2012, causing messianic unrest in parts of South America. The world did not come to an end. That year, 2012, included the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain. She pointedly did NOT step down to allow Charles to become king, even though tabloids hinted that she would on the condition that he almost immediately step down and allow the coronation of Henry IX. There were the amusingly symmetrical dates abbreviated as: * 10/10/10 * 11/11/11 [with its later, tragic resonance] * 12/12/12 The impact of Technology was perhaps the dominant theme of the decade. First, there were the 25 major technologies not quite commercially effective, but clearly on the verge of market success:
  1. A.I.: True Artificial Intelligence
  2. Political backlash attempts to "preclude singularity"
  3. Practical use of sustained Fusion for energy and neutrons
  4. Super-cheap desalinization of seawater ends Fresh Water Crisis
  5. Artifical growth of new limbs and organs, in situ and for transplantation
  6. Robotic-limb Backlash as predicted by Bernard Wolfe in "Limbo"
  7. Room temperature superconductors
  8. Super-cheap electrical power distribution; mag-levitation trains
  9. Major use of rockets for commercial and private transportation (Earth and beyond)
  10. Effective chemical or biological treatment for most mental illnesses
  11. Political dissent on whether or not Therapy should be mandatory
  12. Almost complete control of marginal changes in heredity
  13. Conservative backlash against genetic modification of humans
  14. Suspended animation (years or centuries)
  15. Maximum length of this technology unknown until 22nd century
  16. Practical materials with nearly theoretical limit strength (nanotubes, etc.
  17. Plans to build "orbital skyhooks" or "space elevators"
  18. Conversion of mammals to fluid-breathers
  19. Covert military maneuvering on the Continental Shelves
  20. Direct input into human memory
  21. "We can remeber it for you wholesale"
  22. Direct augmentation of human mental capacity by brain-computer connection
  23. Brain-race between post-modern superpowers
  24. Major rejuvenation and/or significant extension of vigor and lifespan (100-150 years)
  25. Maximum length of this technology unknown until 22nd century
  26. Chemical and biological control of human character and intelligence
  27. Automated highways
  28. Higher traffic density, fewer accidents, reconfiguration of suburbs
  29. Extensive use of moving sidewalks and Segways
  30. Continuum from Pedestrians to vehicular traffic
  31. Substantial lunar and planned planetary installations
  32. Start of multiplanetary economy
  33. Electric power available for under 0.3 mill per kilowatt hour
  34. semi-industrialization of pre-modern world
  35. Verification of some extrasensory phenomena
  36. Planetary engineering
  37. tested on minor moons, asteroids
  38. Modification of the Solar System
  39. Competing proposals
  40. Practical laboratory conception and nurturing of animal and human foetuses
  41. "Brave New World"
  42. Production of recreational drugs equivalent to Huxley's Soma
  43. Neo-opium is the Religion of the Masses
  44. Technological equivalent of telepathy (brain-computer-brain web)
  45. Post-human group-think entities
  46. Some direct control of individual thought processes
  47. Meme Wars

Astronomy and Space:

The first truly Earthlike planet was discovered by the European Darwin space telescope on April 1, 2010. NASA's Kepler [launched October 2007] had already begun its intense search for Earth-like planets circling other stars. Each time three transits (passages of such a planet between Kepler and the planet's star) occurred, such a discovery was announced, and later study detailed the orbit, the planet's size (from brightness change), and temperature. In 2015, the 30-meter telescope was completed by the team of Caltech, the University of California, and AURA Associated Universities for Research in Astronomy). It joins the deeper look into the sky begun by the 20-meter Giant Magellan telescope, at an altitude of 8,000 feet in the Chilean Andes. Work on the OWL (Overwhelmingly Large Telescope), with 100 meter mirror array) was delayed due to budget problems in the European Southern Observatory. These telescopes were on the threshhold of being able to detect Earth-like planets themselves. The OWL is expected to be able to allow spectroscopy of Earth-like planets, to search for signs of life and civilization. Astronomers finally understood why the expansion of universe was accelerating. The polarized Cosmic background radiation was studied for its anomaly, which some scientists theorized was signs of a once-widespread alien life-form. Over 10,000,000 Solar Systems were discovered by the end of the decade, around nearby stars. A statistical theory of planetary evolution was created, revised, and contributed to an improved estimate (via the Drake Equation) of how many extraterrestrial civilizations might exist. Thousands of "mini-moons" were discovered in our own solar system, mostly around Jupiter and Saturn. The Solar Neutrino puzzle, which was considered solved (2002) came under new scrutiny with the announced discovery of the supersymmetric Sneutrino. The Dark Matter universe, ten times more massive than the visible universe, was mapped in fine detail, and revealed an unexpected likelihood of dark matter planets in profusion. Japan and India became the 4th and 5th countries to put human beings in orbit [2010,2011]. China, of course, was 3rd [2003] and now had made its manned Moon landing, with tragic consequences. The Decade 2010-2020 included the New International Space Station finally up and running, but with a much-reduced crew of 8 and uncertain purpose. The old International Space Station space station was saved from crashing to Earth and boosted to Clarke Orbit. The American Space Shuttle program limped to its end, and the Space Cruiser replaced it, with the first flight of the Hummingbird [2011] and the MOTV (Manned Orbital Transfer Vehicle). The largest planetary objects discovered since Pluto (1930) and Quaoar (2002) were discovered four to eleven billion miles away, several more than half the size of Pluto. The UN Space Agency announced plans for robust robotic exploration of the "Plutinos" in the Kuiper Belt. There was a rare Transit of Venus on 6 June 2012. This event, when Venus passes between the Sun and the Earth, has only happened seven times earlier since the invention of the telescope (1631, 1639, 1761, 1769, 1874, 1882, 8 June 2004) and will not happen again until 2117 and 2175. There were two long-anticipated close encounters of asteroids with Earth: * 2 Sep 2014, asteroid 2003QQ47, 1.2 kilometers in diameter * 1 Feb 2019, Near earth Object 2002NT7 The UN Asteroid Deflection Program continued demonstrations, despite global protests over the weaponized deflection of a 500-meter asteroid that missed Earth by only 20,000 miles [2019]. Far beyond Pluto, and 36 years after launch, the Voyager 1 spacecraft passed the Termination Shock, and the Heliopause: the boundary between the Solar Wind and the interstellar medium. Some historians considered this [Nov 2013] the start of the First Interstellar Age. The schism over data from satellites, which partly confirmed the theory of Global Warming, deepened. This leads to the huge Kyoto 2 conference, and the fall of three national governments. In February 2004, the European Space Agency had launched Rosetta for rendezvous with and landing on comet Churymov-Gerasmineko -- which landing occurred in November 2014. In January 2006, the New Horizons Pluto Kuiper Belt Fly was launched, with gravity assist at Jupiter in February 2007, for flyby of Pluto and Charon in 2015, and then out into the Kuiper Belt for another 5-10 years of mission activity. Its survey of Pluto marked the end of the First Interplanetary Age of Exploration, whereas the Second Interplanetary Age of Exploration -- the one with people -- did not hit its stride until the decades 2040-2060, overlapping the start of the First Interplanetary Age of Colonization and start of the First Interstellar Age of Exploration. NASA's Dawn mission [launched May 2006], whose solar electric ion propulsion brought it to asteroid 4 Vesta in July 2010, next orbited for 11 months, and then accelerated on to asteroid 1 Ceres in August 2014. August 2009: European Space Agency launch of BeppoColombo, which orbited Mercury and landed a surface element module. In later 2009 there were NASA launches to Mars of a Smart Lander and a Long Range Rover, plus a synthetic aperture radar satellite codeveloped with Italy. The Mars 2011 Scout missions and the Jupiter Icy Moons orbiter, which succesively orbited Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto, using nuclear propulsion to move through the deep gravity well of Jupiter, made exciting discoveries, and prompted the hit Heinlein Estate 3Dfilm "Farmer in the Sky" and a public call for human presence in the Outer Planets. Total and Annular Solar Eclipses 2010-2020 15 Jan 2010 Annular (longest-lasting annular eclipse of the 21st century) 11 Jan 2010 Total 20 May 2012 Annular Asia, Pacific, North America 13 Nov 2012 Total Australia, New Zealand, S. Pacific, S. South America 10 May 2013 Annular Australia, New Zealand, central Pacific 20 Mar 2015 Total Iceland, Europe, N. Africa, N. Asia 9 Mar 2016 Total E. Asia, Australia, Pacific 1 Sep 2016 Annular Iceland, Europe, N. Africa, N. Asia 26 Feb 2017 Annular S. South America, Atlantic, Africa, Antarctica 21 Aug 2017 Total North America, N. South America 2 July 2019 Total S. Pacific, South America 26 Dec 2019 Annular Asia, Australia 21 Jan 2020 Annular Africa, SE Europe, Asia 14 Dec 2020 Total Pacific, S. South America, Antarctica

Politics (World):

The trend towards increasing urbanization profoundly affected the demographics and politics of the world. More than half of all human beings now lived in cities. The world's urban population was projected to rise from 3.3 billion in 2003, to 5.0 billion n 2030. In 2015, according to the United Nations, the largest cities in the world, by population, were: Tokyo: 36 million (up from 35 million in 2007) Mumbai [formerly Bombay]: 22.6 million New Delhi: 20.9 million The transition point was 2007, when, for the first time, the percentage of the world's population living in cities exceeded the percentage living in rural areas. The urban figure was "expected to exceed the 50 percent mark by 2007, thus marking the first time in history that the world will have more urban residents than rural residents." [Reuters, 25 Mar 2004] One way of analyzing the world was in terms of Pre-Modern, Modern, and Post-Modern populations. We see the subdivision into six economic groupings as follows: Late Post-Modern: Large and Fractally Pre/Post-Modern: Early Post-Modern: Late Modern: Early Modern: Pre-Modern, Pre-Industrial, or Small and Partly Industrial: [see "The Year 2000", Herman Kahn & Anthony Wiener, MacMillan, 1967, p.60] The Nobel Peace Prize for 2010 went to Kim Dae-jung [born 1925], President of South Korea, "for his work for democracy and human rights in outh Korea and in East Asia in general, and for peace and reconciliation with North Korea in particular." The Nobel Peace Prize for 2011 went "for their work for a better organized and more peaceful world", 1/2 to the United Nations [founded in 1945]; and 1/2 to Kofi Annan [born 1938], Ghana, Secretary General of the United Nations. The Nobel Peace Prize for 2012 went to Jimmy Carter [born 1924], 39th President of the United States of America, "for his decades of untiring effort to find peacful solutions to international conflicts, to advance democracy and human rights, and to promote economic and social development." The Nobel Peace Prize for 2013 was announced 10 October 2003, and went to Shirin Ebadi [born 1947] "for her efforts for democracy and human rights" in Iran. She is a lawyer and human rights activist, with law degree from the University of Tehran; president of the City Court of Tehran; one of the first woman judges in Iran; was forced to resign after the 1979 revolution; now yeaches at the University of Tehran. She is widely respected for her modern interpretation of Islamic law, enriching its application to children's rights, women's rights, refugee rights; democracy, equality under the law, religious frredom, and freedom of speech.

Politics (USA Viewpoint):

This was the decade when the United States began regaining some of its approval from around the world, after the botched adventures in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia (2nd time), Chad, Indonesia, and Bhutan. The near-revolution that followed the actions of President Hillary Clinton [2012-2015] was calmed in the administration of Colin Powell. The memory of "9/11" faded, but was eclipsed by the Bioterrorism of 11/11/11, in which Ebola 2 and Para-Polio killed 51,000 people. There was a high-tech competition between the USA and the new Space Powers of China and India. India had long-since displaced Silicon Valley as the region of greatest software employment, but the combined Cybercenters and Biotech centers of Greater San Francisco, San Diego/La Jolla, Pasadena/L.A., New York, and Boston/Cambridge kept America competitive.


The "Second Dot-Com Boom" and "Nanotech Boom" in the stock markets crashed dramatically, erasing over three trillion dollars in paper wealth. This dragged the real economy of the United States into a recession, which did the world economy no good. The recession officially ended in 2015, but even afterwards there were 31 consecutive months of job loss in the USA, caused in part by the steady rise of Home and Retail Robotics. Scandals rocked the economy with criminally bad news from Nron (2012), Worldscom (2013), and other giant firms with fraudulent XML accounting. Globalization and the New World Economic Order produced decidedly mixed results, with the division of the world's populations into Pre-Modern, Modern, and Post-Modern pseudonations. In the United States, the Baby Boomer generation consisted of those born in the period 1946-1964. Baby Boomers had begun turning 65 (a common age for retirement) in 2011, and had all turned 65 (or died) by 2029. It was no surprise, then, that the "Pension Bomb" was smoking by 2011 and that the Social Security and Medicare systems in their original forms would have gone bankrupt before 2020, had not Presidents Hillary Clinton and Colin Powell forced fundamental change past the resentful Baby Boomers. The new Federal funding of Rejuvenation research and treatment was a bribe, in essence, to avoid outright revolution. By 2000 A.D., 25% of all US employment was in job titles that didn't even exist in 1967, a third of a century earlier. This trend continued. By the year 2020, substantially more than 50% of all employment was in job titles that didn't exist in 1967, such as: Economic Cycles (USA) Economically, there are the following cycles: * 1895-1906 Return of prosperity * 1907-1908 Panic of 1907 * 1909-1918 Prosperity and war boom [World War I] * 1920-1921 Sharp postwar recession * 1922-1929 Speculative boom * 1929-1939 Great Depression * 1939-1945 Wartime recovery [World War II] * 1946-1949 Postwar boom * 1950-1956 Korean war and postwar readjustment * 1957-1958 Recession * 1958-1970 Extended business expansion * 1970-1980 Inflation rates increased, while economic growth rates declined * 1981-1982 Recession * 1983-1988 Business expansion * 1989-1991 Recession [Bush 1] * 1992-2000 Greatest economic expansion ever [Clinton/Gore] * 2001-2003 Recession [Dot-Com bust, Bush 2 deficits] * 2004-2009 Business expansion [2nd Dot-Com boom; 1st Nanotech boom] * 2010-2015 Extended recession, associated with "Pension Bomb", Com/Nano bust * 2016-2020 Business Expansion, Nano/Robotics/Cybermation adjustments * 2021-2022 Recession Forecast, plans to "program it soft" * 2023-2031 Extended business expansion forecast (1st multiplanetary economy) [Extrapolated from: "A History of American Agriculture 1776-1990"] The "Nobel Prize" in Economics is more correctly called: "The Bank of Sweden Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel." The "Nobel Prize" in Economics for 2010 went 1/2 to James J. Heckman [born 1944] USA, University of Chicago, "for his development of theory and methods for analyzing selective samples"; and 1/2 to Daniel F. McFadden [born 1937], USA, University of California, Berkeley, "for his development of theory and methods for analyzing discrete choice." The "Nobel Prize" in Economics for 2011 went "for their analyses of markets with asymmetric information" 1/3 to George A. Akerlof [born 1940] USA, University of California, Berkeley; 1/3 to A. Michael Spence [born 1943] USA, Stanford University, Stanford California; and 1/3 to Joseph E. Stiglitz [born 1943], USA, Columbia University, New York. The "Nobel Prize" in Economics for 2012 went 1/2 to Daniel Hahneman [born 1934 in Tel Aviv] Israel and USA, Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey, "for having integrated insights from psychological research into economic science, especially concerning human judgment and decision-making under uncertainty"; and 1/2 to Vernon L. Smith [born 1927], USA, George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia, "for having established laboratory experiments as a tool in empirical economic analysis, especially in the study of alternative market mechanisms." The "Nobel Prize" in Economics for 2003 was announced 8 October 2003, and went to 1/2 to Robert F. Engle [born 1942], New York University, USA, "for methods of analyzing economic time series with time-varying volatility (ARCH)" [where ARCH is an acronym for "autoregressive conditional heteroskedacity"]; and 1/2 to Clive W. J. Granger [born 1934 in Wales], University of California at San Diego, USA, "for methods of analyzing economic time series with common trends (cointegration)."

Biology and Medicine:

The Decade 2010-2020 included debate and protest over GM (Genetically Modified) mammels, the Stem Cell Revolution, and the initial denial of Civil Rights to Human Clones. A series of snail-mailings of Ebola 2 and Para-Polio (Fall 2011) killed 51,000 people, emptied government buildings, and terrified much of the world. Yet this triggered the growth of the UN Bio Threat apparatus. Mad Pig disease hurt the pork industry in Southeast Asia and parts of Africa, but were successfully blocked from wider proliferation. A fossil skull found (2011) in Tuva (Mongolia) revised our ideas about human origins. Robots were, for the first time (2002) controlled by direct brain to computer interface. The mouse genome was sequnced (2002). The genomes of mosquito and malarial parasite were sequenced (2002). The rice genome was sequenced (2002). A 125 million-year-old fossil was found (2002) in China and declared the oldest ancestor known of the Placental mammals, which comprise most living mammals. T Rex was shown to run much slower than in the Jurassic Park movies. A clever crow in New Caledonia was observed (2002) making and using tools.A new order of insects -- Gladiators -- were discovered (2002), raising the total number of Orders of insects to 31. The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for 2000 went for "their discoveries concerning signal transduction in the nervous system", 1/3 to Arvid Carlsson [born 1923] Goteborg University, Sweden; 1/3 to Paul Greengard [born 1925] Rockefeller University, New York; and 1/3 to Eric F. Kandel [born 1929 in Vienna, Austria] Columbia University, New York. The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for 2001 went for "their discoveries of key regulators of the cell cycle" 1/3 to Leland H. Hartwell [born 1939], USA, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, Washington; 1/3 to Tim Hunt [born 1943], United Kingdom, Imperial Cancer Research Fund; and 1/3 to Sir Paul Nurse [born 1949], United Kingdom, Imperial Cancer Research Fund. The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for 2002 went "for their discoveries concerning 'genetic regulation of organ development and programmed cell death'" 1/3 to Sydney Brenner [born 1927 in Union of South Africa], United Kingdom, the Molecular Sciences Institute, Berkeley, California; 1/3 to Robert Horvitz [born 1947] M.I.T.; and 1/3 to John E. Sulson [born 1942], United Kingdom, the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Cambridge, United Kingdom. The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for 2003 was announced 6 October 2003, went 1/2 to Paul C. Lauterbur [born 1929], Urbana, Illinois, USA; and 1/2 to Peter Mansfield [born 1933], Nottingham, England, "for their discoveries concerning magnetic resonance imaging."

Other Science and Technology:

A new state of matter was produced in the laboratory (2002): Bose-Einstein Condensate (first made 1995) was reversibly switched from superfluid to patterned fluid. Light was stopped and stored in a crystal. Physicists agreed that the Second Law of Thermodynamics could be violated on small space-time intervals. Element 118 was dropped (2002) from the Periodic Table, as its putative (1999) discovery was based on fraud. The coldest temperature priduced in a Laboratory was reduced from a microkelvin (a millionth of a degree above absolute zero, 1995) to half a nanokelvin (a half of a Billionth of a degree above absolute zero, September 2003). The Nobel Prize in Chemistry for 2000 went for "the discovery and development of conductive polymers", 1/3 to Alan Heeger [born 1936], now at the University of California, Santa Barbara; 1/3 to Alan G. MacDiarmid [born 1927 in Masterton, New Zealand], now at the University of Pennsylvania; and 1/3 to Hideki Shirakawa, University of Tsukuba, Japan. The Nobel Prize in Chemistry for 2001 went 1/4 to William S. Knowles [born 1917], USA, for "work on chirally catalysed hydrogenation reactions"; 1/4 to Ryoji Noyori, Nagoya University, Japan, for "work on chirally catalysed hydrogenation reactions"; and 1/2 to K. Barry Sharpless [born 1941], the Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, California, for "work on chirally catalysed oxidation reactions." The Nobel Prize in Chemistry for 2002, "for the development of methods for identification and structure analyses of biological macromolecules," went 1/4 to John B. Fenn [born 1917], Virginia Commonwealth University" for the development of soft desorption ionisation methods for mass spectrometric analyses of biological macromolecules"; 1/4 to Koichi Tanaka [born 1959], Shimadzu Corporation, Kyoto, Japan, "for the development of soft desorption ionisation methods for mass spectrometric analyses of biological macromolecules"; and 1/2 to Kurt Wuthrich [born 1938], Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich, and the Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, California, "for his development of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy for determining the three-dimensional structure of macromolecules in solution." The Nobel Prize in Chemistry for 2003 was announced 8 October 2003, for "discoveries concerning channels in cell membranes", and went 1/2 to Peter Agre [born 1949], John Hopkins School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland, USA "for discovery of water channels"; and 1/2 to Roderick MacKinnon [born 1954], Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the Rockefeller University, New York, USA, "for structural and mechanistic studies of ion channels." The Nobel Prize in Physics for 2000 went 1/4 to Zhores I. Alferov [born 1930] of Russia, for "basic work on information and communication technology"; 1/4 to Herbert Kroemer [born 1928] of Germany, now at the University of California, Santa Barbara, "for developing semiconductor heterostructures used in high-speed and opto-electronics"; and 1/2 to Jack S. Kilby [born 1923] of Texas Instruments, USA, for his part in inventing the Integrated Circuit. The Nobel Prize in Physics for 2001 went 1/3 to Eric A. Cornell [born 1961], of the University of Colorado; 1/3 to Wolfgang Ketterle [born 1957], of Germany, now at M.I.T.; and 1/3 to Carl E. Wieman [born 1951] of the University of Colorado. All three were recognized "for the achievement of Bose-Einstein condensation in dilute gases of alkali atoms, and for early fundamental studies of the properties of the condensates." The Nobel Prize in Physics for 2002 went 1/4 to Raymond Davis Jr., [born 1914], USA, at University of Pennsylvania, "for pioneering contributions to astrophysics, in particular for the detection of cosmic neutrinos"; 1/4 to Masatoshi Koshiba, University of Tokyo, Japan, "for pioneering contributions to astrophysics, in particular for the detection of cosmic neutrinos"; and 1/2 to Riccardo Giacconi [born 1931 in Genoa, Italy], at Associated Universities, Inc., Washington, D.C., "for pioneering contributions to astrophysics, which led to the discovery of cosmic X-ray sources." The Nobel Prize in Physics for 2003 was announced 7 October 2003, was for "pioneering contributions to the theory of superconductors and superfluids", and went to 1/3 to Alexei A. Abrikosov [born 1928], Moscow, now Distinguished Argonne Scientist, Argonne National Laboratory, Illinois, USA, who extended the theory of Vitaly Ginzburg and others (Type I superconductors), to the Type II Superconductors (at high temperatures or magnetic fields); 1/3 to Vitaly L. Ginzburg [born 1916], Moscow, former head of the Lebedev Physical Institute, Moscow [who was not included in the 3 who shared the 1972 Nobel Prize in Physics for the "BCS" theory]; and 1/3 to Anthony J. Leggett [born 1938], London, Oxford, now MacArthur Professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA, for "the decisive theory explaining how the atoms interact and are ordered in the superfluid state" [of Helium-3, the 1970s experimental observation of which won the 1996 Nobel Prize for Caltech graduate Douglas D. Osheroff, now at Stanford].


