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About playing the role of Wallace, Mel said, "At first I turned it down because I thought I was too damned old to do it. But then I thought: Well, no one knows that. This is the 13th century. People lived for less time, so they go older faster."

Mel kept everyone on the set of Braveheart quite relaxed by using his sense of humor. He was fond of making whale noises, and didgeridoo sounds, and directing in different voices like Elmer Fudd, Ben Gazzara and Sammy Davis Jr. He had one crew member convinced that Al Pacino had been working on a documentary film about tennis balls. "I had him going for months" he boasted. Another rumor that Mel spread was about Sophie Marceau, who played Princess Isabella. He told everyone that she was the daughter of the famous mime actor, Marcel Marceau. Sophie shuddered at the thought -- she doesn't even know him, and hates the white face and gloves.

The Battle of Stirling ended in victory for the Scots, and they exacted bloody revenge on the English. Cressingham, an arrogant and militant priest, who was also the English Treasurer, was torn to pieces and skinned. It is said Wallace made a belt from the skin. The army commander, Surrey, ran away and did not stop until he reached the safety of Berwick Castle. He lost 20,000 men - their bodies piled up below Abbey Craig.

Braveheart was Mel Gibson's second time in the director's chair (after 1993's The Man Without a Face) and the film, with its cast of thousands, difficult battle scenes and $50 million+ budget, proved rather daunting. "Every morning , I felt really on edge," admitted Mel, "It was huge, and every day there were a million decisions.

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