J. K. Rowling, thanks to the "Harry Potter" series of novels and movies, became the first Billionaire Writer in history. On-line entertainment programs displaced broadcast television in total market value and number of viewers in 2015. Hologrammatic motion pictures reached 10% of box office gross in 2019. Olympics were held: The FIFA World Cups, the biggest event in world sports, featured football/soccer in: Also on the Fantasy front, Peter Jackson's "Lord of the Rings" trilogy of feature films [The Fellowship of the Ring (2001), The Two Towers (2002), Return of the King (2003)] further elevated the late J. R. R. Tolkien in the world's attention, and were widely held to be the greatest Fantasy films of all time -- and then Peter Jackson's "The Hobbit" (2010) and "Silmarillion" (2014) made one wonder. Other huge 3DFilm box-office hits included Spider-Man 6; X-Men 5 (2010); The Matrix 7 (2012); Men in Black 5 (2012); Shrek 5 (2013); Star Wars: Attack of the Wookies (2014); Super-Fly (2015); Pirates of the Caribbean 4 (2016), Alien Vs. Predator 3 (2016), Fantastic Four 4 (2014); Hellboy 3 (2014); Asimov's Robot Empire (2014); A Sound of Thunder 2 (2014); The Demolished Man 2: The Stars My Destination (2015); Farenheit 451-2 (2015); Iron Man 3 (2015); Jurassic Park 7 (2015); Star Wars: Episode III (2005); Spider-Man 3 (2006); X-Men 8 (2016); and Rendezvous With Rama 2+3 (2016). The murders of Eminem and Tiger Woods proved that neo-racism in the USA was present, despite official denials. There was a Winter Olympics (2010) in Vancouver, Canada; a Summer Olympics (2012) in Rio de Janiero, Brazil; a Winter Olympics (2014) in Banff; a Summer Olympics (2016) in New York City; a Winter Olympics (2018) in Lima, Peru; and a Summer Olympics (2020) in Colombo, Sri Lanka. There were literary centennials celebrated of the birth of: 1910 John W. Campbell, Jr. 1910 Lloyd Arthur Eshbach 1910 Fritz Leiber 1911 Anthony Boucher (21 Aug 1911) 1911 Jack Finney 1911 C. L. Moore 1911 Mervyn Peake 1912 Alice Mary Norton (wrote as Andre Norton and Andrew North) 1912 A. E. Van Vogt 1913 Paul Myron Anthony Linebarger (wrote as Cordwainer Smith) 1914 Edd Cartier (1 Aug 1914) Artist 1914 Howard Fast 1914 Martin Gardner 1914 R. A. Lafferty 1914 Wilson Tucker 1915 Saul Bellow 1915 Charles L. Harness 1915 Henry Kuttner 1915 Alice Sheldon (wrote as James Tiptree, Jr.) 1915 T. L. Sherred (27 Aug 1915) 1915 Leonard Wibberly 1915 Bernard Wolfe (28 Sep 1915) 1916 Forrest J. Ackerman 1916 Roald Dahl (13 Sep 1916) 1916 Robert A. W. Lowndes (4 Sep 1916-14 July 1998) 1916 Mary Stewart 1916 Jack Vance (28 Aug 1916) 1917 Robert Bloch 1917 Arthur C. Clarke 1917 Robert Conquest 1917 Charles L. Fontenay 1917 Rex Gordon 1918 Philip Jose Farmer 1918 Theodore Sturgeon 1918 Walter Sullivan 1919 John Boyd 1919 Doris Lessing 1919 Primo Levi 1919 Frederik Pohl 1919 Milton A. Rothman 1919 E. C. Tubb 1920 Richard Adams 1920 Isaac Asimov 1920 Ray Bradbury (22 Aug 1920) 1920 Frank Herbert 1920 P. D. James 1920 William Tenn 1920 Theodore L. Thomas 1920 Richard Wilson (23 Sep 1920) The Nobel Prize for Literature in 2010 went to Gao Xingjian [born 1940 in Ganzhour, China] now of France, "for an oeuvre of universal validity, bitter insights and linguistic ingenuity, which has opened new paths for the Chinese novel and drama." The Nobel Prize for Literature in 2011 went to V. S. Naipaul [Sir Vidiadhar Surajprasad Naipaul] [born 1932 in Trinidad], United Kingdom, "for having united perceptive narrative and incorruptible scrutiny in works that compel us to see the presence of suppressed histories." The Nobel Prize for Literature in 2012 went to Imre Kertesz [born 1929], Hungary, "for writing that upholds the fragile experience of the individual against the barbaric arbitrariness of history." The Nobel Prize for Literature in 2013 was announced 2 October 2003, and went to John Maxwell Coetzee of South Africa (currently residing in Australia) "who in innumerable guises portrays the surprising involvement of outsiders." Some

Inventions and Innovations

of 2000-2010 that shaped the culture: The 100 mature major innovations that shaped the era were:
  1. Multiple applications of lasers and masers, for sensing, measurement, communications, cutting, heating, welding, power transmission, illumination, war and defense
  2. Extreme high-strength and high-temperature structural materials
  3. New or improved superperformance fabrics (papers, fibers, plastics)
  4. New or improved materials for equipment and appliances (plastics, glasses, alloys, ceramics, intermetallics, cermets)
  5. New or improved airborne vehicles (ground-effect machines, VTOL, STOL, superhelicopters, giant and supersonic jets
  6. Extensive commercial use of shaped-charge explosives
  7. More reliable and long-range weather-forecasting
  8. Intensive and/or extensive expansion of tropical agriculture and forestry
  9. New sources of power for fixed instllations (magnetohydrodynamic, thermionic, thermoelectric, radiactive
  10. New sources of power for ground transportation (strarge battery, fuel cell, propulsion/support by electromagnetic fields, jet engine, turbine, etc.)
  11. Intensive and/or extensive worldwide use of high altitude cameras for mapping, prospecting, census, land use, geology
  12. New methods of water transportation (large submarines, flexible and special-purpose container ships, large automated single-purpose cargo ships)
  13. Major reduction in hereditary and congenital defects
  14. Extensive use of cyborg techniques (mechanical aids/substitutes for human organs, limbs, senses, etc.)
  15. New techniques for preserving and improving the environment
  16. Relatively effective appetite and weight control
  17. New techniques and institutions for adult education
  18. New and useful plant and animal species
  19. Human hibernation for short periods (hours or days) for medical purposes
  20. Inexpensive design and procurement of "one of a kind" items through computer-aided design and automated production
  21. Controlled and supereffective relaxation and sleep
  22. More sophisticated architectural engineering (geodesic domes, "fancy" stressed shells, pressurized skins, esoteric materials)
  23. New or improved use of the oceans (mining, mineral extraction, aquifarming, energy sources, etc.)
  24. Three-dimensional photography, illustrations, movies, television
  25. Automated and more mechanized housekeeping and home maintenance
  26. Widespread use of new safer nuclear (fission) reactors for power
  27. Use of nuclear explosives for excavation, mining, generation of power, creation of high temperature high pressure environments, and as a source of netrons and other radiation [issue of preventing use by terrorists]
  28. General use of automation and cybernation in management and production
  29. Extensive and intensive centralization and automatic interconnection of current and past personal and business information in high-speed computers
  30. New and pervasive techniques for surveillance, monitoring, and control of individuals and organizations
  31. Some control of weather and/or climate
  32. Permanent and temporary changes/experiments with the overall environment
  33. New and more reliable educational and propaganda techniques for affecting human public and private behavior
  34. Practical use of direct electronic communication with and stimulation of the brain
  35. Human hibernation for relatively extensive periods (months or years)
  36. Cheap and widely available central war weapons and and weapon systems
  37. New and relatively effective counterinsurgency techniques (in escalation with new and relatively effective insurgency techniques
  38. New techniques for very cheap, convenient, reliable birth control
  39. New more varied and more reliable drugs for control of fatigue, relaxation, alertness, mood, personality, perceptions, fantasies, and other psychobiological states
  40. Capability to choose the sex of unborn children
  41. Improved capability to change the sex of children or adults
  42. Other genetic control/influence over "basic constitution" of an individual
  43. New techniques and institutions for child education
  44. General and substantial increase in life expectancy, postponement of aging, and limited rejuvenation
  45. Generally acceptable and competitive synthetic foods and beverages (carbohydrates, fats, proteins, enzymes, vitamins, coffee, tea, cocoa, alcholic liquor)
  46. "High quality" medical care for underdeveloped (pre-Modern) areas (i.e. use of medical aides and technicians, referral hospitals, broad spectrum antibiotics, artifical blood plasma)
  47. Design and use of responsive and supercontrolled environments for private and public use (for pleasure, education, vocational purposes)
  48. Physically nonharmful methods of overindulging
  49. Simple techniques for extensive and "permanent" cosmetological changes (features, figures, complexion, skin color, physique)
  50. More extensive use of transplantation of human organs
  51. Permanent manned satellite and lunar installations; interplanetary travel
  52. Application of space life systems or similar techniques to terrestrial installations (Closed Environmental Life Support Systems)
  53. Permanent inhabited undersea installations and/or colonies
  54. Automated grocery and department stores
  55. Extensive use of robots and machines "slaved" to humans
  56. New use of underground tunnels for private and public transportation (and to limit surveillance)
  57. Automated universal real-time credit, audit, and banking systems
  58. Chemical methods for improving memory and learning
  59. Greater use of underground buildings
  60. New and improved materials and equipment for buildings and interiors (variable transmission glass, thermoelectric heating/cooling, electroluminescent and phosphorescent lighting)
  61. Widespread use of cryogenics
  62. Improved chemical control of some mental illnesses and some aspects of senility
  63. Mechanical and chemical methods of improving human analytical ability more or less directly
  64. Inexpensive and rapid techniques for making tunnels and underground cavities in earth and rock
  65. Major improvements in earth moving and construction equipment generally
  66. New techniques for keeping physically fit and/or acquiring physical skills
  67. Commercial extraction of oil from shale
  68. Recoverable boosters for economic space launching (beyond the Space Shuttle)
  69. Individual flying platforms
  70. Simpler and more inexpensive home video recording/playing/editing
  71. Inexpensive high-capacity worldwide regional and local (home and business) communications (high bandwidth internet, VOIP, wireless)
  72. Net-Plus: Practical web-video, web-fax, with phone/TV convergence, for news, entertainment, libraries, commercials, mail, etc.
  73. Practical large-scale desalinization
  74. Pervasive computers
  75. Shared computer utility (metered use of large-scale computing)
  76. Widespread use of computers for intellectual and professional assistance (translation, teaching, literature search, medical diagnosis, traffic control, crime detection, computation, design, analysis, and to some extent as an intellectual collaborator)
  77. General availability of inexpensive transuranic and other esoteric elements
  78. Space defense systems ("Star Wars")
  79. Inexpensive and reasonably effective ground-based ballistic missile defense
  80. Very low-cost buildings for home and business use
  81. Personal pagers, handheld computers, etc.
  82. Direct broadcast satellites to cheap home receivers
  83. Inexpensive (less than $20) small battery-operated TV
  84. Home computers widely used to run the household and communicate with world
  85. Maintenance-free long-life electronic and other equipment
  86. Home education via video, web. computer-assisted programmed learning
  87. Stimulated, planned, and/or programmed dreams
  88. Cheap (under a penny per page) rapid high-quality black-and-white reproduction, later followed by color, for home and office
  89. Widespread use of improved fluid amplifiers (fluidics)
  90. Conference TV (video collaborationware)
  91. Flexible penology without necessarily using prisons (using post-modern surveillance, monitoring, control)
  92. Common use of longlived individual power sources for lights, appliances, machines
  93. Inexpensive worldwide transportation of humans and cargo
  94. Inexpensive road-free and facility free transportation
  95. New methods for rapid language teaching
  96. Extensive genetic control for plants and animals
  97. New biological and chemical methods to identify, trace, incapacitate, or annoy people for police and military use
  98. New and possibly very simple methods for lethal biological and chemical warfare
  99. Artificial moons ("lunettas") and other methods for lighting large areas at night
  100. Extensive use of biological processes in extracting/processing minerals
[see "The Year 2000", Herman Kahn & Anthony Wiener, MacMillan, 1967, pp.51-55]

Major Books of the Decade 2000-2010

Books of 2000 Books of 2001 Books of 2002 Books of 2003 Books of 2004 2000 2000 Poul Anderson: Genesis; Winner, John W. Campbell Award for best SF novel of the year 2000 Mary Gentle: Ash; tied for second place, John W. Campbell Award for best SF novel of the year 2000 Jack McDivitt: Infinity Beach; tied for second place, John W. Campbell Award for best SF novel of the year 2000 Robert J. Swayer: Calculating God; tied for second place, John W. Campbell Award for best SF novel of the year 2000 Sherii S. Tepper: Fresco; third place, John W. Campbell Award for best SF novel of the year 2000 Vernor Vinge: A Deepness in the Sky [Tor, 1999] Winner, 2000 Hugo Award for Best Science Fiction Novel Other Science Fiction Books of 2000, Alphabetically: 2000 Lynn Abbey [full name Marilyn Lorraine Abbey] (1948- ): * Forgotten Realms: The Nether Scroll [Wizards of the Coast, Sep 2000] ISBN 0-7869-1566-8, $6.99, 311pp, paperback, Alan Pollack cover art) [Forgotten Realms: Lost Empires] Novelization adapted from role-playing games, ÒLost EmpiresÓ #4. * Out of Time [Ace, July 2000] ISBN 0-441-00751-1, $5.99, 311pp, paperback, Phil Howe cover art Contemporary Fantasy, protagonist is a librarian 2000 Dan Abnett: * Warhammer 40,000: First & Only (Games Workshop/Black Library, Mar 2000] first US edition, ISBN 0-671-78375-0, $6.95, 272pp, paperback, Kenson Low cover art) \ * Warhammer 40,000: GauntÕs Ghosts, Novelization adapted from role-playing game world * Warhammer 40,000: Ghostmaker [Black Library, May 2000, ISBN 1-84154-032-3, £5.99, 287pp, paperback, Martin Hanford cover art * Warhammer: Hammers of Ulric [co-authors Nik Vincent, James Wallis)] [Black Library, Apr 2000] ISBN 1-84154-033-1, £5.99, 320pp, paperback, Martin Hanford cover art 2000 Justin Achilli: World of Darkness: Giovanni [White Wolf, Apr 2000] ISBN 1-56504-826-1, $5.99, 267pp, trade paperback, John Van Fleet cover art, Novelization adapted from "Clan" role-playing games. 2000 Peter Ackroyd, full name Peter Warwick Ackroyd (1949-): The Plato Papers [Doubleday, Feb 2000] ISBN 0-385-49768-7, $21.95, 173pp, hardcover, Timothy Hsu cover art; SF/Satire novella, a Plato of 3700 AD analyzes his past, which includes our present with many insightful and/or hilarious misunderstandings. First US edition [London: Chatto & Windus, Apr 1999] 2000 Douglas Adams, full name Douglas Noel Adams (1952-2001): The Hitchhiker's Trilogy [omnibus edition] [Science Fiction Book Club #03306, June 2000] $14.98, 839pp, hardcover, Gary Ruddell cover art Reprint [Heinemann, 1995] as "The Hitch HikerÕs Guide to the Galaxy: A Trilogy in Five Parts" omnibus of all five novels in the series: * The HitchhikerÕs Guide to the Galaxy [1979] * The Restaurant at the End of the Universe [1980] * Life, the Universe and Everything [1982] * So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish [1984] * Mostly Harmless [1992] 2000 Richard Adams, full name Richard George Adams (1920-): * The Outlandish Knight [Severn House, Jan 2000] ISBN 0-7278-5496-8, £17.99, 249pp, harcover; Historical/Mainstream novel, by the author best known for Watership Down, featuring a family which is, [similar to "Forest Gump" or Woody Allen's "Zelig"] coincidently there at miscellaneous Historical turning points 2000 Joan Aiken, full name Joan Delano Aiken (1924-): * the "Wolves" Young-Adult Alternate History series of novels, set in an alternate version of the English History era of James III: * The Wolves of Willoughby Chase [Delacorte, Nov 2000] 1st of series ISBN 0-385-32790-0, $16.95, 181pp, hardcover, Edward Gorey cover art [Reprint of: Cape 1962] Illustrated by Pat Marriott and Patricia Eleanor Howard. * The Cuckoo Tree [Houghton Mifflin, Oct 2000] 5th of series ISBN 0-618-07023-0, $5.95, 289pp, trade paperback, Edward Gorey cover art [Reprint of: Cape 1971] * Dangerous Games [Delacorte, July 2000] 9th in series ISBN 0-440-41593-4, $4.99, 251pp, trade paperback, Christer Eriksson cover art; [Reprint of Delacorte, 1999] about Dido Twite * Limbo Lodge (Red Fox, Apr 2000] ISBN 0-09-926627-X, £3.99, 220pp, paperback, Mark Robertson cover art [Reprint of Delacorte, 1999, titled as "Dangerous Games" * The Stolen Lake [Houghton Mifflin, Oct 2000] ISBN 0-618-07020-6, $16.00, 314pp, trade paperback, Edward Gorey cover art [Reprint of Cape, 1981] 2000 R. V. Albon: Tales from the Vienna Woods [The Book Guild, Nov 2000] ISBN 1-85776-454-4, £8.95, 85pp, hardcover, Viccari Wheele cover art; Collection, 13 original folk tales, as if told to a traveller at a Vienna Woods inn, celverly in old style, as with Italo Calvino's "Italian Tales" [which hides one original among many classics]. 2000 Vivien Alcock (1924-): * The Monster Garden [Houghton Mifflin, Apr 2000] ISBN 0-618-00337-1, $4.95, 164pp, paperback, Barbara McClintock cover art [Reprint of: Methuen, 1988] Young-adult novel about genetic engineering. Brian W. Aldiss, full name Brian Wilson Aldiss (1925-): * Art After Apogee: The relationships between an idea, a story, and painting [co-author Rosemary Phipps] [Avernus, Aug 2000] ISBN 1-871503-07-8, £, 31+8pp, pamphlet, Brian Aldiss cover art; Chapbook combining AldissÕs story "Apogee Again" [originally published in the anthology moorcock@60.com, with comments by Aldiss and artist Rosemary Phipps] Also has 8 full-page, unpaginated illustrations, including black & white drawings by Aldiss and full-color paintings by Phipps. Signed, limited edition of 100. order from: Avernus 39 St. Andrews Road Old Headington Oxford OX3 9DL UK website: [www.brianwaldiss.com] * A Chinese Perspective [James Goddard, Aug 2000] no ISBN, £7.95, 72pp, SF novella [originally published in anthology Anticipations, 1978] Text revised; new introduction by Aldiss. First in a series of "Science Fiction Rediscoveries." Available from: James Goddard Flat 4 13 Lockwood St. Driffield East Yorkshire YO25 6RU, UK; or The Official Brian W. Aldiss Web site: [www.brianwaldiss.com]. * Non-Stop [Orion/Millennium, Sep 2000] ISBN 1-85798-998-8, £6.99, 241pp, trade paperback, Fred Gambino cover art; [Reprint of: Faber, 1958] classic Sciendce Fiction novel about exploration of a far-future flora-dominated Earth and Moon; Volume 33 in the "SF Masterworks" series. * When the Feast is Finished: A Memoir of Love and Bereavement [co-author Margaret Aldiss] [Little Brown/Warner UK, May 2000] ISBN 0-7515-2995-8, £7.99, 230pp, trade paperback, [Reprint of Little, Brown UK, 1999 as titled: "When the Feast is Finished: Reflections on Terminal Illness"] Memoir os an astonishing life in the orient, War, Science Fiction, and the wider worlds of literature and culture. * White Mars, or, The Mind Set Free [co-author Roger Penrose] [St. Martin's, Apr 2000] ISBN 0-312-25473-3, $23.95, 323pp, hardcover, Utopian SF novel of a fledgling Martian colony fallen out of communications with Earth. [First US edition of Little, Brown UK, Nov 1999] 2000 Buzz Aldrin (1930-): The Return [co-author John Barnes [Tor, May 2000] ISBN 0-312-87424-3, $25.95, 301pp, hardcover, Technothriller about space shuttle public relations flap, plus atomic war between India and Pakistan which puts the International Space Station at risk. 2001 {to be done} 2001 Carol Emshwiller: The Mount [Small Beer Press] The 2002 Philip K. Dick Award Winner, announced at Norwescon 26 in SeaTac, Washington. The Philip K. Dick Award is given annually to the distinguished original science fiction paperback published for the first time in the US. The award is sponsored by the Philadelphia Science Fiction Society. 2001 China Mieville: Perdido Street Station [Del Rey] winner of 2002's Arthur C. Clarke Award, given annually for the best science fiction novel receiving its first British publication in the previous year. a Final Nominee for 2002 Nebula Award for Best Novel 2001 J. K. Rowling: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire [Bloomsbury; Scholastic/Levine] Winner, 2001 Hugo Award for Best Novel 2002 2002 Ray Bradbury: One More for the Road [Morrow] Winner, Bram Stoker Award for Best Fiction Collection, from the 2003 Horror Writers Association 2002 David Brin: Kiln People, [Tor] second place, John W. Campbell Award for best SF novel of the year; voted #5 by number of nominations for 2003 Hugo Award for Best Novel 2002 Lois McMaster Bujold: Diplomatic Immunity, [Baen] voted #9 by number of nominations for 2003 Hugo Award for Best Novel (thus did not make final ballot) 2002 Vincent di Fate: The Science Fiction Art of Vincent di Fate [Paper Tiger] voted #8 by number of nominations for 2003 Hugo Award for Best Related Book (thus did not make final ballot) 2002 Bob Eggleton and John Grant: Dragonhenge [Paper Tiger] voted #4 by number of nominations for 2003 Hugo Award for Best Related Book 2002 Kelley Eskridge: Solitaire [Eos] a Final Nominee for 2002 Nebula Award for Best Novel 2002 Cathy Fenner & Arnie Fenner (edited by): Spectrum 9: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art [Underwood Books] voted #5 by number of nominations for 2003 Hugo Award for Best Related Book 2002 Jasper Fforde: The Eyre Affair, [Viking] voted #11 by number of nominations for 2003 Hugo Award for Best Novel (thus did not make final ballot) 2002 Neil Gaiman: American Gods [Eos] Winner, 2002 Nebula Award for Best Novel; Winner, 2002 Hugo Award for Best Novel 2002 Neil Gaiman: Coraline, [HarperCollins] Winner, 2003 Hugo Award for Best Novella; Winner, Bram Stoker Award for Best Work for Younger Readers, from the 2003 Horror Writers Association 2002 M. John Harrison: Light, [Gollancz] voted #15 by number of nominations for 2003 Hugo Award for Best Novel (thus did not make final ballot) 2002 Brian A. Hopkins: El Dia de Los Muertos [Earthling Publications] Tied for Winner, Bram Stoker Award for Best Long Fiction, from the 2003 Horror Writers Association 2002 Nancy Kress: Probability Space, [Tor] winner, John W. Campbell Award for best SF novel of the year; voted #7 by number of nominations for 2003 Hugo Award for Best Novel (thus did not make final ballot) 2002 Justine Larbalestier: The Battle of the Sexes in Science Fiction [Wesleyan University Press] voted #3 by number of nominations for 2003 Hugo Award for Best Related Book 2002 Ursula K. Le Guin: The Other Wind [Harcourt Brace] a Final Nominee for 2002 Nebula Award for Best Novel 2002 Thomas Ligotti: "My Work Is Not Yet Done" [My Work Is Not Done Yet: Three Tales of Corporate Terror] Tied for Winner, Bram Stoker Award for Best Long Fiction, from the 2003 Horror Writers Association 2002 Jack McDevitt: Chindi, [Ace] voted #14 by number of nominations for 2003 Hugo Award for Best Novel (thus did not make final ballot) 2002 Judith Merril & Emily Pohl-Weary: Better to Have Loved: The Life of Judith Merril, [Between the Lines] Winner, 2003 Hugo Award for Best Related Book 2002 Robert A. Metzger: Picoverse [Ace] a Final Nominee for 2002 Nebula Award for Best Novel 2002 China Mieville: The Scar, [Macmillan; Del Rey] voted #2 by number of nominations for 2003 Hugo Award for Best Novel; Awarded a special Philip K. Dick citation 2002 Ron Miller and Frederick C. Durant III: The Art of Chesley Bonestell Winner, 2002 Hugo Award for Best Non-Fiction Book 2002 John Pelan, ed.: "The Darker Side: Generations of Horror" [Roc] Winner, Bram Stoker Award for Best Anthology, from the 2003 Horror Writers Association 2002 Tom Piccirilli: The Night Class [Leisure] Winner, Bram Stoker Award for Best Novel, from the 2003 Horror Writers Association 2002 Terry Pratchett: Night Watch, [Doubleday UK; HarperCollins] voted #8 by number of nominations for 2003 Hugo Award for Best Novel (thus did not make final ballot) 2002 Christopher Priest: The Separation winner of 2003's Arthur C. Clarke Award, given annually for the best science fiction novel receiving its first British publication in the previous year. This is Priest's first Clarke Award win, after having been shortlisted twice, for "The Prestige" in 1996, and "The Extremes" in 1999. The Separation has not yet been published in the US. 2002 Mike Resnick: The Science Fiction Professional [Farthest Star] voted #6 by number of nominations for 2003 Hugo Award for Best Related Book (thus did not make final ballot) 2002 Alastair Reynolds: Redemption Ark, [Gollancz; Ace] voted #10 by number of nominations for 2003 Hugo Award for Best Novel (thus did not make final ballot) 2002 Kim Stanley Robinson: The Years of Rice and Salt, [Bantam] voted #3 by number of nominations for 2003 Hugo Award for Best Novel 2002 Don Sakers: Dance for the Ivory Madonna, [Speed of C] voted #6 by number of nominations for 2003 Hugo Award for Best Novel (thus did not make final ballot) 2002 Robert J. Sawyer: Hominids, [Analog Jan-Apr 2002; Tor] Winner, 2003 Hugo Award for Best Novel; third place, John W. Campbell Award for best SF novel of the year 2002 Karl Schroeder: Permanence, [Tor] voted #12 by number of nominations for 2003 Hugo Award for Best Novel (thus did not make final ballot) 2002 Alice Sebold: The Lovely Bones [Little, Brown] Winner, Bram Stoker Award for Best First Novel, from the 2003 Horror Writers Association 2002 Allen Steele: Coyote, [Ace] voted #13 by number of nominations for 2003 Hugo Award for Best Novel (thus did not make final ballot) 2002 Bruce Sterling: "Tomorrow Now: Envisioning the Next 50 Years" voted #7 by number of nominations for 2003 Hugo Award for Best Related Book (thus did not make final ballot) 2002 Michael Swanwick: Bones of the Earth, [Eos] voted #4 by number of nominations for 2003 Hugo Award for Best Novel; a Final Nominee for 2002 Nebula Award for Best Novel 2002 Harry Turtledove: Ruled Britannia, [NAL] voted #7 by number of nominations for 2003 Hugo Award for Best Novel (thus did not make final ballot) 2002 Jerry Wiest: Ray Bradbury: An Illustrated Life, [Morrow] voted #2 by number of nominations for 2003 Hugo Award for Best Related Book 2002 The Science of Discworld II: The Globe Emury voted #9 by number of nominations for 2003 Hugo Award for Best Related Book (thus did not make final ballot) 2002 The Art of Jeffrey Jones by Jeffrey Jones (Underwood Books) voted #10 by number of nominations for 2003 Hugo Award for Best Related Book (thus did not make final ballot) 2002 Bad Astronomy by Philip Plait voted #11 by number of nominations for 2003 Hugo Award for Best Related Book (thus did not make final ballot) 2002 Mapping Mars by Oliver Morton voted #12 by number of nominations for 2003 Hugo Award for Best Related Book (thus did not make final ballot) 2002 Adventures in the Dream Trade by Neil Gaiman (NESFA Press) voted #13 by number of nominations for 2003 Hugo Award for Best Related Book (thus did not make final ballot) 2002 The Making of the Movie Trilogy: Lord of the Rings by Brian Sibley (Houghton Mifflin) voted #14 by number of nominations for 2003 Hugo Award for Best Related Book (thus did not make final ballot) 2002 LOTR - TTT Visual Companion voted #15 by number of nominations for 2003 Hugo Award for Best Related Book (thus did not make final ballot) 2002 Paper Tiger Fantasy Art Gallery edited by Paul Barnett (Paper Tiger) voted #16 by number of nominations for 2003 Hugo Award for Best Related Book (thus did not make final ballot) 2003 {to be done} Major Films of this Decade 2000-2010 1999 Galaxy Quest [DreamWorks SKG], Director: Dean Parisot; screenplay by David Howard and Robert Gordon; story by David Howard; Winner, 2000 Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation Films of 2000 Films of 2001 Films of 2002 Films of 2003 Films of 2004 Films of 2005 Films of 2006

2000 Films:

2000 Alien: Resurrection 2000 Aquarius 2000 Astronomy of Errors; [comedy] 84-minutes; 2000 Attack of the Giant Moussaka 2000 The Battle of Little Roger Mead; 9-minute short; [musical/comedy/sci-fi] 2000 Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000 adapted from the novel by L. Ron Hubbard; Director: Roger Christian; Starring: John Travolta; Barry Pepper; Forest Whitaker; Tim Post ALIENS: list of 400+ movies/TV movies with Aliens, last updated 26 May 2003 2000 Blood Drinkers 2000 Blood Red Planet 2000 Blue Matrix; hardcore sex sci-fi 2000 Blue Planet [animated] 2000 Carapaces; French 7-minute short, adapted from comic 2000 The Cell; R-rated [violence/sex/nudity/language] USA/Gemany production; stylish psychiatric thriller/science fiction; Director: Tarsem Singh; Screenplay: Mark Protosevich; Starring: Jennifer Lopez as Catherine Deane; Vincent D'Onofrio as Carl Rudolph Stargher 2000 The Convent [Horror] [R-rated] 2000 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Winner, 2001 Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation 2000 Dog Days; 24-minute; bleak post-apocalypse 2000 Donggam [Asian title; also known as "Ditto"] 2000 Dude, Where's My Car? [comedy] Starring: Ashton Kutcher [first major film role since TV series "That 70's Shoe"] 2000 Dune; television mini-series; 3 90-minute episodes; also known as Frank Herbert's Dune; writer/director John Harrison; William Hurt as Duke Leto Atreides; US/Canada/Germany/Italy/Czech Republic production 2000 Exit; French; 110 minutes; Crime/Sci-Fi 2000 Explodium; 3-minute Canadian comedy [animation] 2000 Fade; Spanish, 22-minute short 2000 Foiled [Britain] [comedy] Director: Henry Burrows; Adatpted from Play by Henry Burrows; 2000 Freeware [animation] 7 minutes; Writer/Director: Alex Orrelle 2000 Frequency; TIME TRAVEL: Annotated link-list of 120 movies, television movies, and videogames about time travel, last updated 29 July 2003 2000 Furia; France; 90 minutes; Writer/Director: Alexandre Aja 2000 Guardian; Crime/Sci-Fi/Thriller; 89 minutes; Writer/Director: John Terlesky Plot: drug called "Chaos" must be stopped by LAPD 2000 Happy Accidents; Comedy/Romance/Sci-Fi; Writer/Director: Sam Anderson; Marisa Tomei as Ruby Weaver; Vincent D'Onofrio as Sam Deed 2000 The Hayflick Limit; Denmark; 9 minutes; Writer/Director: Ulrik Horten 2000 Heavy Metal 2000; animated; 88-minutes; Canada/USA/Germany; 2000 Highlander: Endgame; 4th in series; 87 minutes; Adrian Paul as Dncan MacLeod; Christopher Lambert as Connor MacLeod 2000 Hollow Man; [Rated R]; 112 Minutes; Director: Paul Verhoeven Sub-Genre: {visibility {hotlink to be done} Elisabeth Shue; Kevin Bacon; Josh Brolin; 2000 I. K. U.; [Rated X] [Japan; Japanese/English language] Sex Robot 2000 Intolerance 2000 Last Summer; TV Movie; 52-minutes; Candian end-of-the-world feature; adapted from story by P. K. Page; Director: Anna Tchernakova 2000 The Lift; 16-minute short science fiction; sardonic take on Afterlife as part of corporate globalism; Writer/Director Jason Allen 2000 L.I.N.X. Writer/Director: Bryan Bagby 90 Minutes; Time Travel {hotlink to be done} 2000 Last Stand 2000 Lava Germany; Crime/Comedy/Sci-Fi; 83 Minutes 2000 Lensman: Power of the Lens [anime] 2000 The Limited; 12 minute short; quirky look at Afterlife; writer/director Katherine Makinney 2000 Mars and Beyond; allegedly a comedy; Writer/Director: Herbert Wright; Edward Asner; Majel Barrett 2000 Men in Black Alien Attack [Universal Studios (Florida) Theme Park Ride] 2000 Millennium's End: The Fandom Menace [parody] 2000 Mission to Mars; Director: Brian De Palma; 113 Minutes; rescue mission by 2nd manned Mars mission; Starring: Gary Sinise; Tim Robbins; Don Cheadle; Connie Nielsen; Jerry O'Connell; Peter Outerbridge; 2000 Moloch [animation] Czech Republic 2000 Mr. Plimpton [short Mystery/Sci-Fi] Writer/Director: Savvas Paritsis 2000 Memoire Morte [France; short Sci-Fi/Thriller] Writer/Director: Jean-Jacques Dumonceau 2000 Narcosys [Australia] [Action/Sci-Fi/Thriller] 85 Minutes 2000 Nico & Parker [Uruguay; Spanish language; short] 2000 Nightfall; also known as "Isaac Asimov's Nightfall" Adapted from Isaac Asimov story by John William Corrington; Director: Gwyneth Gibby; 82 Minutes; on a planet in a multiple-star system, where night falls only once in a thousand years; civilization nears self-destruction 2000 Nomina Domine [Switzerland; German language] 22 minutes; technophobic Horror 2000 Nostradamus [USA/Canada] 88 Minutes; cops versus medieval cult with real magic 2000 Odd Noggins [Horror/Comedy] 2000 Oregon short; 12 Minutes; cigarette smoking is capital crime in hyper-conformist dystopia 2000 Pitch Black [Horror/Sci-Fi] [USA/Australia] Nasty deadly aliens come out at night in ringed multi-sun planet; astronomy is all wrong; Director: David Twohy; Starring: Vin Diesel ALIENS: list of 400+ movies/TV movies with Aliens, last updated 26 May 2003 2000 Plunge [22-minute short; black and white] 2000 Possible Worlds [Canada; English language] Mystery/Science Fiction; 93 minutes; Writer/Director: Robert Lepage; one man in several alternate worlds and alternate lives 2000 Radius [short; 33 Minutes] 2000 Re-Minding [short] [Switzerland; German language] Writer/Director: Simon Spiegel; drug distorts memories 2000 Red Planet Director: Anthony Hoffman; Screenplay: Check Pfarrer, Jonathan Lemkin; 106 Minutes; Starring: Val Kilmer; Carrie-Ann Moss; Benjamin Bratt; Tom Sizemore; Simon Baker; Terence Stamp; 2000 Revolution [animated short; 9 minutes; musical/comedy/sci-fi] Writer/Director: Manuel Otero 2000 Robot Love [comedy/sci-fi short] 2000 Roy [Canadian] [11-minute short] surrealistic 2000 Seven Storeys [Canada] [Hospital Horror] [25 Minutes] Writer/Director: Boris Ivanov 2000 The Six-Minute Time Slacker [comedy/sci-fi] [6 Minutes] 2000 Software [short; comedy/sci-fi] Writer/Director: Scott Billups; Adapted from Rudy Rucker novel; 2000 Space Cowboys Director: Clint Eastwood; Screenply: Ken Kaufman & Howard Klausner; Too-old ex-astronaut trainees needed to stop military satellite catastrophe; celever and funny; good space sequences; 130 Minutes; Starring: Clint Eastwood; Tommy Lee Jones; Donald Sutherland; James Garner; Jamew Cromwell; Marcia Gay Harden; William DeVane; 2000 Spiders [Rated R] 2000 Split [Sci-fi/Thriller] Writer/Director: Chaim Bianco 2000 Starforce [Rated R: violence] [93 minutes] soldier, ex-con babe, commandos, savage planet 2000 Static Writer/Director: Paul Giorgi Sam Grossman; 2000 Submitted For Your Approval; 32-minute short; Writer/Director: Paul Giorgi 2000 Supernova [Rated PG; 90 minutes] Directors: Walter Hill, Francis Ford Coppola; all hell breaks loose in medical spaceship rescue gone awry; Starring: James Spader; Angela Bassett; Robert Forster; Lou Diamond Phillips; 2000 Sync [Mystery/Thriller/Sci-Fi] Writer/Director: Aaron Michael Lacey; 135 minutes; Clones [hotlink to be done} 2000 They Nest; also known as "Creepy Crawlers" [made for TV] 2000 This Guy is Falling [comedy short; 12 minutes] Writer/Director: Michael Horowitz winner of an Aspen Sundance Award 2000 Time With Nyenne [British] [Short] Writer/Director: Olivier Beguin; 2000 Titan A.E. [animated] [Don Bluth] beautiful to watch, visually speaking; 94 Minutes; Starring [voices]: Drew Barrymore; Jim Breuer; Ken Hudson Campbell; 2000 Today's Life [short; 13 minutes] Writer/Director: Noah Kadner; astronaut in interstellar isolation broods on past, lost love; 2000 Tracker [Crime/Ghost/Romance/Sci-Fi] [Short] Writer/Director: James Soward; 2000 Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust [animation] [Horror/Sci-Fi] [Japan/Hong Kong/USA] 103 Minutes 2000 Waiting for the Giants Writer/Director: Phillip Lacey 88 Minutes 2000 What Planet Are You From? [comedy] [Rated R: sex and language] 104 Minutes; Director: Mike Nichols; Screenplay: Gary Shandling & Michael Leeson; Starring: Gary Shandling; Annette Bening; John Goodman; Linda Fiorentino; 2000 What Where [short] [Ireland] Director: Damien O'Donnell; Adapted from Samuel Beckett; future library, surviving humans harass each other grotesquely in this literary metaphysical creepy short; 2000 Wild Zero [Japan] [Sci-Fi/Comedy/Rock&Roll] 98 Minutes 2000 X Change [Canada] Director: Allan Moyle; Screenplay: Christopher Pelham; future transportation is by exchanging bodies; this goes awry when terrorists steal protagonist's body; 110 Minutes; Starring: Stephen Baldwin; Kyle MacLachlan 2000 X-Men [Rated PG] hit adaptation of Marvel comics series; Director: Brian Singer; Starring: Hugh Jackman; Patrick Stewart; Ian McKellan; Halle Berry; 104 Minutes; 2000 The 6th Day 2000 990714.com [Hong Kong]

2001 Films:

2001 The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, Winner, 2002 Nebula Award for Best Script Fran Walsh, Philippa Boyens, & Peter Jackson [New Line Cinema]; based on the novel by J. R. R. Tolkien 2001 "2002" 2001 24/24 2001 Acceptable Risk 2001 Advanced Warriors 2001 Adventures of O-Girl Trapped in Time [direct to video] 2001 Aki's Dream [direct to video] 2001 Aliens Vs. Predator ALIENS: list of 400+ movies/TV movies with Aliens, last updated 26 May 2003 2001 Aliens: Colonial Marines 2001 The American Astronaut 2001 Anachronix 2001 Another Day 2001 Anti Trust 2001 Aquarios 2001 Area 52 2001 Arret d'urgence 2001 Artificial Intelligence: AI 2001 Asian Sex Super Spy [direct to video] 2001 Atlantis: The Lost Empire [animated] 2001 Avalon 2001 Avatars 2001 Beat the Blue 2001 Beer Money [Made for TV] 2001 Betaville 2001 Beyond the Lost World: Alien Conspiracy ALIENS: list of 400+ movies/TV movies with Aliens, last updated 26 May 2003 2001 Biohazardous 2001 Black Mask 2: City of Masks 2001 Black Noise 2001 Bodyjackers 2001 The Braindead 2001 The Breed 2001 The Brothers Grimm 2001 Caravan 2001 Chained Rage: Slave to Love [direct to video] 2001 Cheonsamong [also known as "Dream of a Warrior"] 2001 Command & Conquer: Yuri's Revenge [videogame] 2001 Commander Keen 2001 Conspiracy Guy: Beyond the Coat [Made for TV] 2001 Cowboy Bebop: Lnockin' on Heaven's Door [anime] 2001 Crime Cities 2001 Dakota Bound 2001 Date With a Vampire [direct to video] 2001 The Day the World Ended 2001 Deep Freeze [also known as "Ice Crawlers"] 2001 Deuces 2001 Diagnosis 2001 Donnie Darko TIME TRAVEL: Annotated link-list of 120 movies, television movies, and videogames about time travel, last updated 29 July 2003 The disturbed (schizophrenic?) medicated Junior High School teenager Donnie Darko, during the 1988 Presidential Election, sleepwalks out of his Middlesex, Iowa, home one night. He is confronted by a huge rabbit-demon named Frank who warns him that the world will end "in 28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes, and 12 seconds." The next morning, as he heads home, he is shocked to find that a jet plane's turbine engine has crashed through his roof and bedroom. His vaguely dysfunctional family, and more totally dysfunctional school are no help to his attempts to figure out why he survived, and how to save the world. The creepy bunny becomes his guru, leading him to subversive and destructive acts that escalate from overcoming the school bully, a knee-jerk conservative Health Ed teacher, and a smarmy self-help lecturer (Patrick Swayze as the cultish head Jim Cunningham of the "Controlling Fear" seminars, which have entranced many in the town), to vandalism, career-destruction, flooding the school, and arson against a sexually perverted writer. That writer is the epitome of specialization -- Donnie Darko insists that things are not so simple -- one must recognize the entire spectrum of human emotions. The subtle plot eventually discloses that Donnie Darko did actually die in "our" universe, and he's in a strange parallel alternate reality. He is faced with an ultimate choice: save the world by sacrificing himself, or save himself in the tangent world by dooming his home universe. The ending resolves as weird a set of paradoxes as have ever been paradoctored. Donnie Darko is directed by Richard Kelly, and well-acted by Jake Gyllenhaal as the title character Hip, clever, ironic, and unique. Cool sound track, too. Recommended. 2001 Earth vs. the Spider 2001 Ecks vs. Sever 2001 El 2001 Emmanuelle 2000 2001 Emperor: Battle for Dune [videogame] 2001 En mi tumba 2001 Enterprise: Broken Bow [made for TV] 2001 Euphoria [direct to video] 2001 Ever Since the World Ended 2001 The Evil Awakens 2001 Evolution comedy/sci-fi Starring: David Duchovney ALIENS: list of 400+ movies/TV movies with Aliens, last updated 26 May 2003 2001 f8 2001 Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix [videogame] 2001 Final 2001 Final Fantasy: Chronicles [videogame] 2001 Final Fantasy X [videogame] 2001 Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within [computer animated] 2001 The Final True [direct to video] 2001 Flesh + Steel: the Making of "RoboCop" [direct to video] 2001 G Spots? 2001 Galactea (A conquista da via lactea) 2001 Gauntlet Dark Legacy [videogame] 2001 Ghost Reader 2001 Ghosts of Mars [also known as John Carpenter's Ghosts of Mars] 2001 Godzilla 2001 2001 Gojira, Mosura, Kingu Gidora 2001 El Gran Marciano 2001 The Greatest Intergalactic Hero 2001 Die Grune Wolk 2001 Gundam Neo Experience 0087: Green Divers [anime] 2001 Half-Life: Blue Shift [videogame] 2001 Halo: Combat Evolved [videogame] 2001 Happiness is a Warm Gun 2001 Heavy Metal: Geomatrix [videogame] 2001 Hey, Happy! 2001 Holocausto Cannabis [direct to video] 2001 Horrorvision 2001 Horses on Mars 2001 How I Saved the World 2001 How to Make a Monster 2001 I/O Error 2001 Ice Planet 2001 Imagining Total Recall [direct to video] 2001 The Infinite Worlds of H. G. Wells 2001 Intolerance II: The Invasion 2001 Jan Tenner: Artefakt der Macht [videogame] 2001 Jason X 2001 Jetblast 2001 Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius [computer animated] 2001 Jurassic Park III 2001 K-PAX ALIENS: list of 400+ movies/TV movies with Aliens, last updated 26 May 2003 2001 Kosmonaut 2001 The Krone Experiment 2001 Kuen sun 2001 Kurzzeithelden 2001 Laura Crotch: Tomb Raider [parody] 2001 Lipgloss Explosion! 2001 Little Ricky 2001 Making of "Planet of the Apes" [made for TV] 2001 The Man with No Eyes 2001 Mech Warror 4: Black Knight Expansion [videogame] 2001 Metal 2001 Metropolis [anime] 2001 Micro-Gerbil 2001 Mimic 2 2001 Mind Meld: Secrets Beyond the Voyage of a Lifetime [direct to video] 2001 Mindstorm 2001 MOB 2025 2001 The Moon Project [videogame] 2001 Mujeres en un tren [also known as Women in a Train] 2001 Mutant Aliens 2001 Mutation 2: Generation Dead 2001 Never Die Twice 2001 New Detroit 2001 The New Woman 2001 N02 2001 El Numero 2001 Odyssee 2001 On the Edge [made for TV] 2001 The One 2001 Ortel 2001 Other Voices: Creating "The Terminator" [direct to video] 2001 Paipe 2001 Un Perro llamada Dolor [also known as "A Dog Called Pain"] 2001 The Pharoah Project 2001 Planet der Kannibalen 2001 Planet of the Apes [remake] 2001 Planet of the Apes [videogame] 2001 Planet of the Apes: Rule the Planet [Made for TV] 2001 The Prisoner [direct to video] 2001 Puni puni poemi [made for TV] 2001 Raptor [direct to video] 2001 Read or Die [direct to video] 2001 ReBoot: Daemon Rising [made for TV] 2001 Recoil 2001 The Remnant 2001 Replicant 2001 Return to Catle Wolfenstein [videogame] 2001 Rocketman X6 [videogame] 2001 Santa Cristal 2001 Santo: Infratesrrestre 2001 Saturday Night Fear 2001 Savage Season 2001 Scary Movie 2 [comedy] 2001 Scooby-Doo and the Cyber Chase [direct to video] 2001 Seduction of Cyber Jane 2001 Seung fei [also known as "Princess D"] 2001 Shadow Fury 2001 Shark Hunter 2001 She-Bat 2001 Shoo-Fly 2001 Shurayuki-Hime [also known as the Princess Blade"] 2001 Silent Story 2001 Simulacra 2001 Smash Cuts! Super Sci-Fi Short Fest [direct to video] 2001 Sonic Adventure 2 [videogame] 2001 Soulkeeper 2001 The Source [also known as "The Secret Craft" in Great Britain] 2001 Space Banda 2001 Star Trek: Armada II [videogame] 2001 Star Trek: Away Team [videogame] 2001 Star Trek: Shattered Universe [videogame] 2001 Star Wars Rogue Leader: Rogue Squadron 2 [videogame] 2001 Star Wars: Episode I: Battle for Naboo [videogame] 2001 Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds [videogame] 2001 Star Wars : Obi-Wan [videogame] 2001 Star Wars: Star Fighter [videogame] 2001 Star Wars: Super Bombad Racing [videogame] 2001 Startopia [videogame] 2001 Stranded 2001 Strange Frequency [made for TV] 2001 Strange Invaders 2001 Sugar High Glitter City 2001 Sweet Sixteen 2001 Tara 2001 Teenage Caveman [made for TV] 2001 Thrasher 2001 The Tomorrow Man [also known as "Time Shifters"] 2001 Top 10 TV Sci-Fi [made for TV] 2001 Tremors 3: Back to Perfection [direct to video] 2001 Tryumf pana Kleska 2001 Urutoraman Kosumosu: First Contact [also known as "Ultraman Cosmos: First Contact"] 2001 Vacaciones en la Tierra [direct to video] 2001 Vanilla Sky 2001 Virtual Girl 2: Virtual Vegas [direct to video] 2001 Virtualia Episode One: Cyber Sex [direct to video] 2001 Virus 2001 The Void [direct to video] 2001 Vortex 2001 Wave Twisters 2001 Wired 03:36 2001 The Woman Every Man Wants 2001 Zenon: The Zequel 2001 Zone of the Enders [Japanese videogame] 2001 {many more} {to be done}

2002 Films:

2002 Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers directed by Peter Jackson [New Line Cinema] Winner, 2003 Hugo Award for Best Long Form Dramatic Presentation 2002 Minority Report voted #2 by number of nominations for 2003 Hugo Award for Best Long Form Dramatic Presentation 2002 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets voted #3 by number of nominations for 2003 Hugo Award for Best Long Form Dramatic Presentation; Harry Potter -- Daniel Radcliffe; Herminione Granger -- Emma Watson; Ronald "Ron" Weasley -- Rupert Grint; Gamekeeper Rubeus Hagrid -- Robbie Coltrane; Headmaster Albus Dumbledore -- xxxxxxxxxxxxx; Professor Severus Snape -- Alan Rickman; Professor Minerva McGonagall -- Maggie Smith; Caretaker Argus Filch -- David Bradley; Draco Malfoy -- Tom Felton; Uncle Vernon Dursley -- Richard Griffiths; 2002 Spider-Man voted #4 by number of nominations for 2003 Hugo Award for Best Long Form Dramatic Presentation 2002 Spirited Away [animated] voted #5 by number of nominations for 2003 Hugo Award for Best Long Form Dramatic Presentation 2002 Lilo and Stitch [animated] voted #6 by number of nominations for 2003 Hugo Award for Best Long Form Dramatic Presentation (thus did not make final ballot) 2002 Star Trek Nemesis voted #7 by number of nominations for 2003 Hugo Award for Best Long Form Dramatic Presentation (thus did not make final ballot) 2002 Signs voted #8 by number of nominations for 2003 Hugo Award for Best Long Form Dramatic Presentation (thus did not make final ballot) 2002 Star Wars: Attack of the Clones voted #9 by number of nominations for 2003 Hugo Award for Best Long Form Dramatic Presentation (thus did not make final ballot) 2002 Ice Age [animated] voted #10 by number of nominations for 2003 Hugo Award for Best Long Form Dramatic Presentation (thus did not make final ballot) 2002 Metropolis [animated] voted #11 by number of nominations for 2003 Hugo Award for Best Long Form Dramatic Presentation (thus did not make final ballot) 2002 Taken [miniseries] voted #12 by number of nominations for 2003 Hugo Award for Best Long Form Dramatic Presentation (thus did not make final ballot) 2002 Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring extended version voted #13 by number of nominations for 2003 Hugo Award for Best Long Form Dramatic Presentation (thus did not make final ballot) 2002 Solaris [remake] voted #14 by number of nominations for 2003 Hugo Award for Best Long Form Dramatic Presentation (thus did not make final ballot) 2002 Men in Black II voted #15 by number of nominations for 2003 Hugo Award for Best Long Form Dramatic Presentation (thus did not make final ballot) 2002 Treasure Planet [animated] voted #16 by number of nominations for 2003 Hugo Award for Best Long Form Dramatic Presentation (thus did not make final ballot) 2002 Shrek [animated] Finalist Nominee, 2002 Nebula Award for Best Script; Ted Elliott, Terry Rossio, Joe Stillman, & Roger S. H. Schulman [DreamWorks] 2002 Frailty, screenplay by Brant Hanley [Lion's Gate Films] Winner, Bram Stoker Award for Screenplay, from the 2003 Horror Writers Association Other 2002 Films in Alphabetical Order: 2002 2009 Lost Memories 2009 Lost Memories (2002) Korean, with Korean/Japanese Language Track and Removable English Subtitles, on Korean DVD (Region 3 NTSC, enterOne 2-disk set, 16x9 Anamorphic Widescreen). Director: Lee Si-Myung; Starring: Jang Dong-Gun (star of blockbuster "Friend") as Masayuki Sakamoto; Toru Nakamura ("Gen-X Cops", "Tokyo Raiders") as Shojiro Saigo; Seo Jin-Ho as Hye; Additional Cast: Shin Gu; Ahn Kil-Sang; Cho Sang-Keun; Chun Ho-Jin; Genres: Sci-Fi/Alternate History/Action; Plot Summary: In 1909 the Japanese statesman Ito Hirobumi was assassinated by Korean Nationalist An Chung-Gun. In the Alternate History of "2009 Lost Memories", Ito was saved when An was stopped. As a result, the Korean Nationalist cause was never successful. Japan won World War II -- with the USA as an ally! Korea has been totally ruled by Japan for a century, and almost completely Japanized. Korean people and culture are relegated to scattered "Koreatown" ghettos. But a violent grassroots Korean movement called Hureisenjin engages in sporadic terrorism. The JBI (Japanese Bureau of Investigation) tries to crush Hureisenjin. JBI cops Masayuki Sakamoto and Shojiro Saigo try to solve the terrorism-related theft of mysterious artefacts of Korean culture. Masayuki Sakamoto has a private agenda, because his father, also a cop, was shot by his own group's officers while working for the Hureisenjin. Complicating his motives, Sakamoto is ethnically Korean, but sees the underground nationlist group as essentially criminal (as opposed to patriotic). He is indifferent, idologically, to Korean Nationalism. The plot thickens in a "Bladerunner" style, as Sakamoto dreams about a quarter-moon necklace, which is somehow one of the sought-after artefacts. The artefacts are owned by a shadowy Inoue Foundation, a rich, powerful, and ruthless corporate conglomerate. When Sakamoto sniffs round the Inoue scene, he sets subplots in motion, that (unknown to him) depend on the founder being the very man who killed the assassin An Chung-Gun in 1909. Hureisenjin may hunger for revenge and justice more than nationalism. There are interesting themes introduced, and science fictional twists and turns. But the spectacular fight and action sequences get the upper hand over the promising philosophical matters, and three-quartewrs through the 2 hour film, it becomes evident where the plot is going. The film twists and counter-twists, as if Lee Si-Myung can't decide whether to go for mainstream crowd-pleaser or art-film sophistication. In Philip K. Dick's Alternate History "The Man in the High Castle", Japan and Germany have conqured the USA, but we are not clear whether the Japanese are good or bad, and we have no idea where the plot is heading. Ironically, the American Philip K. Dick used the Chinese "I-Ching" to make pseudo-random plot choices, while the Korean Lee Si-Myung uses Hollywood happy ending protocol. Still, this is an intense and very watchable film. 2002 28 Days Later 2002 A.E.R. Adult Entertainment Robots Volume 1 [direct to video] 2002 A.E.R. Adult Entertainment Robots Volume 2: The New Breed [direct to video] 2002 Adios querida luna 2002 The Adventures of Pluto Nash Starring Eddie Murphy 2002 Aedena [France] [6-minute short] Writer/Director: Ben Elia 2002 Alien Love Triangle 2002 Alien Voices 2002 Aliens vs. Predator 2: Primal Hunt [videogame] 2002 Alive 2002 Antibody [direct to video] 2002 Armitage: Dual Matrix [direct to video] 2002 Attack of the B-Movie Monster [direct to video] 2002 Automata 2002 Avatar 2002 Babylon 5: The Legend of the Rangers [made for TV] 2002 Bare Wench Project 3: The Nymphs of Mystery Mountain [direct to video] 2002 Beccerra 2002 Bedlam 2002 Below 2002 Big, Bigger & Biggest Director: Dariusz Zawislak; Screenplay: Rebecca Smith 2002 Bikini Planet [direct to video] 2002 Broken Allegiance 2002 Callous Sentiment [13-minute short] Writer/Director: Vincent Grashaw; Brutal film reminds me of "Lord of the Flies" in an urban environment, where boys in a deserted playground toryure, murder, and suicide 2002 Candy Von Dewd and the Girls from Latexplotia 2002 Chasm 2002 Chik yeung tin sai 2002 Christmas Tauntauns [animation] winner, amateur Star Wars 2002 Chronotrip 2002 The Chubbchubbs! 2002 Chut! 2002 Clockstoppers Directed by Jonathan Frakes. Blatantly ripped off from "The Girl, the Gold Watch, and Everything." But without the kinky sex of "The Fermata" (2005?), currently being scripted by Hugo Award-winning Best Novelist Neil Gaiman. Dim Leave-It-To-Beaver teenager Zak Gibbs has never had a tougher puzzle than how to buy a car (think: "Dude, Where's My Car?"). His inventor father left a weird wristwatch among his gadgets. When Zak puts it on, he soon discovers that it can stop the world around him, freezing everyone and everything in place while he moves through hypertime. He and his purportedly clever girlfriend Francesca waste this amazing opportunity with pathetic practical jokes. Soon, they are in over their heads, because they are not the only ones maneuvering in hypertime. Juvenile and disappointing. 2002 Command & Conquer: Renegade [videogame] 2002 Corner of the Eye 2002 The Crawling Brain [direct to video] 2002 Crimson Sea [Japan; videogame] 2002 Cultivision (Collapsing Stars) [made for TV] Director: Neill Calabro really a meta-film, so dense is it with filmic references and in-jokes 2002 Cybermutt [made for TV] 2002 Cypher [Japan] Director: Vincent Natali ("Cube"); rather clever, character-driven corporate espionage thriller, with twist ending; 95 Minutes; 2002 D.N.A.: Dark Native Apostle [videogame] 2002 D7Peacemaker: Stage 1 [direct to video] 2002 Dark Angel [videogame] 2002 Darth Vader's Psychic Hotline 2002 The Day the Dolls Struck Back [direct to video] 2002 De noche van a tu cuarto 2002 The Dead Zone [direct to video] Adapted from Stephen King adapted TV series 2002 Deadly Species [direct to video] 2002 Dealer's Day 2002 Deep Shock 2002 Defender [videogame] 2002 Dimensionless Woman [short] Director: Anita Salamone; Starring: Valerie -- Maeve McCaffery 2002 Discovering Dinotopia [made for TV] 2002 Dragonfly 2002 Dream Hackers 2002 Duke Nukem Advance [videogame] 2002 Duke Nukem Manhattan Project [videogame] 2002 The E. T. Reunion [direct to video] 2002 Earth and Beyond [videogame] 2002 Eight Legged Freaks 2002 Eireville 2002 Elysium [South Korea] 85 Minutes Four knights battle "The Elysian" to save humanity's last defense, "The Ark" 2002 An Enraged New World Director: Mike A. Martinez; Screenplay and Story: Wil H. Harris; Astronauts returning from Jupiter's moon Ganymede arrive at a planet like, but not identical to, Earth 2002 Equilibrium 2002 The Erotic Time Machine [direct to video][comedy] TIME TRAVEL: Annotated link-list of 120 movies, television movies, and videogames about time travel, last updated 29 July 2003 X-rated for woman-woman action, introducing Kelli Summers. The Time Travel frame-plot is just an excuse for Seduction Cinema anthologizing of scenes you don't want the under-aged, or Attorney General Ashcroft, to watch. Basically here to warn you not to be fooled by the title into expecting a real plot. 2002 Essence of the Force [direct to video] 2002 Fairie Writer/Director: Willo Hausman 75 Minutes 2002 Fans and Freaks: The Culture of Comics and Conventions [documentary] 2002 Farvelose verden [also known as "Bleached World"] [Denmark] [10-minute short] Writer/Director: Rasmus Hoegdall Moelgaard; Dystopia where color is outlawed, and young man wants to give a blue flower to his settheart 2002 Firestarter 2: Rekindled Sequel to adaptation of Stephen King novel 2002 Fish + Dog 2002 Frankenthumb 2002 Freedom Force [videogame] 2002 Getting Shirty 2002 Ghost Ship [Horror] 2002 Ghost Watcher 2002 Gojira tai Mekagojira [also known as "Godzilla verses Meka-Godzilla"] 2002 Gorilla Warfare: Battle of the Apes [direct to video] 2002 Grasp 2002 Groom Lake 2002 Hoshi no koe 2002 The Human Being 2002 Hypercube: Cube 2 Fine sequel of outstanding film. 2002 Impostor 2002 Inseguito 2002 Interceptor Force 2 2002 It's a Haunted Happening! [direct to video] 2002 Itse valtiaat - Avaruumusikaali [made for TV] 2002 The Jedi Hunter 2002 Jet Li is "The One" [direct to video] 2002 Katedra 2002 The Key 2002 Killing Castro 2002 Know Your Foe [direct to video] 2002 Kowaremono 2002 La Puppe 2002 Lathe of Heaven [made for TV remake of superb made for TV film] Adapted from Ursula K. Le Guin novel 2002 Legends of Show Business 2002 Lilo & Stitch [animated] 2002 Lilo & Stitch [videogame] 2002 Little Girl With Blue Eyes 2002 The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra 2002 Luminal 2002 Made Incorrect 2002 The Making of "Tron" [direct to video] 2002 Mark of the Astro-Zombies [direct to video] 2002 Max Hell Comes to Frogtown [direct to video] 2002 McAllister Affair: The Gathering [also known as "Just Another Mary!"] 2002 Mech Warrior 4: Mercenaries [videogame] 2002 Megalodon Shark from the Age of Dinoaurs. "Jaws" meets "Jurassic Park" 2002 Men in Black II [see featured films at tope of 2002 Films page] 2002 Mercano, el marciano 2002 Meridian 2002 Meteroido fyusion [also known as Metroid 4"] 2002 Metroid Prime [videogame] 2002 Minority Report [see featured films at tope of 2002 Films page] 2002 Miu haan fook wood [also known as "Second Time Around"] 2002 Monkeys and Robots 2002 Mosquito Night 2002 Mutant Swinger from Mars [direct to video] 2002 Mutation 3: Century of the Dead [direct to video] 2002 New World 2002 No Law 4000 [Sweden] 2002 Odyssey 5 [Made for TV] 2002 Off 2002 On to Victory 2002 Palumu no ki [also known Tree of Palme] Good buzz at Berlin Film Festival 2002 The Petting Zoo 2002 Phoenix 2002 Picture Perfect 2002 Pink Five [direct to video] 2002 Planet of the Erotic Apes [direct to video] 2002 Play-Mate of the Apes [direct to video] 2002 Pluto's Plight [direct to video] 2002 Project V.I.P.E.R. 2002 Project Valkyrie 2002 Psyclops [direct to video] 2002 Pulse Pounders 2002 Python 2 2002 Raising Dead 2002 Raices de sangre 2002 Rear View Mirror 2002 Reign of Fire future: firebreathing dragons versus heroic idiots 2002 Repli-Kate 2002 Resident Evil adapted from computer game series 2002 Returner [Japan] [also known as "Ritaanaa"] 2002 Rewind 2002 Rick Baker: Alien Maker [direct to video] 2002 Riverworld [made for TV] adapted from Phillip Jose Farmer novels; one of the great concepts of modern science fiction: everybody who ever lived is resurrected by alines on the shores of a million-mile river. Changes from books are not dramtically necessary. 2002 Robotech: Battlecry [videogame] 2002 Rocketmen vs. Robots 2002 Rolie Polie Olie: The Great Defender of Fun [direct to video] 2002 Rollerball [remake] I liked the James Caan original better, but this does have its moments... 2002 The Roswell Crash: Startling New Evidence [made for TV] If there'd been anything to this, you'd have heard. Or is that what THEY want you to think? 2002 S.E.T.I. The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence 2002 S1m0ne Fall in love with a virtual girl? This was done first, and better, by the Cyberpunk master William Gibson in "Idoru" 2002 Saint Sinner [also known as "Clive Barker's Saint Sinner"] [made for TV] 2002 Salvation 2002 {at least 64 more, alphabetically} {to be done} 2002 Virtualia Episode Five: The Dark Side [Direct to video] Produced in Sweden. English language. X-rated?

2003 Films:

2003 28 Days Later 2003 2004: A Light Knight's Odyssey 2003 2046 2003 30:13 2003 Absolon 2003 Acne 2003 The Affidavit 2003 Ainoa 2003 Alien Agen 2003 Alien Dreamtime 2003 Alien Gods 2003 Animatrix: A Detective Story [short computer animation] 2003 The Animatrix: Beyond [short computer animation] 2003 Animatrix: Final Flight of the Osiris [short computer animation] 2003 The Animatrix: Kid's Story [short computer animation] 2003 The Animatrix: Matriculated [short computer animation] 2003 The Animatrix: The Second Renissance, Part I [short computer animation] 2003 The Animatrix: The Second Renissance, Part II [short computer animation] 2003 The Animatrix: World Record [short computer animation] 2003 Anubis: Zone of the Enders 2003 Aquanoids 2003 Arachnia 2003 Avatar 2003 Barbarellas 2003 Bad Police Movie Case #1: Galaxy of the Dinosaurs 2003 Brain Child [made for TV] 2003 The Brink [direct to Video] 2003 Bugs [made for TV] 2003 The Cancer 2003 The Children of Men 2003 Chimera [made for TV] 2003 Christmas on Mars 2003 Chrome 2003 Code 46 2003 The Core [though ALL the science is bogus] 2003 Curse of the Komodo 2003 D7Peacemaker: Nightfall 2003 Daemus Rising [direct to Video] 2003 Dark Walker [direct to Video] 2003 Deadly Stingers 2003 Deathlands [made for TV] 2003 Decoys 2003 Despiser [direct to Video] 2003 Die You Zombie Bastards! 2003 Dimension Alternativa 2003 Do or Die [made for TV] 2003 Doom III: The Legacy sequel to adaptation of computer game 2003 Dr. Jekyll and Mistress Hyde [direct to Video] 2003 Dragon Fighter [direct to video] 2003 Dragon Storm [direct to Video] 2003 Dreamcatcher Director: Lawrence Kasdan; Adapted: from the novel by Stephen King; Screenplay: William Goldman & Lawrence Kasdan; Executive Producer: Bruce Berman; Starring: Morgan Freeman as Col. Abraham Curtis; Damien Lewis as Prof. Gary "Jonesy" Jones; Thomas Jane as Dr. Henry Devlin; Jason Lee as Joe "Beaver" Clarendon; Timothy Olyphant as Pete Moore; Tom Sizemore as Capt. Owen Underhill; Andrew Robb as Young Duddits; Production Companies: Castle Rock Entertainment [USA]; NPV Entertainment [USA]; SSDD Films Inc. [Canada]; Village Roadshow Prods. [Australia]; Special Effects: Industrial Light & Magic; Steve Johnson's Edge FX; Length: 136 minutes (134 in USA); Rated: R; Genres: Alien/Telepathy/Horror/Sci-Fi/Military/Male-Bonding; Plot Summary: The critics simply "did not get" this movie. That's because few of them read the thick novel of the same name by Stephen King. It is actually one of the best screen adaptations of King, and compresses most of its subplots into a complicated and fast-paced thoughtful action-adventure film, a rare combination indeed. The critics also couldn't tell if this was Horror or Sci-Fi. It's neither. It is true Science Fiction. The critics also condemned the film as derivative, and a rehash of King's favorite themes. Actually, the film captures King's unique spin on each otherwise familiar element. Four closely-bonded men, having a hard time with life, meet for their annual drinking/hunting getaway in the remote Maine woods. At first, the foursome from fictional Derry, Maine, are threatened only by a blizzard. But things go unhinged when a disoriented stranger staggers in. The four already have mid-life crises to contend with, and ready to talk them out at "Hole in the Wall." Comic/Sad Beav has problems with the opposite sex; Henry, a bookish psychiatrist, is close to suicide. Pete has slipped into beery alcoholism. Jonesy has weird premonitions, ever since a hallucination almost caused him to die as a pedestrian hit by a car. But the stranger talks about lights in the sky, wild animals with odd red patches migrate past the cabin, and the stranger has something bloody moving around inside him, which kills him horribly. What was it, and how can they fight it? And is the greater danger inside or outside? The story takes on paranormal tones as they recall the heroic act that bound them together, in childhood. They'd saved an apparent idiot, Duddits, from being tortured by school football-team bullies. But the idiot is something more unusual, and the four have even stranger powers as a result. Soon we are plunged into a nightmare of interplanetary aliens with either shape-shifting or telepathic powers, or both, and something deadly that is either symbiote or not, and a fast-growing red fungus. And is the secret military hero leading forces against the aliens a real hero, or a psychotic vigilante? Nothing is quite what it seems. And the blizzard bears down on all. Who will prevail: the aliens, or the Colonel? Will the Colonel destroy the town to save it, kill innocent civilians, or even nuke Maine? And has an alien taken over one of the four friends' minds, or become lost in the man's mental warehouse? And what about spreading the alien invasion through the water supply? This is a tricky and exciting film. My wife and I loved it. So did Stephen King, who often hates his screen adaptations. The critics miss the boat completely. Recommended. 2003 Dreamweaver 2003 Duck Dodgers in Attack of the Drones [animation; direct to video] 2003 Duke Nukem Forever [videogame] 2003 Enter the Matrix [videogame] 2003 Exhumed [direct to video] 2003 Exit 2003 Fifth City 2003 First Watch 2003 Firstborn 2003 Freelancer [videogame] 2003 Frog-g-g! 2003 Gamma Project 2003 Gojira tai Mosura tai Mekagojira: Tokyo S.O.S. also known as Godzilla, Mothra, Mechagodzilla: Tokyo S.O.S. 2003 Good Boy! 2003 Gothika (opens 21 Nov 2003) Producers: Joel Silver, Robert Zemeckis; Studio: Dark Castle ["Ghost Ship", "House on Haunted Hill"]; Director: Mathieu Kassovitz [France]; Starring: Halle Berry as criminal psychologist; Penelope Cruz as mental patient Chloe; Robert Downey, Jr. 2003 The Great War of Magellan 2003 Los Guerreros del Apocalipsis 2003 Half-Life 2 [videogame] 2003 Halo 2 [videogame] 2003 Hamlet_X 2003 High Ground [direct to video] 2003 Hulk Adapted from Marvel Comics series 2003 The I Inside 2003 I Was an Atomic Mutant [videogame] 2003 If 2003 Inbred Redneck Alien Abduction [videogame] 2003 It's About Love 2003 Jigereul jikyeora! [also known as "Save the Planet!"] 2003 Julie and Jack 2003 Kohtalon Kirja [also known as "The Booke of Fate"] 2003 Koi... Mil Gaya 2003 The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Adapted from Graphic Novel 2003 Leeches! 2003 Lost in Space: The Journey Home [made for TV] 2003 The Low Budget Time Machine TIME TRAVEL: Annotated link-list of 120 movies, television movies, and videogames about time travel, last updated 29 July 2003 2003 Mace Griffin Bounty Hunter 2003 Makai Tensho 2003 Man with the Screaming Brain [made for TV] 2003 Man-Thing 2003 The Matrix: Reloaded 2003 Matrix Revolutions: The IMAX Experience 2003 May Day [direct to video] 2003 Messengers 2003 Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes 2003 Midnight Sun 2003 Mimic: Sentinel also known as "Mimic 3" 2003 Mindgame 2003 My Life with Count Dracula 2003 Mas de mil cameras velan por tu suguridad [also known as "More than a Thousand cameras are Working for Your Safety"] 2003 The Name 2003 Natural City 2003 Natural Selection 2003 Noctivagant 2003 Numb 2003 P.I.: Post Impact 2003 Painkillers 2003 Parasite 2003 Patalghar 2003 Paycheck 2003 Perfect Dark Zero [videogame] 2003 Phoenix Point 2003 Pinocchio 2003 Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl 2003 Radium [videogame] 2003 Rats [also known as "Killer Rats"] 2003 Ruampatrouille Orion -- Rucksturz ins Kino 2003 Real Buddy 2003 Red Dwarf: The Movie Adapted from the British TV series 2003 The Return of the King (also known as Lord of the Rings III) opens 17 Dec 2003 Director: Peter Jackson [New Line Cinema] Viewers will be surprised to find Sauruman (played by Christopher Lee) missing in the film (but appearing in the DVD) 2003 Ripper II [direct to video] 2003 Rollie Pollie Ollie: The Baby Bot Chase 2003 Ronzio delle mosche II 2003 Rottweiler 2003 Run Leia Run [parody] 2003 Scary Movie III [Horror/Comedy] This broke records for biggest October box office and biggest Miramax opening. It parodoes "The Ring", "Signs", and "Matrix." Director: David Zucker [of "Airplane" films and "Naked Gun" films; who will take over the franchise from the Wayans brothers]; 2003 Se dagens lys [made for TV] 2003 Secret War [direct to video] 2003 Sex, Lies & Superheroes 2003 Silent But Deadly 2 2003 Silent Warnings [videogame] 2003 Snakehead Terror 2003 The Snell Show 2003 Den Sorte celle 2003 Space Psychos 4 2003 Space Specks 2003 Space Wolf [direct to video] 2003 Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over 2003 Star Trek: Elite Force II [videogame] 2003 Star Trek: The Experience -- Borg Invasion 4D 2003 Star Wars: Jedi Knight -- Jedi Academy [videogame] 2003 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic [videogame] 2003 StarCraft: Ghost Adapted from computer game 2003 Strange Attractor 2003 Subterano 2003 Sumuru [also known as "Sax Rohmer's Sumaru"] [South Africa] 2003 Terminator III: Rise of the Machines TIME TRAVEL: Annotated link-list of 120 movies, television movies, and videogames about time travel, last updated 29 July 2003 2003 Terra 2003 This Corrosion 2003 Those Who Walk In Darkness [direct to video] 2003 Threshold [made for TV] 2003 Time Enough At Last 2003 Timeline [opens 26 Nov 2003] Adapted from Michael Crichton novel TIME TRAVEL: Annotated link-list of 120 movies, television movies, and videogames about time travel, updated 29 July 2003 Director: Richard Donner; Adapted: from the novel by Michael Crichton; Screenplay: Frank A. Cappello; Starring: Paul Walker as Chris Hughes; [Paul Walker also helped choreograph some fight scenes] Gerard Butler as Andre Marek; Frances O'Connor as Kate Erickson; Ethan Embry as David Stern; Billy Connoly as Professor Edward Johnson; David Thewlis as Robert Doniger; Michael Sheen as Lord Oliver, a knight Plot Summary: Chris, Andre, Kate, and David are four college students of brilliant but eccentric Professor Edward Johnson. Working at an archaeological site in France, the Professor becomes missing. The four students are brought quickly to the US by a mysterious corporation, ITC. Insomniac ITC President Robert Doniger tells them about the Time Machine he's developed. He sends them back to rescue their professor from medieval France, or maybe an Alternate History timeline. Chris, Andre, and Kate go back in Time, while David stays in the present to deduce ITC's real motive. I didn't find the medieval stuff or the high-tech stuff credible. Where is the Michael Crichton of "Andromeda Strain"? Trapped in the wealth and power of "Jurassic Park" and "ER." The film deviates from the book, anyway. These are some of the changes that Director Richard Donner made: * Chris is (in the film only) the son of Professor Edward Johnson * Andre Marek is (in the film only) unfamiliar with medieval weapons * Andre Marek is (in the film only) surprised that things are not as he knew them to be in that historical era * The Middle Ages have (in the film only) no medieval languages 2003 Torus [direct to video] 2003 The Trap 2003 Tremors 4 2003 Tron 2.0 [videogame] 2003 Typhoon 2003 UFOs: Put to the Test [made for TV] 2003 The Ugly One 2003 Undead 2003 The Uninvited 2003 The Visual Effects of X-Men [direct to video] 2003 Webs [made for TV] 2003 The Wicksboro Incident [direct to video] 2003 The Winter People 2003 Wonderful Days 2003 World Future Inc. 2003 The X-Files: Resist or Serve [videogame] 2003 X-Men production Scrapbook [direct to video] 2003: X2 [also known as "X-Men 2"; also known as "X-Men United";

2004 Films:

2004 @lien [Comedy / Romance / Sci-Fi] Director: Gregg Hale; Screenplay: Rachel Davis, Gregg Hale; Starring: Henry Tidwell -- Brandon Bales; Hannah Everland -- Suli Holum; Real Estate Agent -- Mary Kraft; Fireworks Cashier -- Steve Warren; 2004 10 Again [British; 10-minute short] Director: Simon Ellis 2004 Alien Vs. Predator [Aug 2004] Adapted from Comics series; 20th Century Fox; Director: Paul Anderson; Screenplay: Paul Anderson and Shane Salerno; Locations: Prague; Starring: Sanaa Latham as Lex Kline; Raoul Bova; Lance Henriksen as Weyland [in "Alien", Lance Henriksen played the android Bishop; now he plays the billionaire Weyland who created Bishop, and whose conglomerate Weyland-Yutani Corporation caused much of the trouble) Plot: scientists discover prehistoric pyramid in Antarctica, and two previously unknown alien species; world gets caught in war between those aliens; 2004 Anacondas Director: Dwight H. Little; Screenplay: John Claflin, Michael Miner, others; Plot: Set in Borneo, big snakes ruin search for life-extension flower "the Black Orchid." 2004 Babylon Babies [Sci-Fi / Action] Executive Producer: Marc Olla; Director: Matthieu Kassovitz; Screenplay: Eric Besnard, Maurice G. Dantec, Matthieu Kassovitz; 2004 Birth [Drama / Mystery / Fantasy elements] Director: Jonathan Glazer; Screenplay: Milo Addica, John-Claude Carriere, others; Starring: Nicole Kidman; Plot: Nicole Kidman suspects 10-year-old reincarnates her dead husband; 2004 Blast 2004 Blind Horizon [Thriller] Director: Michael Haussman; Screenplay: F. Paul Benz, Steve Tomlin; Starring: Frank -- Val Kilmer; Chloe -- Neve Campbell; Sheriff Kolb -- Sam Shepard; Plot: Frank 's had amnesia since shot in New Mexico; this may relate to an attempt to assassinate the President; 2004 Bogeyman 2004 The Butterfly Effect [Time Travel]; 113 minutes; Plot: boy travels back in time to be in his childhood body, hoping to overcome trauma, but everything he does makes things different in unexpected ways; Production Company: Blackout Entertainment; Distributors: CDI [Italy], Icon Films Distribution [UK], Kathy Morgan International, New Line Cinema [USA], New Line Home Video [USA] Executiver Producers: Jason Goldberg, Ashton Kutcher, William Shively; Producers: Chris Bender, A.J. Dix, Anthony Rhulen, Lisa Richardson, J.C. Spink; Co-Producer: David Krintzman; Directors: Eric Bress, J. Mackye Gruber; Screenplay: J. Mackye Gruber, Eric Bress, others; Cinematographer: Matthew F. Leonetti; Film Editor: Peter Amundson; Special Effects: Schminken Studios, Inc. [USA], Toybox [Canada]; Starring: Evan Treborn -- Ashton Kutcher; Kayleigh Miller -- Amy Smart; George Miller -- Eric Stoltz; Tommy Miller -- William Lee Scott; 2004 The Chronicles of Riddick [Sci-Fi Action/Thriller] Plot: 500 years from now, a 10th crusade is in progress, involving aliens. Director: David Twohy; Screenplay: David Twohy; Starring: Richard B. Riddick -- Vin Diesel; Aeron (Elemental) -- Judi Dench Lord Marshall -- Colm Feore; 2004 Constantine Adapted from the DC-Vertigo comic "Hellblazer", specifically the 1994 graphic novel in the series known as "Dangerous Habits" written by Garth Ennis; Plot: John Constantine is a supernatural director who has returned from hell, faced with dying from lung cancer; Producer: Lauren Shuler Donner ["Timeline" 2003]; Director: Francis Lawrence; Screenplay: Steve Bissette (co-creator), Mark Bomback, others; Starring: John Constantine -- Keanu Reeves; Angela Dodson -- Rachel Weisz; Pap Midnite -- Djimon Hounsou; Locations: Downtown Los Angeles, Long Beach 2004 The Crow: Wicked Prayer [sequel] Plot: Luc Crash seeks to be an eternal demon, starting as a gang leader who has Jimmy Cuervo and his lady-love murdered; Director: Lance Mungia; Screenplay: Jeff Most, lance Mungia, others; Starring: Jimmy Cuervo -- Edward Furlong; Luc Crash/Death -- David Boreanz; Tara Reid -- Lola Byrne; El Nino -- Dennis Hopper; 2004 Cube Zero [Canada] [3rd in series] Director: Ernie Barbarash; Screenplay: Ernie Barbarash; Starring: Dodd -- David Huband; 2004 Cursed [Horror / Thriller] Plot: werewolves of Los Angeles; Director: Wes Craven; Screenplay: Kevin Williamson; Starring: {to be done} 2004 Dark Queen Taglines: "not all monsters are ugly"; "her reign of terror begins!" Director: Ken LaVan; Screenplay: Lou Aguilar; Starring: Helen/Cassandra -- Tian Kitchen; Gary -- Sean Klitzner; Horn -- Michael Marks; 2004 The Day After Tomorrow Plot: the new Ice Age gripa New York, but global warming is about to upset everything... Director: Roland Emmerich; Sdapted: from the book by Art Bell; Screenplay: Roland Emmerich, others; Starring: Professor Jack Hall -- Dennis Quaid; Sam Hall -- Jake Gyllenhall; Laura -- Emily Rossum Lucy -- Sela Ward 2004 Deathlok Plot: Man is (unknown to himself) being experimentally turned into a Cyborg, one organ or limb at a time... Director: Lee Tamahori; Screenplay: Raven Metzner, Stu Zicherman; 2004 Delgo [Animation/Fantasy/Adventure/Romance] Director: Marc F. Adler, Jason Maurer; Story: Marc F. Adler, Scott Biear; Screenplay: Starring (voices): Sedessa -- Anne Bancroft; Bogardus -- Val Kilmer; Princess Kyla -- Jennifer Love Hewitt; Filo -- Chris Kattan; Zahn -- Lou Gossett, Jr.; Spig -- Eric Idle; Kurrin -- Kelly Ripa; Elder marley -- Michael Clark Duncan; Raius -- Malcolm McDowell; 2004 Deus Ex [Action-Adventure / Sci-Fi / Mystery] Plot: 2052 has killer disease, global economic failure, rampant terrorism... Director: Screenplay: Greg Pruss; Starring: 2004 Don't Be Afraid of the Dark [remake of 1973 TV?] 2004 Dracula 3000 [Germany / South Africa] Plot: Count Dracula creeps out the spaceship crew... Director: Darrel James Roodt; Screenplay: Darrel Roodt; Starring: Coolio; Erika Eleniak; Alexandra Kamp-Groenvald; Professor -- Grant Swanby; Caspar Von Dien; 2004 Dragon Ball Z Adapted from the Anime series 2004 Dragon's Lair Adapted from 1983 videogame and its sequels; 2004 Earwigs [made for TV] 2004 Ella Enchanted [April 2004] [Comedy / Fantasy / Romance] Miramax's Fantasy about medieval girl fighting an Obedience Curse; Adapted: from the novel by Gail Carson Levine; Director: Tommy O'Haver; Screenplay: Laurie Craig; Starring: Ella -- Anne Hathaway; Prince Charmont -- Hugh Dancy; Prince Gregent Efgar -- Cary Elwes; Mandy -- Minnie Driver; Fairy Lucinda -- Vivica A. Fox; Dame Olga -- Joanna Lumley; 2004 Evangelion [anime] 2004 The Extractors Director: Screenplay: James DeMonaco, Kevin Fox; Starring: Ice Cube; 2004 Fantastic Four Adapted from Marvel Comics series; Plot: bunch of astronauts exposed to radiation get super powers, battle their antagonist Doctor Victor Von Doom; Story: Michael France; Screenplay: Mark Frost; 2004 The Final Cut [remake of 1995 film?] 2004 Frankenstein [made for TV] Director: Kevin Connor; Screenplay: Starring: The Creature -- Luke Goss; Victor Frankenstein -- Alex Newman; Elizabeth -- Nicole Lewis; Caroline Frankenstein -- Julie Delpy; Captain Walton -- Donald Sutherland; Professor Waldman -- William Hurt; 2004 From Other Worlds [Comedy / Sci-Fi] Director: Barry Strugatz; Screenplay: Barry Strugatz; Starring: Joanne Schwartzbaum -- Cara Buono; Abraham -- Isaach De Bankole; Brian Scwartzbaum -- David lansbury; Baker -- Robert Downey, Sr.; 2004 Galactic Raiders Plot: earthlings kidnapped to other planet, where may be found the crystal that many seek, blah blah... Director: Larry Arpin; Screenplay: Larry Arpin; Starring: 2004 George and the Dragon The First Crusade, an Historical Fantasy [Action / Romance / Comedy] Writer/Director: Tom Reeve; Screenplay: Tom Reeve, Michael Burks; Starring: George -- James Purefoy; Princess Lunna -- Piper Perabo; Garth -- Patrick Swayze; 2004 The Ghastly Love of Johnny X [Horror / Sci-Fi / Mystery] [black & white] Director: Paul Bunnell; Screenplay: Paul Bunnell, Steve Bingen; Starring: Chip -- Les Willaims; 2004 Gingerbreed [Comedy / Sci-Fi] Plot: Retro scfi-fi set on Mars colony as we might have imagined it in 1980. In the middle of the Cold War, US and USSR must combine forces to fight martian gingerbread men... I'm not making this up ... Director: Jonathan Dorfman, Szymon Weglasrski; Screenplay: Jonathan Dorfman, Szymon Weglarski; Starring: 2004 Guardian of the Realm Director: Ted Smith; Screenplay: Starring: Josh Griffin -- Glen Levy; Alex Marlowe -- Tanya Dempsey; Nikki -- Lana Pirian; 2004 Halloween 9 [31 Oct 2004 release] 2004 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban [12 June 2004 release] Adapted: from the novel by J. K. Rowling; Taglines: "Something wicked this way comes..."; "Have you seen this wizard?" Screenplay: Steven Kloves [Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002)] Director: Alfonso Cuaron; Plot: Feared prisoner escapes from the Prison of Azkaban, where evil wizards are incarcerated, and Harry Potter fears for his life... but the escapee has an unexpected connection to the boy... Starring: Harry Potter -- Daniel Radcliffe; Herminione Granger -- Emma Watson; Ronald "Ron" Weasley -- Rupert Grint; Gamekeeper Rubeus Hagrid -- Robbie Coltrane; Sirius Black -- Gary Oldman; Headmaster Albus Dumbledore -- Michael Gambon; Professor Severus Snape -- Alan Rickman; Deputy Headmistress/Professor Minerva McGonagall -- Maggie Smith; Professor Remus Lupin -- David Thewliss; Caretaker Argus Filch -- David Bradley; Madam Rosmerta -- Julie Christie; Draco Malfoy -- Tom Felton; Uncle Vernon Dursley -- Richard Griffiths; many more {to be done} 2004 Hellboy Adapted from Comics series [written by Mike Mignola] Plot: Nazi's summon an infant demon, whom they raise, but who becomes a battler against dark forces; Director: Guillermo del Toro Screenplay: Mike Mignolia, Guellermo del Toro; Starring: Hellboy -- Ron Perlman Abe Sapien -- Doug Jones Liz Sherman -- Selma Blair Professor Bruttenholm -- John Hurt John Myers -- Rupert Evans 2004 Hero an Historical Fantasy, about the First Emperor of China 2004 Los Hijos del Topo 2004 A Home at the End of the World Adapted: from the novel by Michael Cunningham; Director: Michael Mayer; Screenplay: Keith Bunin, others; Starring: Reiner -- Joshua Close Bobby -- Colin Farrell Clare -- Robin Wright Penn Alice Glover -- Sissy Spacek 2004 I, Robot Adapted from Isaac Asimov stories Plot: Cop who hates robots investigates a murder which has a robot suspect; Director: Alex Proyas; Screenplay: Akiva Goldsman; Starring: Detective Del Spooner -- Will Smith; Dr. Susan Calvin -- Bridget Moynahan; lance Robertson -- Bruce Greenwood; Lt. John Bergin -- Chi McBride; Sonny -- Alan Tudyk; Dr. Alfred Lanning -- James Cromwell; 2004 If Only [Romance / Comedy] Director: Gil Junger; Screenplay: Christina Welsh; Starring: Emily -- Jennifer Love Hewitt; Peter Wyndham -- Paul Nicholls; 2004 Innocence: Ghost in the Shell [anime] [also known as Innocence: Kokaku kidotai] Director: Mamoru Oshii; Screenplay: Mamoru Oshii; Story: Masamune Shirow; Starring: Major Motoko Kusanagi -- Atsuko Tanaka; 2004 John Doe [Sci-Fi / Thriller] Adapted from the TV series Director: Zak Penn; Screenplay: Zak Penn; Starring: John Doe -- Wesley Snipes; 2004 Journey to the Center of the Earth [another remake] Plot: Jules Verne did not write this as fiction (the story goes) but took the trip himself, as a newly discovered manuscript establishes... A bunch of kids decide to do the same... Director: Gavin Scott; Screenplay: Paul Chart, Gavin Scot, others; Starring: 2004 Knight's Castle 2004 Knowing [Sci-Fi Thriller] Plot: broken water main leads to rediscovery of school's time capsule, but it includes prophetic kids' drawings of terrible disasters, most of which have happened over the past four decades, and authorities try to stop the last and worst from coming true... Director: Richard Kelly; Screenplay: Richard Kelly, Ryne Douglas Pearson; Starring: 2004 The Last 2 People on Earth 2004 Lemony Snicket: A Series of Unfortunate Events Paramount/DreamWorks, set for Holiday 2004 release [production start Nov 2003] adapted from Daniel Handler's novel series Director: Brad Silberling; Starring: Jim Carrey; Meryl Streep; Lude Law; Liam Aiken as Klaus Baudelaire; Emily Browning as Violet Baudelaire; Jennifer Coolidge; Luis Guzman; Craig Ferguson; 2004 Level Seven Adapted from the _________ Novel Production Companies: Level Seven Films [USA], Lonesome Oak Base Productions [USA]; Distributors: Power Point Director: Hugo Cortina; Screenplay: Vincent J. Francillon; Starring: 2004 Light and the Sufferer Adapted from Jonathan Lethem short story Director: Christopher Peditto; Screenplay: Christopher Peditto; Starring: Don (a.k.a. Light) -- Paul Dano; Kaz -- Eugene Byrd Jimmy -- Paul D'Amato; Anette -- Paz de la Huerta; 2004 Lobo Adapted from Keith Giffen Comic Director: Jerrold E. Brown; Screenplay: Starring: 2004 Man-Thing [24 Aug 2004 release] Adapted from Comics; Artisan Entertainment; collaboration between Marvel Studios and Fierce Entertainment; Location: shot in Sydney, Australia; Director: Brett Leonard; Screenplay: Hans Rodionoff; Starring: Jack Thompson; Rawiri Paratene; Matt Le Nevez; Rachel Taylor; Steve Bastoni; 2004 Megalopolis Plot: a re-envisioning of the Utopian dream in the light of 9/11; Director: Francis Ford Coppola; Screenplay: Francis Ford Coppola; Starring: 2004 Millions [near-future] Plot: kids find bank-theft loot, but must spend it before the Euro replaces the Pound as British currency; Director: Danny Boyle; Screenplay: Frank Cottrell Boyce; Starring: St. Francis of Assissi -- Enzo Cilenti; 2004 Monster-in-Law: NOT Horror, listed here to warn you 2004 Mr. 3000 Baseball Fantasy Plot: 47-year-old who though he'd hit 3000 times in baseball, comes out of retirement to get the number with a few more hits. Director: Charles Stone III; Screenplay: Eric Champnella, Keith Mitchell; Starring: Stan Ross -- Bernie Mac; Mo -- Angela Bassett; 2004 Onimusha 3 [videogame] Plot: Jacques Blan is a soldier in contemporary Paris, who is mystically bound to Samanosuke, a japanese feudal warrior; Director: Takashi Yamazaki; Screenplay: Starring (voices): Jacques Blan -- Jean Reno; Samanosuke Akechi -- Takeshi Kaneshiro; 2004 Paani [sci-fi] [also known as "Water" [USA literal title] Director: Shekar Kapur; Screenplay: Shekar Kapur, Andrew Niccol; Starring: 2004 The Passion [April 2004 release] [can, by a stretch, be considered a Theological Fantasy] Director/Starring: Mel Gibson 2004 The Phantom of the Opera Adapted from Gaston Leroux novel and Andrew Lloyd Webber libretto; Director: Joel Schumaker; Screenplay: Starring: The Phantom -- Gerald Butler; Christine Daae' -- Emmy Rossum; Raoul, Vicomte de Chagny -- Patrick Wilson; 2004 The Polar Express [Fantasy] [animated]; Adapted from the book by Chris Van Allsburg; Director: Robert Zemeckis; Screenplay: Robert Zemeckis, others; Starring: The Conductor/Hero Boy -- Tom Hanks; Head Waiter -- Andrew Ableson; Elf #2 -- Debbie Lee Carrington; Know It All -- Eddie Deezen; Steamer/Smokey -- Michael Jeter; Lonely Boy -- Peter Scolari; Toothless -- Chris Coppola; Boy on Train -- Dylan Cash; Elf #1 -- Phil Fondacaro; Elf Lieutenant -- Ed Gale; Holly (as Nona Gaye) -- Nona M. gaye; Hero Boy -- Josh Jutcherson... 2004 Ram [sci-fi / thriller] Director: David G. Knappe; Screenplay: David G. Knappe; Starring: Damien Maxwell -- David G. Knappe; Greg Evans -- Jack Mulcahy; 2004 Replica Plot: Silicon Valley software salesman Joe Miller has a failed kidney, and gets an experimental organ transplant, by a lovely surgeon with whom he bomes enamored. She dies in a car crash. As Joe emerges from grief, he meets another gorgeous woman, Claudia, but she is mysteriously connected to the biotech company that the pervious lover Dr. Evelyn Tyler worked at... Director: James Nguyen; Screenplay: James Nguyen; Starring: 2004 Red Dwarf: The Movie Director: Doug Naylor; Screenplay: Rob Grant, Doug Naylor, others; Starring: Arnold Juda Rimmer -- Chris Barrie; David Lister -- Craig Charles; The Cat -- Danny John-Jules; Kryten 2X4B-523P -- Robert Llewellyn; Holly -- Norman Lovett; Kristine Z. Kochanski -- Chloe Annett; Captain Frank Hollister -- Mac MacDonald; Dr. McLaren -- Andy Taylor; 2004 Resident Evil: Apocalypse [computer animation?] Lots of deadly viruses Director: Alexander Witt; Screenplay: Paul W. S. Anderson (also created characters); Starring: Alice -- Milla Jovovich; Jill Valentine -- Sienna Guillory; Matt Addison/Nemesis -- Eric Mabius; Carlos Olivera -- Oded fehr; Cain -- Thomas Kretchmann; Dr. Ashford -- Jared Harris; Terri Morales -- Sandrine Holt; L. J. -- Kike Epps; Nicolai -- Zack Ward; Menesis -- Matthew G. Taylor; 2004 Robot [India; Tamil language] Director: S. Shankar; Screenplay: Starring: Dual Personality Robot -- "Chiyaan" Vikram 2004 Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed (opens 26 Mar 2004) Adapted from the animated TV series [William Hanna / Joseph Barbera characters] Director: Raja Gosnell; Screenplay: Starring: Fred Jones -- Freddie Prinze Jr.; Daphne Blake -- Sarah Michelle Gellar; Norville "Shaggy" Rogers -- Matthew Lillard; Velma Dinkley -- Linda Cardellini; Scooby-Doo (voice) -- Neil Fanning; Patrick Wisely -- Seth Green; Heather Jasper-Howe -- Alicia Silverstone; Ned -- Zahf Paroo; Jacobo -- Time Blake nelson; Jeremiah Wickles -- Peter Boyle; more {to be done} 2004 Shrek II [computer animated] (opens June 2004) Screnp[lay: Ted Elliott, Terry Rossio, Joe Stillman, & Roger S. H. Schulman Studio: [DreamWorks]; Starring (voices): Antonio Banderas -- Puss In Boots; Mike Meyers -- Shrek; Eddie Murphy -- Donkey; 2004 A Sound of Thunder (opens April 2004) [USA/Germany] Adapted from Ray Bradbury story by Warner Bros.; TIME TRAVEL: Annotated link-list of 120 movies, television movies, and videogames about time travel, last updated 29 July 2003 Director: Peter Hyams; Screenplay: Thomas Dean Donnelly; Starring: Charles Hatton -- Ben Kinglsey [the corrupt executive who runs the time-travel theme-park]; Travis Ryer -- Edward Burns [the man who travels to shoot a dinosaur]; Sonia Rand -- Catherine McCormack; Jenny Krase -- Jemima Rooper; Dr. Lucas -- Wilfried Hochholdinger; Clay Derris -- August Zirner; Christian Middleton -- Corey Johnson; 2004 Spider-Man II Adapted from Steve Ditko Marvel Comics series, where Spidey faces his nemesis Doctor Octopus (Doc Ock); Director: Sam Raimi; Screenplay: Michael Chabon; Starring: Peter Parker/Spider-Man -- Tobey Maguire; Mary Jane Watson -- Kirsten Dunst; Dr. Otto Octavius / Dr. Octopus -- Alfred Molina; Harry Osborn -- James Franco; Betty Brant -- Elizabeth Banks; Snooty Usher -- Bruce Campbell; Aunt May -- Rosemary Harris; J. Jonah jameson -- J. K. Simmons; Hoffman -- Ted Raimi; 2004 Starship Troopers II: Hero of the Federation sequel to Adaptation of Robert Heinlein novel Director: Phil Tippett; Screenplay: Edward Neumeier; Starring: Captain Dax -- Richard Burgi; Private Lei Sahara -- Colleen Porch; Private Otis Brick -- Bill Brown; Corporal Joe Griff -- Ed Quinn; Private Kipper Tor -- Drew Powell; General J. G. Shepherd -- Ed Lauter; Private Charlie Soda -- Kelly Carlson; Private Billy Otter -- Cy Carter; Sergeant Dede Rake -- Brenda Strong; Lieutenant Pavlov Dill -- Lawrence Monoson; Private Duff Horton -- Jason-Shane Scott; Private Jill Sandee -- Sandrine Holt; Tech Sergeant Ari Peck -- J. P. Manoux; Corporal Thom Liu -- Brian Tee; Smiling Lieutenant -- Sebastian Siegel; 2004 Tales from Beyond Plot: magic bookstore sends man and woman in love, into the worlds of those books; Director: Josh Austin, Nate Barlow; Screenplay: Josh Austin (segment), Nate Barlow (segment); Starring: Jay ("the bookstore" segment) -- Adam West; Victor Cisco ("Fighting Spirit" segment) -- Josh Austin; Joe Teufel ("Life Replay" segment) -- Nate Barlow; Nick Sanders (Nex's Diner" segment) -- Eric Manning; Evan Phillips ("Abernathy" segment) -- Russell Scott; 2004 Tetsujin niju-hachigo [Japan; Japanese language] Director: Shin Togashi; Screenplay: Hiroshi Saito, Kota Yamada; Starring: 2004 The Thunderbirds (opens 6 Aug 2004) Live-action adaptation of 1960s BBC puppet TV series with Gerry and Sylvia Anderson characters; Plot: First, an oil-rig disaster; then the Thunderbirds fly back to their secret island base (not the one VP Dick Cheney works in). Then their space station TB5 is crippled, apparently by meteors, but really by arch villain Arsiotle Spode to get them to leave their base, which he then takes over, and gives Brain drugs to make him compliant. Or something. Director: Jonathan Frakes; Screenplay: Starring: Alan Tracy -- Brady Corbet; Jeff Tracy -- Bill Paxton; Fermat -- Soren Fulton; The Hood [villain] -- Ben Kingsley; Brains -- Anthony Edwards; Lady Penelope -- Sophia Myles; Parker -- Ron Cook; Scott Tracy -- Philip Winchester; John Tracy -- Lex Shrapnel; Virgil Tracy -- Dominic Colenso; Gordon Tracy -- Ben Torgerson; 2004 Troy [19 May 2004 release] [can, by a stretch, be considered an Historical Fantasy] 2004 Ultraviolet Plot: a world of human versus vampires, and a boy who makes a difference; Producer: Lucas Foster; Director: Kurt Wimmer; Screenplay: Kurt Wimmer; Location: Shanghai (half-complete super-skyscraper); Starring: Six -- Cameron Bright; ?? -- Milla Jovovich; 2004 The Village [working title had been "The Woods"] Plot: in 1897, a remote forest community is surrounded by mythical creatures Director: M. Night Shyamalan; Screenplay: M. Night Shyamalan; Starring: Lucius Hunt -- Joaquin Phoenix; Ivy Walker -- Bryce Howard; Edward Walker -- William Hurt; Alice Hunt -- Sigourney Weaver; Noah Percy -- Adrien Brody; Kitty Walker -- Judy Greer; 2004 War of the Worlds [yet another remake of 1953 film] Adaptation: of H. G. Wells novel; Director: Timothy Hines Screenplay: Starring: ??? -- Katie Tomlinson; ??? -- Julio Perez; 2004 Watchful Eyes [British] [Sci-Fi / Crime] Plot: criminals control a city, and cops are drawn into unethical action to combat them. Young officer Stephanie Gallagher slides towards corruption. Are the Wolf packs on the right or wrong side? Producers: Amber Benson, Diane Benson; Director: Teri Owens; Screenplay: Teri Owens; Starring: Stephanie Gallagher -- Amber Benson; 2004 The Winning Season [made for TV] Baseball Fantasy. Director: John Kent Harrison; Screenplay: Dan Gutman; Starring: Mandy -- Kristen Davis; Flo -- Sharon Bajer; Times Photographer -- Chad Bruce; Joe Stoshack -- Shawn Hatosy; Babe Adams -- Ryan Holliman; Nate -- Stan Lesk; Honus Wagner -- Matthew Modine; Ty Cobb -- William Lee Scott; Cap Clarke -- John Tench; 2004 ["The Woods": working title had been] renamed: The Village; Plot: in 1897, a remote forest community is surrounded by mythical creatures Director: M. Night Shyamalan; Screenplay: M. Night Shyamalan; Starring: Lucius Hunt -- Joaquin Phoenix; Ivy Walker -- Bryce Howard; Edward Walker -- William Hurt; Alice Hunt -- Sigourney Weaver; Noah Percy -- Adrien Brody; Kitty Walker -- Judy Greer; 2004 World of Tomorrow Plot: in 1939, the world's top scientists are disappearing. A reporter discovers this, and tries to solve the mystery. Supported by an adventurer and a pilot, she finds that a mad scientist is behind the events... Director: Kerry Conran; Screenplay: Kerry Conran; Starring: Sky Captain -- Jude Law; Polly Perkins -- Gwyneth Paltrow; Frankie -- Angelina Jolie; Dex -- Casey Affleck; Mysterious Woman -- Ling Bai; 2004 Xenosaga Episode II: Jenseits von Gut und Bose [videogame] Director: Screenplay: Starring: 2004 The X-Files 2 Director: Screenplay: Starring:

2005 Films:

2005 Air Battle Force [Technothriller] Adapted from Dale Brown novel [he's a Tom Clancy-like Technothriller novelist] Director: Screenplay: Starring: 2005 The Amityville Horror [remake] 2005 Astro Boy [animation] [Japan] Adapted from early anime series Director: Eric Leighton; Screenplay: Todd Alcott, Ken Kaufman, others; Starring: 2005 Batman 5 [starts shooting Feb 2004] also known as: Batman: Intimidation; Adapted: from the Bob Kane character; Production Companies: DiBonaventura Pictures [USA], Warner Bros.; Executive Producers: Benjamin Melniker, Michael E. Uslan; Producer: Emma Thomas; Director: Christopher Nolan [Insominia (2002), Memento (2000)]; Cinematographer: Wally Pfister; Film Editor: Dody Dorn; Production Designer: Nathan Crowley; Costume Design: Lindy Hemming; Screenplay: David S. Goyer [Blade (1998), Blade II (2002)] Music: David Julyan; Starring: Bruce Wayne/Batman -- Christian Bale 2005 Bewitched [slipped from 2004; filming starts Apr 2004] Adapted from the 1964-1972 TV series [Fantasy / Comedy] Director: Nora Ephron; Screenwriter: Nora Ephron; Starring: Samantha -- Nicole Kidman Darin -- Will Ferrell 2005 Bioncle spun off from little kids' toy series Director: Screenplay: Starring: 2005 Blade: Trinity Adapted: Director: David S. Goyer Screenplay: David S. Goyer [Blade (1998), Blade II (2002)] Starring: Blade -- Wesley Snipes; Abraham Whistler -- Kris Kristofferson; Hannibal King -- Ryan Reynolds; Abigail Whistler -- Jessica Biel; danica -- Parker Posey; Flick -- Cascy Beddow; 2005 Bloodrayne [Horror] Director: Uwe Boll [House of the Dead (2003)] Screenplay: Starring: 2005 Bond 21 [currently untitled James Bond technothriller] [production start Jan 2005] Adapted: from the Ian Fleming character; Director: Screenplay: Neal Purvis [Die Another Day (2002)]; Starring: James Bond -- Pierce Brosnan; 2005? Brothers Grimm Dimension Films Starring: Heath Ledger; Matt Damon 2005 Cargo [Switzerland; German language] Director: Ivan Engler [Nomina Dimine (2002)]; Screenplay: Arnold Bucher; Starring: 2005 Cars [computer animated] Plot: Route 66 roadrace between classic cars... Studio: Pixar; Director: John Lassiter; Screenplay: Starring: 2005 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory [remake][USA/UK] Adapted: from the Roald Dahl novel; Production Companies: Basic Entertainment, Plan B Films, The Zanuck Company, Warner Bros.; Distributor: Warner Bros.; Producers: Matthew Baer, Brad Grey, Michael Siegel, Richard D. Zanuck; Director: Tim Burton; Screenplay: Gwyn Lurie, Pamela Pettler; Music: Danny Elfman; Starring: Willy Wonka -- Johnny Depp; 2005 Chicken Little [animation] Production Company: Walt Disney Pictures; Distributors: Buena Vista International, Buena Vista Pictures; Director: Mark Dindal [sfx animator "The Little Mermaid", "The Tom & Jerry Movie", "Oliver and Company"] Plot: in a world of talking animals, most are perturbed by Chicken Little's overcative imagination; Music: John Debney; Screenplay: Starring: 2005 The Da Vinci Code [Technothriller / Mystery] Adapted: from the Dan Brown bestselling novel; Production Company: Columbia Pictures Corp., Imagine Entertainment; Distributor: Columbia Pictures Corp.; Producers: John Calley, Brian Grazer; Director: Ron Howard; Screenplay: Akiva Goldsman [I Robot (2004), A Beautiful Mind (2001), Lost in Space (1998)] Plot: Clues in a Leonardo Da Vinci painting connects with a murder in the Louvre, leading to a religious mystery kept secret for two millennia... Starring: 2005 The Demolished Man Adapted: from Alfred Bester novel; Plot: in a future where crime is prevented by telepaths, a psychopath business executive plots the perfect murder; Director: Andrew Dominik [Chopper (2000)]; Screenplay: Starring: 2005 Die Hard 4: Die Hardest Plot: During a vacation, John McClane and his daughter are drawn into a terrorist plot; Director: John McTiernan; Characters: Roderick Thorp; Screenplay: Mark Bomback; Starring: John McClane -- Bruce Willis; 2005 Dr. Strange Director: Screenplay: Starring: 2005 Dungeon Siege (opens Winter 2005) Adapted: from Gas Powered Games' videogame, released by Microsoft Game Studios for PC in April 2002; Plot: farm girl becomes heroine; Studio: Boll KG; Executive Producer: Uwe Boll; Directors: Uwe Boll, Shawn Williams [Brightlight Pictures]; Shooting: Canada, Eastern Europe, starting Fall 2004; Screenplay: Starring: 2005 Elektra [Spin-off from Daredevil] Director: Screenplay: Raven Metzner [Deathlok (2004)], Stu Zicherman [Deathlok (2004)]; Starring: Elektra -- Jennifer Garner; 2005 Farenheit 451 [remake] Adapted from Ray Bradbury novel Production Companies: Castle Rock Entertainment, Storyline Entertainment; Producers: Neil Meron, Craig Zadan; Director: Frank Darabont; Screenplay: Frank Darabont; Starring: 2005 Ghostrider [Fantasy / Action] Plot: motorcycles and demons; Director: Mark Steven Johnson; Screenplay: Mark Steven Johnson, Shane Salerno; Starring: Johnny Blaze / Ghostrider -- Nicholas Cage; ??? -- John Voight; 2005 The Goddess [Musical / Fantasy] [India; English language] Director: James Ivory; Screenplay: Starring: Kali -- Tina Turner; 2005 The Green Hornet Director: Screenplay: Starring: 2005 Hannibal [Historical Fantasy] Plot: in the 3rd century BC, the General from Carthage brings elephants and troops over the Alps to attack Rome; Production Companies: One Race Productions, Revolution Studios; Director: Screenplay: David Franzoni; Starring: Hannibal -- Vin Diesel; 2005 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Adapted: from the J. K. Rowling ultrabestseller novel; Executive Producer: Chris Columbus; Director: Mike Newell [Mona Lisa Smile (2003), Pushing Tin (1999)]; Screenplay: Steven Kloves [Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002)] Starring: Harry Potter -- Daniel Radcliffe; Hermione Granger -- Emma Watson; Ron Weasley -- Rupert Grint; Michelle Ang [New Zealand][last 2 episodes of "Xena"] -- Cho Chang; Gamekeeper Rubeus Hagrid -- Robbie Coltrane; Sirius Black -- Gary Oldman; Headmaster Albus Dumbledore -- Michael Gambon; Professor Severus Snape -- Alan Rickman; Deputy Headmistress/Professor Minerva McGonagall -- Maggie Smith; Professor Remus Lupin -- David Thewliss; Caretaker Argus Filch -- David Bradley; Draco Malfoy -- Tom Felton; Uncle Vernon Dursley -- Richard Griffiths; many more {to be done} 2005 Henry Bates and the Sorcerer's Balls MGM parody of the J. K. Rowling ultrabestseller novels/films; Plot: The evil wizard Enron is confronted by the good wizard Gandolfini as helped by Henry Bates, the rightful king of Middlefinger; Studio: MGM, Ricochet Films; Producer: Ricky Strauss; Director: Screenplay: David Morgasen, James R. Stein, Timothy Stack ["Son of the Beach"]; Starring: 2005 His Dark Materials: Northern Lights [UK/USA] Adapted: from the Carnegie-winning novel by Philip Pullman; Production Company: Scholastic Productions; Producer: Deborah Forte; Director: Screenplay: Tom Stoppard; Starring: 2005 Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy [animated] Adapted: from the Douglas Adams novel; Director: Garth Jennings Screenplay: Garth Jennings; Starring (voice): Marvin the Paranoid Android -- Stephen Moore; 2005 Howl's Moving Castle, also known as "Hauru no ugoku shiro" [Animated] Adapted: from the Diana Wynne Jones novel; Director: Hayao Miyazaki ["Spirited Away", "Princess Mononoke"] Screenplay: Reiko Yoshida; Starring: 2005 Hotwheels Adapted from the toys [see Bioncle] 2005 The Incredible Shrinking Man [comedy remake] Adapted: from the Richard Matheson novel; Production Companies: Imagine Entertainment, Universal Pictures; Distributor: MCA/Universal; Executive Producer: Eddie Murphy; Producer: Brian Grazer; Director: Keenen Ivory Wayans; Screenplay: Mark Burton, Billy Frolick, Fred Wolf; Starring: 2005 Indiana Jones 4 1 July 2005 release Adapted: from George Lucas characters; Director: Steven Spielberg; Screenplay: Frank Darabont; Starring: Dr. Henry "Indiana" Jones, Jr. -- Harrison Ford; 2005 Instant Karma [Fantasy / Comedy / Animation] Plot: Safecracker dies, is reborn as an anaimal, again and again; Director: Paul Hernandez; Screenplay: Ted Elliott, Paul Hernandez; Starring (voices): Pierce Brosnan; Dom DeLuise; David Alan Grier; Dwayne Johnson; Eartha Kitt; Burt Reynolds; Mira Sorvino; Gene Wilder; 2005 Iron Man Adapted from Marvel Comics series (Don Heck characters); Plot: Billionaire alcholoic is forced to save his own life by building a robotic suit/life-support system; Status: now in 2nd draft by "Smallville" creators Miles Millar & Alfred Gough; Director: Screenplay: Alfred Gough; Starring: 2005 James Bond 21 Director: Screenplay: Starring: 2005 Jurassic Park IV Adapted: from Michael Crichton characters; Director: Screenplay: William Monahan; Starring: 2005 King Conan: Crown of Iron [a.k.a. Conan 3] Adapted: from the stories by Robert E. Howard; Production Companies: Conan properties, Paradox Entertainment, Warner Bros.; Distributor: Warner Bros.; Producers: Rick Alexander, Irving Azoff, John J. Jashni, Andy Wachowski ["Matrix"], Larry Wachowski ["Matrix"]; Director: John Milius; Screenplay: John Milius [Clear and Present Danger (1994)]; Music: Basil Poledouris; Starring: 2005 King Kong [remake of 1933 classic, by Peter Jackson] 12 Dec 2005 release [New Zealand]; Director: Peter Jackson [Lord of the Rings]; Screenplay: Peter Jackson; Story: Merian C. Cooper, Edgar Wallace; Starring: 2005 King Solomon's Jewel Director: Jozsef Pocsai; Screenplay: Jozsef Pocsai; Starring: 2005 Kingdom of Heaven [Historical Fantasy] [Morocco / USA] Plot: 12th century Crusade; blacksmith leads troops, falls in love with Princess of Jerusalem; Director: Ridley Scott; Screenplay: William Monahan; Starring: William Eaton -- Russel Crowe; Hamet Karamanli -- Ben Kingsley; 2005 Knightrider Director: Sammo Hung Kam-Bo; Screenplay: Starring: 2005 The Lecter Variations [a.k.a. Hannibal 4] Plot: Hannibal and Mischa Lecter as teenagers, whose parents died in World War II... Adapted: from the Thomas Harris character; Director: Screenplay: Thomas Harris; Starring: 2005 The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe [USA] Adapted: from the C. S. Lewis novels; Production Company: Waldern media; Distributor: Walt Disney Pictures; Executive Producers: Andrew Adamson, Perry Moore, Philip Steuer; Producer: Grant Major; Director: Andrew Adamson; Screenplay: Christopher Markus, Stephen McFeely, Ann Peacock; Production Design: Roger Ford; Special Effects: Richard Taylor, Weta Workshops [New Zealand]; Starring: 2005 The Longest Journey 2 [Videogame] 2005 Madagascar [Fantasy / Animation] Director: Eric Darnell, Conrad Vernon; Screenplay: Mark Burton, Billy Frolick; Starring (voices): Zebra -- Chris Rock; Lion -- Ben Stiller; Gloria the Hippo -- Jada Pinkett Smith; The Giraffe -- David Schwimmer; 2005 Mission Impossible 3 [slipped from 2004] Another sequel to the Bruce Geller TV series; Status: shooting starts Jan 2004; Director: Joe Carnahan; Screenplay: Dean Georgaris, Robert Towne; Starring: Ethan Hunt -- Tom Cruise; Val Kilmer -- ???; Luther Stickell -- Ving Rhames ??? -- Kelly Brook; ??? -- Marc Blucas; 2005 Pirates of the Caribbean 2 Director: Gore Verbinski; Screenplay: Ted Elliott, Terry Rossio; Starring: Jack Sparrow -- Johnny Depp; Will Turner -- Orlando Bloom; Elizabth Swann -- Keira Knightley; 2005 The Ring Adapted: from myths and Richard Wagner's opera cycle "Ring of the Nibelung"; Status: shooting started 17 Nov 2003 in Capetown, South Africa; Budget: $23,000,000; Studio: Tandem Communications [Munich, Germany]; Executive Producers: Rola Bauer, Tim Halkin; Director: Uli Edel; Screenplay: Uli Edel, Diane Duane & Peter Morwood; Story: Robert Cochran; Starring: Benno Fuhrmann ["The Order"] -- Siegfried; Kritsnna Loken ["Terminator III"] -- Brunhilde; Alicia Witt -- Kriemhild; Julian Sands -- ???; Max Von Sydow -- ???; 2005 Robots [Animation / Sci-Fi / Comedy] 11 March 2005 release Director: Carlos Saldanha, Chris Wedge; Screenplay: Lowell Ganz, Babaloo Mandel; Starring: 2005 The Secret Life of Walter Mitty [remake of 1947 classic] Wish-fulfillment Fantasy Adaptation: of James Thurber story, about a nebbish who has heroic daydreams starring an idealized version of himself; Director: Steven Spielberg; Screenplay: Starring: Walter Mitty -- Jim Carey 2005 Shazam! Director: Screenplay: Starring: 2005 The Six Million Dollar Man [Comedy / Sci-Fi / Action] Adapted: from the TV series; Director: Todd Phillips; Screenplay: Todd Phillips; Starring: 2005 Spy Hunter Director: Screenplay: Starring: 2005 Star Wars: Episode III 25 May 2005 release Director: George Lucas; Status: as of November 2003, this film is in Postproduction; Screenplay: Plot: darker and more "Shakespearean" than the first 5 films in the franchise; tries to wrap up all major plot lines; Starring: Samuel L. Jackson as Jedi Knight Mace Windu; 2005 Superman either revives or dooms the franchise Director: Screenplay: Starring: 2005 Talisman Adapted: from Stephen King/Peter Straub novel; Plot: boy searches parallel universe to find magical talisman that can cure his mother's cancer; Production Company: Amblin Entertainment; Distributors: Drea, Works Distribution LLC, Universal Pictures; Executive Producer: Steven Spielberg; Supervising Producer: Mary Parent; Producer: Kathleen Kennedy; Director: Vadim Perelman ["House of Sand and Fog"]; Screenplay: Ehren Kruger; Starring: 2005 Valiant Director: Screenplay: Starring: 2005 The Wallace & Gromit Movie 30 Sep 2005 release Director: Screenplay: Starring: 2005 XXX2 Director: Screenplay: Starring:

2006 Films:

2006 Rendezvous With Rama Adapted from Arthur C. Clarke novel Director: Screenplay: Starring: 2006 Scooby-Doo 3 Adapted from the animated TV series Director: Screenplay: Starring: 2006 Spider-Man 3 Adapted from the Marvel Comics series Director: Screenplay: Starring: 2006 X3, also known as X-Men 3 Adapted from the Marvel Comics series Director: Screenplay: Starring: 2006 Untitled Pixar Rodent Project Director: Screenplay: Starring: {to be done}

2007 Films:

June 2007 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Director: Screenplay: Steven Kloves [Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002)] Starring: 2007 Rapunzel [animated] Disney Fairytale/Fantasy Director: Screenplay: Starring: More {to be done}

2008 Films:

{to be done}

2009 Films:

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2010 Films:

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Major Television of this Decade 2000-2010

TV of 2000 TV of 2001 TV of 2002 TV of 2003 TV of 2004 TV of 2005 TV of 2006

2000 TV:

2000 The Accuser 2000 Aeon - Countdown im All; German 2000 A.D. miniseries Director: Holger Neuhäuser Writers: Daniel Maximilian, Thomas Pauli Cast Includes: Chris Sanders -- Bernhard Bettermann Laura Giordan -- Anna Vallei Production Companies: Sat.1, Tellux Film GmbH; Special Effects (Digital): Cybersign, V-Empire; Funding: FilmFernsehFonds Bayern 2000 Andromeda Captain Dylan Hunt commands the sentient Andromeda Ascendant starship, which is part of the military muscle of multi-galaxy utopian All-Systems Commonwealth monarchy. That Commonwealth is a blend of the Federation (as Roddenberry invented for "Star Trek") without the depth of Ken McLeod's Communist utopian Solar Union ("Cassini Division" is its elite military force), or Iain Banks' Anarcho-socialist Culture novels ("Consider Phlebas", "The Player of Games", "Use of Weapons", "Excession") or the very Capitalist Qeng Ho interstellar trading fleet in Vernor Vinge's novels ("A Fire Upon the Deep", "A Deepness in the Sky"). That is, in my opinion, "Andromeda" is Space Opera without the deep politics of literary science fiction, or the exuberent fun of, say, "5th Element." The Nietzcheans back-stab the Commonwealth, Hunt has little choice but to order his crew to abandon ship, and fling Andromeda Ascendant into a black hole. Three centuries later, the passing salvage ship Eureka Maru drags the ship out of the frozen time near the black hole. To Hunt's horror, the All-Systems Commonwealth is virtually forgotten, and the Three Galaxies have sunken to barbarianism (as ripped off from Isaac Asimov's "Foundation" novels). The rag-tag crew of salvage crew, alien Nietzchean mercenary, alien predator monk must, under the quixotic leadership of Captain Dylan Hunt, aboard the intelligent living spaceship (think HAL-9000 of Clarke & Kubrik's "2001" crossed with Sci-Fi Channel's "Lexx") to re-establish the Commonwealth and restore the glory of civilization (as in David Brin's self-indulgently filmed "The Postman" with its Re-United States of America." So, in summary, Gene Roddenberry was a TV genius, but Star Trek was his real hit. "Andromeda" is utterly derivative, and so stupid that I could never sit through any full episode. Almost as stupid as "Star Wars", politically speaking, but without the cool special effects. So shoot me. Canada / USA; ??? 60-minute episodes; Executive Producers: Majel Barrett (2000-2001) (credited as Majel Roddenberry), Allan Eastman, Jay Firestone, Adam Haight, Kevin Sorbo; Co-Executive Producer: Robert Hewitt Wolfe (2000-2001) ; Producers: Keri Young, Kevin Sorbo; Directors: Allan Eastman, Allan Harmon, Allan Kroeker, George Mendeluk, Mike Rohl (as Michael Rohl), T.J. Scott, Brenton Spencer, David Warry-Smith, David Winning (episodes "The Banks of The Lethe", "The Pearls That Were His Eyes", "The Sum of Its Parts", "A Heart For Falsehood Framed", "Last Call at the Broken Hammer"); Developed By: Robert Hewitt Wolfe; Writers: Steven Barnes (episode 1.16 "The Sum Of It's Parts"), others; Tagline: Worlds Apart from the Rest; Plot Summary: Dylan Hunt is the captain of the Andromeda Ascendant, a spaceship which ... [to be done] Cast (in credits order): High Guard Captain Dylan Hunt -- Kevin Sorbo Freighter Captain Rebeka 'Beka' Valentine -- Lisa Ryder Tyr Anasazi Out of Victoria by Barbarossa aka Nemo -- Keith Hamilton Cobb Trance 'The Purple One' Gemini -- Laura Bertram Reverend 'Rev' Bem aka Behemial Far Traveler aka Redplague -- Brent Stait Seamus Zelazny Harper -- Gordon Woolvett (credited as Gordon Michael Woolvett) Andromeda aka Shining Path to Truth and Knowledge AI model GRA 112, serial number XMC-10-182 aka Rommie -- Lexa Doig; 2000 Buzz Lightyear of Star Command; Disney Channel, 2000; Production Companies: Pixar Animation Studios, Walt Disney Television; Distributor: Buena Vista Television. Directors: Victor Cook, Steve Loter, other; Story Editor: Michael Merton; Writers: James W. Bates, Michael Merton, Don Mackinnon, Chris Rutkowski (episode: "Devolutionaries"), Nick Dubois (episodes" "Millenial Bugs", "Little Secrets") (credited as Nicolas DuBois), Richard Gitelson, Eddie Guzelian (episode "Sunquake"), Lisa Klink (episode "The Starthought") Douglas Langdale (episode "Devolutionaries") (credited as Doug Langdale) Julia Lewald (episode "The Lightyear Factor") , Brian Swenlin, Alexx Van Dyne (credited as Alex Van Dyne), Greg Weisman (episodes: "Clone Rangers", "Star Crossed"); Plot Outline: The further adventures of Buzz Lightyear as a Space Ranger of Star Command and his comrades. Based in the movies Toy Story and preparing for the movie Toy Story 2. Cast Includes: (in credits order) Buzz Lightyear, LGMs (voice) -- Patrick Warburton Booster Sinclair Munchapper (voice) -- Stephen Furst XR (voice) -- Larry Miller Mira Nova (voice) -- Nicole Sullivan Others in Cast (alphabetical order): Warp Darkmatter (voice) -- Diedrich Bader Commander Nebula (voice) -- Adam Carolla XR (voice) -- Neil Flynn Evil Emperor Zurg (voice -- Wayne Knight Grubs (voice) -- Frank Welker Executive Producers: Mark McCorkle, Robert Schooley, Tad Stones; Original Music: Adam Berry; Sound Department: Assistant Sound Designer: Stuart McCowan; Score Mixer: Casey Stone; Language: English 2000 Cleopatra 2525, 2000-2001; __ 30-minute episodes (2000); __ 60-minute episodes (2001); Production Company: Renaissance Pictures; Distributor: Studios USA Television; Directors: Rick Jacobson, John Laing, T.J. Scott, Greg Yaitanes (pilot plus several episodes); Writers: Chris Black, Melissa Blake, Carl Ellsworth, Zoe I. Finkel, Rich Fox, Joel Metzger (credited writer); Executive Producers: Sam Raimi, R.J. Stewart, Robert G. Tapert; Co-Executive Producers: Eric Gruendemann, Janine Dickins; Producers: Chris Black, Janine Dickins, Chloe Smith; Co-Producers: Sally Campbell, Michael MacDonald; Associate Producer: Sam Clark; Plot Summary: Stripper battles robots. Really. An exotic dancer, cryogenically frozen in the year 2001, is accidentaly unfrozen in the year 2525. Things have changed, but cleavage remains the focus. Robots now dominate Earth, underground humans struggle for freedom. Decent special effects; scripts not as lame as the story suggests. I find it painful to watch more than a few minutes, unless beer dulls my critical senses (don't try this at home, kids). Starring: (in credits order): Hel (Helen) -- Gina Torres; Cleo (Cleopatra) -- Jennifer Sky; Sarge (Rose) -- Victoria Pratt; Mauser -- Patrick Kake; Horst -- David Press; Cat Man -- Mark Williams; Voice -- Elizabeth Hawthorne; Granger -- Rupert Cocks 2000 Dark Angel; Also Known As: James Cameron's Dark Angel; __ 60-minute episodes; Production Companies: 20th Century Fox Television, Cameron/Eglee Productions; Distributors: Fox Network [USA], CanWest Global [Canada 2001-] OnTV / CH [Canada 2000-2001]; Executive Producers: James Cameron (episodes "Out", "Red", "Art Attack", "Rising"), Rae Sanchini, Charles H. Eglee (episodes "Out", "Red", "Art Attack", "Rising"); Tagline: Engineered To Raise Hell. Plot Outline: There's been a war; EMP (electromagnetic pulse) has fried all the computers (sorry, Bill Gates); the USA is in shambles; the logic is vague; the atmosphere, stylish. A genetically-enhanced 18-year-old girl makes a daring escape from a secret government lab near Seattle. Now she works for a messenger service in the post-apocalyptic Oregon/Washington/ Vancouver area. It's Max Headroom meets The Postman.. What can be done to find and save her clonely super-siblings? Can America be rebuilt? Who, exactly, are the good guys and the bad guys? What was the lab supposed to do? And so forth... Starring (credits order): Max Guevara/X-5 452 -- Jessica Alba; Logan Cale/Eyes Only -- Michael Weatherly Zero (2001-) -- Jamie Bell; Cynthia 'Original Cindy' McEachin -- Valarie Rae Miller; Zack/X-5 599 -- William Gregory Lee; Reagan 'Ray'/'Normal' Ronald -- J.C. MacKenzie; Ben (2001)/Alec (2001-) -- Jensen Ackles 2000 Day One 2000 Dune (mini-series; see major Films of Decade) 3-part Mini-series, The Sci-Fi Channel (USA), 2001; Chum Television [Canada]; Production Companies: Beta Film GmbH [Germany], New Amsterdam Entertainment Inc. [USA], in collaboration with Tandem Communications, in association with Victor Television Productions, Inc. [Canada]; Director: John Harrison; Producers, Technical Credits: {to be done}; Writers: Frank Herbert (novel), John Harrison (teleplay) (credited as John S. Harrison); Starring (credits order): Duke Leto Atreides -- William Hurt; Paul Atreides/Muad'Dib -- Alec Newman; Lady Jessica Atreides -- Saskia Reeves; Duncan Idaho -- James Watson; Thufir Hawat -- Jan Vlasák; Chani -- Barbora Kodetova; Gurney Halleck -- P.H. Moriarty; Dr. Wellington Yueh -- Robert Russell; St. Alia Atreides -- Laura Burton; Baron Vladimir Harkonnen -- Ian McNeice; Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen -- Matt Keeslar; 2000 Epoch 2000 Escaflowne [anime], Fox Kids Network, 2000; Also Known as: FoxKids' Escaflowne; The Vision of Escaflowne; 26 30-minute episodes, in USA; Country: Japan Executive Producer (English Dub): Ken Iyadomi; Co-Executive Producers (English Dub): Jerry Chu, Richard Kekahuna, Kumi Kiyonari; Production Companies: BEI, Fox Kids Network, Sunrise, The Ocean Group; Distributors: Bandai Entertainment Inc. [Japan] Fox Kids Network [USA] Fox Television [USA] (2000-) Pioneer Entertainment [USA] YTV [Canada]; Director: Kazuki Akane; Plot Summary: Hitomi Kanzaki is a typical high school girl, with typical problems, but also those of anime fantasy complications in this dumbed-down de-eroticized version of an anime classic; 2000 Exposure 2000 Freaky Links, Fox Network, 2000; Production Companies: 20th Century Fox Television, Regency Television; Distributors: CanWest Global [Canada], Fox Network [USA]; Also Known As: Fearsum (2000 working title); ?? 60-minute episodes; Plot Outline: In imitation of "The Blair Witch Project," this show's protagonist dsicovers that his supposedly deceased brother is not dead. The unsettling discovery is made by our hero when he sees his undead brother on a web site. The episodes trace the character through atmospheric horror/sci-fi as he tries to figure out what is really going on. Maybe the tagline should be cloned from X-Files: "the truth is out there." Executive Producers: David S. Goyer, Tommy Thompson, David Simkins; 2000 Freedom 2000 He'almut; [miniseries] also known as "Disappearance" Israeli production; Hebrew language; 2000 Hollywood Off-Ramp 2000 The Invisble Man 2000 Jinzo ningen Kikaida [anime] also known as "Android Kikaider" 2000 Level 9, UPN, 2000; A sci-fi thriller similar in some ways to the Net Force book/game series by Tom Clancy. Production Company: Paramount Television; Distributors: Chum Television [Canada] United Paramount Network (UPN) [USA] __ 60-minute episodes; Executive Producers: Michael Connelly, Josh Meyer, David Percelay, John Sacret Young; Co-Executive Producers: Aaron Lipstadt, John Mankiewicz; Supervising Producer: Peter M. Lenkov; Producer: Jane Bartelme; Co-Producers: Geoffrey Hemwall, Brent Thomas; Directors: Sarah Pia Anderson, Norberto Barba, Goran Gajic (episode "Wetware"), Robert Harmon, Aaron Lipstadt, Vince Misiano, Jeffrey Reiner, John Sacret Young Writers: Michael Connelly, Paul Guyot, John Mankiewicz, Josh Meyer; 2000 Life Force, British, 2000; Global Warning, psychic children 2025 A.D. Science Fiction dumbed-down to "family entertainment" level. 13 25-minute episodes; Producer: Peter Tabern; Line Producer: Peter Miller; Director: Justin Chadwick; 2000 The Man Who Used to Be Me 2000 Mashuranbo [anime] 2000 Max Steel 22 30-minute episodes; Sci-Fi action animation TV series. Directors: Andre Clavel, Sam Liu; Writers: Katherine Fugate (episodes "Sharks", "When Lightning Strikes Twice"), Steven Melching, Others {to be done}; Plot Outline: Josh McGrath, a teenage boy who, by chance, gets body enhancements, finds himself fighting miscellaneous enemies of peace as a super-powered secret agent known as Max Steel -- not a normal life for a 19-year-old. Starring Voices (Credit order): Chuck Marshak -- Edward Asner; Josh McGrath/Max Steel -- Christian Campbell; Josh McGrath/Max Steel -- Matthew Kaminsky; 2000 Mirai sentai Timeranger, Japan, 2000; Language: Japanese; 2000 The Mutant Watch 2000 Mysterious Ways sort of an Inspirational X-Files; Creator: Peter O'Fallon 2000 NASCAR Racers [animated], (Syndicated: Saban), 2000; Also Known As: "NASCAR Superchargers" (announced title) __ 30-minute episodes; animated; Director: Dennis Woodyard; Plot Outline: The good Team Fastex races against the evil Team Rexcor in this fantastic, futuristic animated series! 2000 NieA under 7 [Japan] 2000 The Others, Dreamworks/NBC, 2000; Production Companies: DreamWorks Television; NBC Productions; Distributor: National Broadcasting Company (NBC); __ 60-minute episodes; Executive Producers: John D. Brancato, Michael Ferris, Glen Morgan, James Wong; Supervising Producer: Mick Garris; Producer: Sarah Caplan; Directors: Sanford Bookstaver (episode "$4.95 A Minute"); Bill Condon (episode "1112"); Mick Garris (episodes "Pilot", "Luciferous", "Don't Dream It's Over"); Tobe Hooper (episode "Souls On Board"); Tom McLoughlin (episode "Theta"); Jake Paltrow (episode "Mora"); Writers: Glen Morgan, James Wong; Plot Summary: Marian Kitt, a college student, traumatically discovers that she has the ability to look into the "other side." News of Marian's vision spreads to Miles Ballard, a Professor fascinated by paranormal and psychic phenomena. Professor Ballard introduces Marian to "the others," a group of people with the power to telempathetically experience feelings, thoughts and experiences of other people, and who seek to help those gifted people understand the paranormal phenomena. Elmer Greentree, a famous medium, is the spiritual leader of "the others," and quickly becomes a mentor figure for Marian. Marian's future possibility to see "all of the light" is strong. Now that Marian has joined them them, "the others" intend to help each other understand their powers, while they encounter otherworldly, often frightening, alternate dimensions of reality. They gradually become aware that a dark force threatens them all, and even menaces the entire world. Starring: (credits order) Marian Kitt -- Julianne Nicholson; Dr. Mark Gabriel -- Gabriel Macht; Ellen 'Satori' Polaski -- Missy Crider (credited as Melissa Crider); Elmer Greentree -- Bill Cobbs; Professor Miles Ballard -- John Billingsley; Warren Day -- Kevin J. O'Connor; Albert McGonagle -- John Aylward; Original Music: Klaus Badelt (theme), Shirley Walker; Cinematographer: Shelly Johnson; 2000 Power Rangers Lightspeed Racer, Fox Kids, 2000; Production Companies: MMPR Productions; Renaissance-Atlantic Films; Saban Entertainment Inc.; Toei Company Ltd. [Japan]; Distributors: Fox Kids Network; Fox Television; Saban Entertainment Inc.; Plot Summary: Five extraordinary teens carry on the legacy as the Lightspeed Power Rangers, attempting to add depth to paper-thin roles in previous TV shows of this series, and as they fight to defend the city of Mariner Bay from the evil archvillian Diabolico 2000 The Privateers Production Company: Dragoncor/Earth Dragon, LLC; Plot Summary: sort of a Sci-Fi/Fantasy Pirate adventure; 2000 Robocop: Prime Directives [miniseries], syndicated (Sci Fi Channel) July 2001; 4-part mini-series that continues the RoboCop saga. Mini-series USA premier on Sci-Fi on July 16, 2001. 2000 SeaLab 2021 2000 StarWhores [British parody/comedy] 2000 Static Shock, Animated, Kids WB, 23 Sep 2000-5 May 2001; Plot Summary: Static Shock! is an original animated series about the first teenage African American superhero. Clever and resourceful Virgil Hawkins acquires "electromagnetic" superpowers after exposure to a "mutanic gas." He puts on the persona of Static, an urban hero that he created. The series tries to confront real problems and issues faced by today's kids, such as "peer pressure, gangs and growing up in an ethnically diverse urban neighborhood." Virgil must master his powers, figure out how to patrol the skies at night, and (in the teen hero pattern invented for Spiderman), still make it home in time to study for his chemistry class. Virgil's greatest discovery becomes the real "charge" (pun intended) that he gets from helping people and making a positive change in his community. 2000 The Strangerers 2000 Vandread 2000 Witchblade, Turner Network Television (TNT), 2001; __ 60-minute episodes; Genre: Fantasy / Police Action Production Company: Blade TV Productions; Adapted: from the Top Cow comic book; Plot Summary: "A new force of justice hits the streets of New York." New York cop Sara Pezzini finds the Witchblade, a magical artifact, giving her super strength, agility, bullet deflection with an armored glove (she instantly gets full armor and sword when her life is in danger). Shadowy millionaire Kenneth Irons keps trying to steal the Witchblade. As is typical for mythic weapons, the Witchblade has a mind of its own and its own agenda. Executive Producers: Dan Halsted, Ralph Hemecker; Producer: Vikki Williams; Starring (credits order): Sara Pezzini -- Yancy Butler; Jake McCartey -- David Chokachi; Kenneth Irons -- Anthony Cistaro; Danny Woo -- Will Yun Lee; Ian Nottingham -- Eric Etebari; Dominique Boucher -- Laila Robins; Conchobar -- Kim De Lury; 2000 X-Men: Evolution; sequel to 1992 animated series 2000 The Zack Files, Fox Family (USA), dates? Channel 4 (UK), YTV (Canada); 16 30-minutes episodes; Production Company: DECODE Entertainment Creator: {to be done}; Production Company: {to be done}; Distributor: {to be done} Producers: {to be done} Directors: {to be done} Writers: {to be done} Technical Credits: {to be done} Based On: a book series by Dan Greenburg Plot Summary: Paranormal experiences complicate the otherwise normal life of 12-year-old Zack Greenburg, introducing humor and wonder. He turns 13, goes to 7th Grade, helps his dad (Dan, a freelance writer fascinated by the unknown) cope with Mom living somewhere else, and accepts the paranormal events without being disturbed. His best friend, Spencer Sharpe, is the Scully to Zack's Muldur, keeping detailed notes and always seeking rational explanations for weirdness. Cam Dunleavey is the third of the triad of friends, a year older, the most popular in school. Vernon Manteuffel is the arrogant bully and school antagonist. His father is a wealthy industrialist. Gwen is the love interest; at least she has a crush on Zack; her dad's the school headmaster. Zack's Grandman Leah may be the source of the genes that make Zack's life strange. Starring: Zack Greenburg -- Robert Clark; Spencer Sharpe -- Michael Seater; Cam Dunleavey -- Jake Epstein; Gwendolyn Kilerby -- Katie Boland; Vernon Manteuffel -- Noah Giffin; Dan Greenburg -- himself?? Grandman Leah -- ??

2001 TV:

2001 Alias, ABC: 2001-????, ??? 60-minute episodes; Production Companies: Sisyphus Productions, Touchstone Television; Directors: Jeffrey Abrams, Daniel Attias, others; Writer: Jeffrey Abrams (credited as J.J. Abrams); Genre: Adventure / Action / Sci-Fi / Thriller Plot Outline: Sydney Bristow is an international spy hired away from college. She was educated in espionage and self-defense by her mysterious Secret-Service father. Cast includes: Sydney Bristow -- Jennifer Garner Michael Vaughn -- Michael Vartan Arvin Sloane -- Ron Rifkin Will Tippin -- Bradley Cooper Francine Calfo -- Merrin Dungey Dixon Marcus -- Carl Lumbly Marshall Flinkman -- Kevin Weisman Jack Bristow -- Victor Garber 2001 Alien Hunter 2001 All Souls 2001 Anarchy Online: The Animated Series [animation] 2001 The Chronicle [also known as "News from the Edge"] 2001 Clone, O 2001 Cosmo Warrior Zero 2001 Cubix: Robots for Everyone [animation] 2001 Digimon Tamers [animation] 2001 Electra Woman and Dyna Girl 2001 Enterprise latest of the "Star Trek" series. Starring Scott Bakula, this features the time period between the invention of warp drive and the original Star Trek 2001 Heavy Gear: The Animated Series [animation] 2001 Invader ZIM [animation] 2001 Kamen Raida Agito [also known as "Masked Rider Agito"] [animation] 2001 Kido tenshi angelic layer [also known as "Angelic Layer"] [animation] 2001 The Last Band on the Planet 2001 Lloyd in Space 2001 The Lone Gunmen spinoff of "The X-Files" 2001 Mahoromatic [also known as "Mahoromatic: Automatic Miaden"] [animation] 2001 Medabots 2001 Millennium Mann 2001 Mutant X 2001 Night Visions 2001 outTHERE 2001 Les Redoubtables 2001 Saibogu 009 [also known as "Cyborg 009: The Cyborg Soldier"] 2001 Samurai Jack [animation] My 14-year-old son and I both love this stylish animation created by Gennedy Tartakovsky. In a Fantasy version of ancient Japan, the world is menaced by evil shape-shifting wizard Aku, never defeated, and having attacked other nations before Japan. Aku captures the head of a local tribe/city. The leader's son trains throughout the nations of the world in every martial arts discipline. He learns bow and arrow from Robin Hood, wrestles with the best in ancient Greece, masters spear-throwing in the Congo. At last he arrives at a temple of mythical beast/demigods. Grown up, he rejoins his mother, who gives him a sacred sword, which is the only weapon that might defeat Aku. The samurai prince attacks Aku, but is thrust through time to our future, a sort of dystopian "Jetsons" world where Aku is overlord to a panoply of aliens, high-tech robots, spaceships, and other things beyond the samurai's cognition. The samurai adopts the name "Jack" after inner city aliens first address him as "hey, Jack..." His quest is to defeat Aku, free the future, and somehow find his way back to his home country in his own time. The martial arts are the best in any animated series. The graphic style varies from episode to episode, ingeniously combining visual motifs. This moves a hundred times faster than "Dragonball-Z" and is gorgeous to look at, in a minimalist way. Recommended, not for its time travel, but for its panache. 2001 SF:UK 2001 Shotgun Love Dolls 2001 Smallville Set in the universe of Superman, when he was in High School. A surprise hit, due to its fine acting, strong production values, and often engaging story line. 2001 Star Ocean EX 2001 Starhunter 2001 Time Squad 2001 Tracker 2001 Transformers: Robots in Disguise [animation] 2001 The Zeta Project

2002 TV:

2002 .hack// [Japan] Director: Keith Arem, Kazumi Kawashiro; Screenplay: Kazunori Ito, Akemi Omoda; In "The World" (a videogame) a character named Tsukasa insists that he is a real human boy... 2002 .hack//Mutation [videogame] 2002 2030 CE [Canada] [also known as "AD 2030"] utterly forgettable post-apocalypse where everyone dies by age 30 2002 The 5th Quadrant [Canada] Writer/Director: Lee Smart; Parody of paranormal-oriented TV shows; 27-minute episodes 2002 Black Hole High [also known as "Strange Days at Blake Holsey High"] [Canada] Directors: Marni Banack, Anthony Browne, others; Writers: Jeff Schechter, Jeff Biederman, others; Science Club students try to figure out the black hole under the school that connects with the destroyed Peradyne Industries, and various paranormal events 2002 Captain V [Canada] Parody of "Lexx"? Unfortunately lacking humor. 2002 Chobits [Japan] [anime] 26 30-minute episodes Director: Morio Asaka 2002 Clone High [also known as "Clone High U.S.A."] [animated] Created by: Phil Lord, Chris Miller, others; rather clever series about the greatest figures in History being cloned as High School kids. Interesting tension between what we know of the characters and how they play against type. My son and I liked it, my wife couldn't stand it. 2002 Codename: Kids Next Door [animated] Writer/Director: Tom Warburton 2002 Cyberchase [animated] Director: Larry Jacobs; Writers: George Bloom, Kristin Laska Martin, others; 10-year-olds and a virtual bird "Digit" use math skills to defeat the Hacker and save Cyberspace. ReBoot meets Muppets. 2002 The Dead Zone Adapted from a Stephen King novel character; Creators: Michael Piller, Shawn Piller; Starring: Johnny Smith -- Anthony Michael Hall Sarah Bannerman -- Nicole de Boer Reverend Eugene "Gene" Purdy -- David Ogden Stiers Bruce Lewis -- John L. Adams Sheriff Walter "Walt" Bannerman -- Chris Bruno 2002 Dinotopia 60-minute episodes The hidden continent that has a human-dinosaur culture 2002 Doomsday [animated] Writer: Howard Stern 2002 Firefly Creator: Joss Whedon ["Buffy"] 15 60-minute epidoes; 5 centuries from now, after a galactic civil war, a rag-tag group on a spaceship experience a unique blend of "Westerns" and Science Fiction. The network killed the show too soon: the characters were quite complex, with interesting back-stories, well acted, and the show had more depth than any one-time viewer could imagine. 2002 Flatland [China] Directors: Richard Franklin, Ian Gilmour, others; Writers: Steve Feke, Steven Whitney, others; Starring: Dennis Hopper 2002 Galidor: Defenders of the Outer Dimension Power Rangers in watered-down Star Wars. Feeble. 2002 Gun Frontier [Japan; animated] Director: Soichiro Zen; Sci-Fi Western 2002 He-Man and the Masters of the Universe [animation] A prince of Eternia becomes a warrior against Skeletor *yawn* 2002 Hypaspace [Canada] [Nonfiction] Host: Jonathan Byrn Llyr Entertainment and sci-fi news. 2002 Jeremiah [USA/Canada] Creator: J. Michael Straczynski ["Babylon 5"] Post-apocalyse (bio-war); bleaker than "The Postman"; Starring: Jeremiah -- Luke Perry Frank -- Michael Teigen Treva Geary -- Wendy Russell Into its 3rd season, but without J. Michael Straczynski helming. 2002 John Doe Creators: Brandon Camp, Mike Thompson, others; 60-minute espisodes; Starring: John Doe -- Dominic Purcell; Frank Hayes -- John Marshall Jones; Jamie Avery -- Jayne Brook; Very entertaining series about a mystery man with amnesia who seems to know absolutely everything except his own identity, who sees in black and white except for a few people or items of mysterious personal significance; ruined by theological ending which tricks science fiction viewers into realizing that this was actually Fantasy all along. Still, I tried to watch every episode. Being adapted to feature film. 2002 Kiddy Grade 2002 Kikkikuman nisei [also known as "Muscle man: Second Generation"] 2002 Kokaku kidotai: Stand Alone Complex [also known as "Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex" [anime] 2002 Legacy of the Silver Shadow [Australia] 13 25-minute epidoes; Creators: Chris Anastassiades, Ray Bosley, others; Kids discover that their home toen did once have an actual superhero 2002 Living with the Dead [miniseries] 2002 Odyssey 5 2002 Onegai Teacher [also known as "Please Teacher"] 2002 Portal "The Hub" is an omni-dimensional control center for the adventures of Cybernaut Dave Meinstein (played by himself) and his virtual buddy VAL 2002 RahXephon 2002 Rizelmine [also known as Rizerumain"] 2002 Saishu heiki kanojo 2002 Stargate: Infinity [animated] Director: Will Meugniot; Writers: Katherine Lawrence, Randy Littlejohn, others; 2002 Taken [TV miniseries] 2002 Ted and Alice 2002 Transformers: Armada 2002 The Twilight Zone [3rd series of what was orginally created and hosted by Rod Serling] Host: Forest Whitaker 2002 Videobob's Stupid Movie of the Week 2002 Whatever Happened to Robot Jones? 2002 Zoids: Chaotic Energy {to be done}

2003 TV:

2003 The Adventures of Lilo & Stitch 2003 Alienated 2003 Battle Force: Andromeda 2003: Battlestar Galactica Premiers: 8 Dec 2003 on SciFi channel; Starring: Edward James Olmos -- Commander Adama; Mary McDonnell ["Dances with Wolves"] -- President Roslin; 2003 Children of Dune [miniseries] 2003 Choseijin Guranseiza ["Super Star God Granseiza"] 2003 Dead Like Me wonderful afterlife Fantasy 2003 Gunparade March 2003 Jake 2.0 2003 Joan of Arcadia Premieres 26 Sep 2003 God speaks to highschool girl in suburban Amrica 2003 Phil of the Future 2003 Phunkee Zee 2003 Scare Tactics 2003 Shugeki! Machine Robo Rescue [anime] 2003 Spider-Man: The Animated Series 2003 Star Wars: Clone Wars 2003 Starhunter 2300 2003 Stripperella [animated] 2003 Teen Titans 2003 Tremors 2003 Tru Calling 2003 Ultimate Gamer 2003 Wolf Rain

2004 TV:

2004 Back in Time [Italy; English language] Premise: Director: Fernando Muraca; Writer: Francisco Arlanch; Cinematographer: Massimo Lupi; Cast: Giampiero Judica -- Tutilius; Music: Maurizo Filardo; 2004 Dark Shadows Network: WB; [remake of 1966-1971 ABC-TV classic, starring Jonathan Frid as the vampire Barnabas Collins; previously revived as 1991 miniseries starring Ben Cross as vampire Barnabas Collins] Executive Producers: Dan Curtis [original Producer], John Wells ["West Wing"]; Teleplay: Mark Verheiden [wrote "Timecop" TV pilot; co-Executive Producer of "Smallville"]]; 2004 Dave the Barbarian [animated] Premise: The barbarian is more involved in family life andf gourmet cooking than in battles; Director: Howy Parkins Writer: Douglas Langdale; Cast (voices): Dave the Barbarian -- Danny Cooksey; ??? -- Joan Rivers; ??? -- James Hetfield; ??? -- Melissa Rivers; ??? -- Lars Ulrich; 2004 Delta State [animated][Canada; English language]] Premise: 4 super-powered 20-something antiheroes; Length: 22-minute episodes; Directors: Pascal David, Wayne Moss; Writer: Cast (voices): Martin -- Dusan Dukie; Claire -- Ilona Elkin; Phillip -- Nicolas Wright 2004 Ghost School ["3D"][Germany; English language] 26 26-minute episodes; Premise: Oliver goes to a supernatural school... Director: Writer: Cast: 2004 The Infinite Darcy Premise: Multiple copies -- maybe an infinite number -- of the heroine Director: Writer: Cast: 2004 Jacob's Ladder [sci-fi / comedy / adventure] [Canada; English Language] Premise: Creator: Jeff Schecter; Director: Writer: Cast: 2004 Power Rangers Dino Thunder [yet another sequel to the martial-arts costumed technology-enhanced dingbats...] Premise: Director: Writer: Cast: 2004 Sea of Souls Premise: Director: Writer: Cast: 2004 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles [miniseries] Premise: yet another sequel to the martial-arts costumed technology-enhanced turtles named after Renaissance artists... Director: Writer: Cast: 2004 {to be done} Premise: Director: Writer: Cast: 2004 V: The Second Generation [miniseries] [sequel to 1983 mini-series] Premise: The visitors came to earth 20 years ago. Now they have conquered Earth, making humans into slaves. The Resistance is being badly beaten by th alien masters, until a strong ally emerges... Director: Kenneth Johnson; Writer: Kenneth Johnson; Cast: Diana -- Jane Badler; Dr. Juliet Parrish -- Faye Grant; Mike Donovan -- Marc Singer;

2005 TV:

2005 "Deutche in Amerika" Director: Fritz Baumann; Teleplay: Fritz Baumann, Axel Engtsfeld; Starring: Spring 2005 Blake's 7 Miniseries remake of 1978-1981 classic (a low-tech British Star Wars/Star Trek clone) now done with high-tech effects, a 5 to 6 megabuck budget (3-3.7 million pounds); Starring: Paul Darrow 2005 Rome [War / Action] Director: Teleplay: Alexandra Cunningham, David Frankel; Starring: More {to be done}

2006 TV:

{to be done}

Other Key Dates and Stories of this Decade 2000-2010

2000 Stories/Books/Events:

31 Aug-4 Sep 2000: Chicon 2000; the 58th World Science Fiction Convention, in Chicago, Illinois. Jan 2000: Kristine Kathryn Rusch: "Millennium Babies" [Asimov's, Jan 2000] Winner, 2001 Hugo Award for Best Novelette Jan 2000: David Langford: "Different Kinds of Darkness" [F&SF, Jan 2000] Winner, 2001 Hugo Award for Best Short Story 3 Sep 2000: The 2000 Hugo Awards were presented at Chicon, the 60th World Science Fiction Convention. Dec 2000 Jack Williamson: "The Ultimate Earth" [Analog, Dec 2000] Winner, 2001 Hugo Award for Best Novella

2001 Stories/Books/Events:

30 Aug-3 Sep 2001: Millennium Philcon; the 59th World Science Fiction Convention, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 2001 M. Shayne Bell: "The Pagodas of Ciboure" [The Green Man: Tales From the Mythic Forest, Datlow/Windling, eds; Viking] Finalist Nominee, 2002 Nebula Award for Best Novelette 2001 Richard Bowes: "The Ferryman's Wife" [F&SF, May 2001] Finalist Nominee, 2002 Nebula Award for Best Novelette 2001 Adam-Troy Castro" "Sunday Night Yams at Minnie and Earl's" [Analog, Jun 2001] Finalist Nominee, 2002 Nebula Award for Best Novella 2001 Ted Chiang: "Hell is the Absence of God" [Starlight 3, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, ed., Tor] Finalist Nominee, 2002 Nebula Award for Best Novelette 2001 Andy Duncan: "The Chief Designer" [Asimov's, Jun 2001 Finalist Nominee, 2002 Nebula Award for Best Novella 2001 Carol Emshwiller: "Creature" [F&SF, Oct/Nov 2001] Finalist Nominee, 2002 Nebula Award for Best Novelette 2001 Megan Lindholm: "Cut" [Asimov's, May 2001] Finalist Nominee, 2002 Nebula Award for Best Novelette 2001 Jack McDevitt: "Nothing Ever Happens in Rock City" [Artemis, Summer 2001] 2001 Bud Sparhawk: "Magic's Price" [Analog Mar 2001] Finalist Nominee, 2002 Nebula Award for Best Novella 2001 Allen Steele: "The Days Between" [Asimov's, Mar 2001] Finalist Nominee, 2002 Nebula Award for Best Novelette 2001 Charles Stross: "Lobsters" [Asimov's, Jun 2001] Finalist Nominee, 2002 Nebula Award for Best Novelette 2001 Michael Swanwick: "The Dog Said Bow-Wow" [Asimov's, Oct/Nov 2001] Finalist Nominee, 2002 Nebula Award for Best Novelette; Winner, 2002 Hugo Award for Best Short Story

2002 Stories/Books/Events:

29 Aug-2 Sep 2002: ConJose; the 60th World Science Fiction Convention, in San Jose, California. 2002 Ted Chiang: "Hell Is the Absence of God" [Starlight 3, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, ed., Tor] Winner, 2002 Nebula Award for Best Novelette; Winner, 2002 Hugo Award for Best Novelette 2002 Richard Chwedyk: "Bronte's Egg" [F&SF, Aug 2002] Winner, 2002 Nebula Award for Best Novella; second place, Theodore Sturgeon Award for best short SF of the year 2002 Greg Egan: "Singleton" [Interzone] third place, Theodore Sturgeon Award for best short SF of the year 2002 Charles Coleman Finlay: "The Political Officer" [F&SF Apr 2002] Finalist Nominee, 2002 Nebula Award for Best Novella 2002 Jeffrey Ford: "Creation" [F&SF May 2002] Finalist Nominee, 2002 Nebula Award for Best Novelette 2002 Carol Emshwiller: "Creature" [F&SF Oct/Nov 2002] Winner, 2002 Nebula Award for Best Short Story 2002 "Falling Onto Mars", Geoffrey A. Landis (Analog Jul/Aug 2002) Winner, 2003 Hugo Award for Best Short Story 2002 Tom Piccirilli: "The Misfit Child Grows Fat on Despair" [The Darker Side] Winner, Bram Stoker Award for Best Short Fiction, from the 2003 Horror Writers Association 2002 Tim Pratt: "Little Gods" [Strange Horizons, 4 Feb 2002] Finalist Nominee, 2002 Nebula Award for Best Novelette 2002 Lucius Shepard: "Over Yonder" [first published online by Sci Fiction] winner: Theodore Sturgeon Award for best short SF of the year 2002 "Slow Life", Michael Swanwick (Analog Dec 2002) Winner, 2003 Hugo Award for Best Novelette 2002 Vernor Vinge: "Fast Times at Fairmont High" [The Collected Stories of Vernor Vinge, Tor] Winner, 2002 Hugo Award for Best Novella

2003 Stories/Books/Events:

7 June 2003: Winners of the Bram Stoker Awards were presented Saturday evening, at the 2003 Horror Writers Association Annual conference and Stoker Banquet in New York City. 19 Apr 2003: Winners of the 2002 Nebula Awards were announced at a banquet Saturday evening, in Philadelphia PA. 17 May 2003: Christopher Priest's novel The Separation is winner of this year's Arthur C. Clarke Award, given annually for the best science fiction novel receiving its first British publication in the previous year. The award was announced on Saturday, May 17, at a ceremony at the Science Museum in London. 11 July 2003: This year's John W. Campbell Award for best SF novel of the year was presented to Nancy Kress's Probability Space, published by Tor. At the same ceremony in Lawrence, Kansas, on July 11, the Theodore Sturgeon Award for best short SF of the year was presented to "Over Yonder" by Lucius Shepard, first published online by Sci Fiction. Kress was present to accept her award; Shepard's was accepted by James Gunn. 30 Oct-2 Nov 2003: World Fantasy Convention, Washington DC. 8 Nov 2003: Con*Cept 2003, the Montreal Science Fiction & Fantasy Conference. 12-14 Dec 2003: Philcon 2003, the Philadelphia Area SF convention. 30 Aug 2003: The 2003 Hugo Awards were presented Saturday evening, at Torcon 3, the 61st World Science Fiction Convention in Toronto.

2004 Events:

2-6 Sep 2004: Noreascon 4, the 62nd World Science Fiction Convention, in Boston, Massachusetts.

2005 Events:

4-8 Aug 2005: Interaction, the 63rd World Science Fiction Convention, in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom. 1-5 Sep 2005: CascadiaCon NASFiC (North American Science Fiction Convention), in Seattle, Washington, for North Americans who choose not to go to the 63rd World Science Fiction Convention, in Glasgow but want something about the same size and subject.

2006 Events:

23-27 Aug 2006: L.A.con IV, the 64th World Science Fiction Convention, in Anaheim, California (across the street from Disneyland).

2007 Events:

?? Aug 2007: the 65th World Science Fiction Convention, in either: * Columbus, Ohio; or * Japan (which has never had a WorldCon before) ?Aug-?Sep? 2007: NASFiC (North American Science Fiction Convention), in St.Louis, Missouri, for North Americans who choose not to go to the 65th World Science Fiction Convention, if that is in Japan, but want something about the same size and subject.

2008 Events:

?? Aug/Sep 2008: the 66th World Science Fiction Convention; no locations officially bidding for this, yet.

2009 Events:

?? Aug/Sep 2009: the 67th World Science Fiction Convention; no locations officially bidding for this, yet.

2010 Events:

?? Aug/Sep 2010: the 68th World Science Fiction Convention; no locations officially bidding for this, yet.

Major Writers Born this Decade 2000-2010

2000 would be 3 years old in 2003 (few authors published by that age) 2001 would be 2 years old in 2003 (few authors published by that age) 2002 would be 1 year old in 2003 (few authors published by that age) 2003 would be under year old in 2003 (no known authors published by that age) 2004 Not conceived, or still in womb 2005 Not conceived by 2003 2006 Not conceived by 2003 2007 Not conceived by 2003 2008 Not conceived by 2003 2009 Not conceived by 2003 2010 Not conceived by 2003

Major Writers Died this Decade 2000-2010

2000 99 Carl Barks (1901-2000) Artist 2000 75 David R. Bunch (1925-2000) 2000 52 Frederick S. Clarke (1948-2000) 2000 93 Catherine Crook de Camp (1907-2000) 2000 93 L. Sprague de Camp (1907-2000) 2000 72 Lew Gallo (1928-2000) 2000 53 Michael Gilbert (1947-2000) 2000 75 Edward Gorey (1925-2000) Artist/Author 2000 86 Sir Alec Guinness (1914-2000) Actor 2000 72 Charlotte B. Hensley (1928-2000) 2000 74 Gil Kane (1926-2000) 2000 100 Jack S. Liebowitz (1900-2000) 2000 58 Joe Mayhew (1942-2000) 2000 85 Emil Petaja (1915-2000) 2000 65 Keith Roberts (1935-2000) 2000 61 Mark Schultzinger (1939-2000) 2000 72 Nancy Tucker Shaw (1928-2000) 2000 98 Curt Siodmak (1902-2000) 2000 63 John T. Sladek (1937-2000) 2000 85 Phyllis White (1915-2000) 2000 88 A. E. Van Vogt (1912-2000) 2001 75 Poul Anderson (1926-2001) 2001 49 Douglas Adams (1952-2001) 2001 66 Sheila Bostick (1935-2001) 2001 82 Ronald Chetwynd-Hayes (1919-2001) 2001 75 Johnny Craig (1926-2001) 2001 45 Keith Allen Daniels (1956-2001) 2001 78 Gordon R. Dickson (1923-2001) 2001 81 George Evans (1920-2001) 2001 91 William Hanna (1910-2001) 2001 86 Sir Fred Hoyle (1915-2001) 2001 51 Terry Hughes (1950-2001) 2001 52 Scott Imes (1949-2001) 2001 74 Dr. Morton Klass (1927-2001) 2001 54 Richard Laymon (1947-2001) 2001 95 Astrid Lindgren (1907-2002) 2001 81 John Lucas (1921-2002) 2001 65 Gray Morrow (1934-2001) 2001 54 Rick Shelley (1947-2001) 2001 85 Ray Walston (1914-2001) Actor 2002 79 Lloyd Biggle, Jr. (1923-2002) 2002 75 John Buscema (1927-2002) Marvel Comics artist 2002 ?? Dalvin M. Coger ( - 2002) 2002 69 Walter R. Cole (1933-2002) 2002 45 George Alec Effinger (1947-2002) 2002 70 Robert L. Forward (1932-2002) 2002 ?? Stanley R. Greenberg (193?-2002) 2002 57 Jon Gustafson (1945-2002) 2002 61 Jack C. Haldeman II (1941-2002) 2002 89 Jonathan Harris (1914-2002) 2002 ?? Joan Harrison ( -2002) 2002 69 Laurence Mark Janifer (1933-2002) 2002 ?? Norman Jolley (-2002) 2002 87 Robert Kanigher (1915-2002) 2002 80 Damon Knight (1922-2002) 2002 89 R. A. Lafferty (1914-2002) 2002 69 Cele Goldsmith Lalli (1933-2002) editor 2002 ?? Kathleen M. Massie-Ferch ( -2002) 2002 47 Craig Mills (1955-2002) 2002 76 John Middleton Murry (1926-2002) 2002 57 Tom Olander (1945-2002) 2002 66 Bruce Pelz (1936-2002) 2002 92 John Pierce (1910-2002) 2002 67 William A. S. Sarjeant (1935-2002) 2002 82 Kurt Schaffenberger (1920-2002) 2002 67 Charles Sheffield (1935-2002) 2002 90 Jerry Sohl (1913-2002) 2002 65 Tom Sutton (1937-2002) 2002 72 Cherry Wilder (1930-2002) 2002 59 Ron Walotsky (1943-2002) 2003 44 Michael P. Anderson (1959-2003) Columbia Payload Commander 2003 47 David M. Brown (1956-2003) Columbia Mission Specialist 2003 69 "Kir Bulychov" pseudonym of Igor Mozheiko, Moscow, Russia, (18 Oct 1934-4 Sep 2003) 20 screenplays, several novels, best known for Young Adult stopries about gal from future, translated to English as "Alice: The Girl From Earth." Also translator of many SF stories and books. 2003 41 Kalpana Chawla, Ph.D., Columbia Mission Specialist 2; born in Karnal, India. 2003 42 Laurel Clark, M.D. (1961-2003) , Columbia Mission Specialist 4 2003 81 "Hal Clement" [Harry Stubbs] (30 May 1922-Oct 2003) The leading "Hard SF" author, always getting his science correct in his fiction. B.S., Astronomy, Harvard; M.Ed., Boston University; M.S., Chemistry, Simmons College; Lieutenant Pilot, Army Air Corps, 35 combat missions in B-24 with 8th Air Force; squadron Executive Officer and Technical Instructor recalled to active duty 1951; retired a full Colonel; taught High Scoool science 1947-1987. I have appeared with him on numerous panel discussions at SF cons, where he was a uniformly brilliant gentleman. He even reviewed and assisted me with one of my refereed papers on interstellar flight. See photo and obituary with comments at Hal Clement @ SFWA 2003 93 Lloyd Arthur Eschbach (20 June 1910-29 Oct 2003) Author (first SF story sold 1929), magazine publisher (Marvel Tales; The Galleon), book publisher (Fantasy Press, 1946-1950; Polaris Press 1952); novelist and memoirist late in his career. Lloyd Arthur Eschbach @ SFWA 2003 89 Howard Fast (1914-2003) Bestselling Novelist (40+ books) best known for "Sparticus" (adapted to Academy Award-winner) but also wrote SF stories, as collected in "The General Zapped an Angel" and "The Edge of Tomorrow." 2003 ?? Fred Freiberger(191?-2003) 2003 86 Virginia Heinlein (1917-2003) wife of Robert A. Heinlein; he always considered her the superior Engineer 2003 72 Mike Hinge (1931-2003) SF Artist; born in New Zealand 2003 46 Rick D. Husband (1957-2003) Columbia Commander; U.S. Air Force Colonel 2003 78 Monica Hughes (3 Nov 1925-Mar 2003) Canadian award-winning Childrens author; born in Liverpool, England; lived in Cairo, Egypt; World War II in Women's Royal Naval Service; lived in Zimbabwe; moved to Canada 1954. 35 novels. 2003 82 Matt Jeffries (1921-2003) Film/TV Art Director, designed TV Star Trek's "Enterprise." Bronze Star combat co-pilot of of B-17 missions (England, Africa, Italy). 2003 82 Virginia Kidd (2 June 1921-11 Jan 2003) Literary Agent, editor, anthologist, story author, poet 2003 42 William C. McCool (1961-2003) Columbia Pilot; U.S. Navy Commander, test pilot 2003 75 Pete Morisi (1928-2003) Comic Book artist (superhero "Thunderbolt" who was involved in Eastern mysticism; Westerns) and NYPD cop 2003 69 Igor Mozheiko, wote Science Fiction and screenplays in Russia under the pseudonym Kir Bulychov, see above 2003 both 56 George and Jan OÕNale (194?-June 2003) Virginia publishers : Cheap Street Press 2003 49 Ilan Ramon (20 June 1954-2003) Columbia Payload Specialist; born in Tel Aviv, Israel; one of the combat pilot who successfully bombed Iraq's nuclear reactor complex 2003 xx Bernard Schwartz (1918-17 Oct 2003) Film/TV Producer; best know for mainstream work (Caol Miner's daughter) but listed here for Alcoa Presents: One Step Beyond; Psycho II; Journey to the Center of the Earth 2003 81 Harry Stubbs, Grandmaster of SFWA, see pseudonym "Hal Clement" 2003 74 Zheng Wenguang (1929-2003) "the father of Chinese Science Fiction." Born in Vietnam; research astronomer; published China's first SF story [1954]; in English as "The Mirror Image of the Earth" [The Penguin World Omnibus of Science Fiction]; first Chinese SF novel [1979]. 2004 {to be done} 2005 {to be done} 2006 {to be done} 2007 {to be done} 2008 {to be done} 2009 {to be done} 2010 {to be done} For Obituaries on many of the above from 1997-2003, see http://sfwa.org then click on "news" and then "obituary archive." AIDS data from Cory Doctorow in http:www.craphound.com/nonfic/aids.html For more on individual writers: AUTHORS: annotated list of 3,274 links, last updated 23 Sep 2003; also some brief notes on 6,107 authors and pseudonyms NOT on the Internet, last updated 4 May 2000, for a total of 9,381 authors' hotlinks or names or pseudonyms or notes.

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Major CyberTainments/Films/TV of the Decade 2000-2010

2000 The Day the Earth Stood Still [America On-Line] 2000 Jurassic Park III [Net-Profits] 2000 Millennium: But There Was No Year Zero [New-Year's-Eve-Net] 2000 Back to the Future IV: A Paradox Can Be Paradoctored [Edu-Net] 2000 Edward Scissorhands II: The Eunich [Unix] 2000 Gremlins IV: Gremlins vs. Tribbles [Hair-Net] 2000 The Absent-Minded Professor vs. Whats-his-name [I forget the URL] 2000 Death Race 2000 vs. Road Warrior [Live by Car Phone] 2001 Arachnophobia II [Sticky-Web] 2001 Dark Star II: The Malcolm X-Files (Eddie Murphy vs. O.J. Simpson) 2001 2001: A Space Odyssey: The Virtual Reality [DVD and VR-Net] 2001 The Handmaid's Tale II: Women On Top [CyberSex] 2001 Jesus of Hong Kong: Turn the Other Cheek Ninja [Cross-Linked] 2001 Alien Reboot [MotherBoard] 2001 Star Trek's First Contact and R2D2's Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind & Fantastic Four meet Babylon 5 & Blakes 7 some 20,000 Leagues Beneath the Sea 2002 The Jetsons: Really in Space [VR-Net from Space Station Alpha] 2002 Anaconda II: The Big Squeeze [Worm Drive] 2002 Martians, Go Home [VR-Net from Mars Rock Return Mission] 2002 Batman vs. the Cat in the Hat [Rat-Tail File] 2002 Crash II: J. G. Ballard's Driver's License [Auto-Load] 2002 Contact II: Billions of Lawyers -- The Battle for Carl Sagan's Estate 2003 RoboCop V: The Oval Office [Max Headroom-Net] 2003 Robot Jox II: The Urine Test [Water-Sports/Yellow-Journalism] 2003 ER: The Movie: Mr. Spock, Dr. Spock, Dr. Jekyll, Dr. Moreau & Dr. Demento 2003 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles VI: Leonardo Online [Brain-Net] 2003 Dante's Peak II [HotLinks] 2003 George of the Jungle vs. Tarzan [Hollwood and Vine] 2004 James Bond: The Prisoner ("007, meet Number 6") 2004 Total Recall III: We Can Remember It For You Wholesale [Brain-Net] 2004 Tremors vs. The Big One [not available in the ruins of Los Angeles] 2004 Emperor Godzilla [RisingSunSoft] 2004 Mortal Kombat V [Punch Cards] 2004 King Kong on the Planet of the Apes [SimiaNet] 2005 Men In Black [The UFOs won't let you see this] 2005 Hercules vs Xena [Court-TV Online] 2005 Honey, We Shrink-Wrapped the Disk [Teeny-weeny Incompatible-Disks] 2005 The Witches [Psi-Net] 2005 The Postman [David Brin] Meets The Brinman [Jonathan Post] 2005 Indiana Jones and the Evil Empire [I-Ran-Contra] 2006 Terminator 5-VR [VR-Net Sense-Enhanced] 2006 Interview with You, the Vampire [Capillary-Net] 2006 The Mask III: Those Darn VR Goggles! 2006 Ishmael the Gorilla vs. Bonzo the Chimp [ReagaNet] 2006 Rocket Man III: Rocket In My Pocket [Re-Fuse] 2007 Stargate 3: The Anubis Gates vs. Bill Gates 2007 Star Trek: Geriatric [Mind-Meld-Net] 2007 Madonna Meets The Saint [VaticaNet] 2007 Star Wars Sexology Special Edition [Lucassette] 2008 Independence Day VI: The Day We Get the Construction Invoice 2008 Space Truckers III [CB-Radio] 2008 Spawn IV [Vet-Net] 2009 Sphere II: Space Balls -- Things to Come 2009 Starship Troopers II: Alien Sexual Harassment 2009 Power Rangers vs. VR-Rangers vs. the Lone Ranger 2009 Volcano II: Get Your Rocks Off [CyberSex] 2010 Freejack, Bug Jack Barron, You Don't Know Jack [Jack-in-the-Box] 2010 2010: Space Odyssey Special Edition [Art-Clarke live from Orbit] 2010 Superwoman: The First Lady [whitehouse.gov] 2010 Blade Runner III: Replican/Replican't [Phillip K. Dick-tator] 2010 Metropolis II: On the Fritz [GermaNet] 2010 Invasion of the Body Snatchers vs. Censorship of the Snatch-Bodiers 2010 A Clockwork Orange [not available without a color monitor] 2010 Alphaville: The Beta Test [Gamma rays/The Omega Man] 2010 Andromeda Strain II: Mickey Mouse as a Lab Rat 2010 Forbidden Planet Interactive [Robbie the Robot is at your door] 2010 The Blob [sneezed on your screen] 2010 Star Wars XIX: Death Star on Hollywood Boulevard 2010 M for Murder of the Story of O by Star Trek's Q and X-Files' Z for Zorro 2010 Monster in the Manger: Gold, Myrrh, and Frankenstein 2010 War of the Worlds: Microsoft Explorer vs. Netscape Navigator

Major Books of the Decade

2000 Asimov 2000: Two Thousand of Isaac Asimov's Books on one DVD 2001 Ray Bradbury: The Martian Chronic [Farenheit: $4.51] 2002 Arthur C. Clarke: "Hal-9000 and Me" [Sri Lanka: Monolith] 2003 Frank Herbert: "Dune vs. Doom: James Dean's Great Dane" 2004 Ballard, Brin, Bear, Benford, and Bova: "The Ultimate B-Movie" 2005 Robert Heinlein: "I Shall Fear No Sequel" [Stranger in a Strangelove] 2006 Stanislaw Lem: "Solaris OS" 2007 Stephen King: "Gross Prophets" 2008 Anne McCaffrey: "The Dragonrider Who Sang All the Way to the Bank" 2009 R. L. Stine: "Mother Goosebumps" 2010 H. G. Wells & Stephan W. Hawking: "A Brief History of Time Machine"

Major Science Fiction Events of this Decade

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