Kings and Queens of Old Scotland

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76: Corbredus (Galdus) a Caledonian chief who fought Agricola on Mons Graupius A.D. 86, into whose mouth Tacitus puts an eloquent speech.
574: Aidanus, son of Gabran; crowned King of Dalraida (part of Scotland) by Saint Columba on Iona in 574, died 606. He is supposedly the father of Arthurius, King of the Scots, better known as the legendary King Arthur of Camelot.
607: Cineadh Cerr, Kenneth the left-handed, reigned over Dalraida for 3 months. He died in battle, fighting invaders from the South.
608: Arthurius, King of the Scots, better known as the legendary King Arthur of Camelot. Many legends surround his history. Supposedly he died in battle in 632.
632: Domnall Breac, King of Dalraida, killed in battle at Strathcarron in 642.
646: Fearchar Fada, or Farquhar the tall, was a chief of the clan Baedan rather than a king. Died in 697
664: Malduinus, 664 - no information about him.
684: Eugenius, or Oan, King of the Strathclyde Scots who defeated and killed Domnall Breac, King of Dalraida in Strathcarron in 642.
697: Amberkeletus (also known as Ainbhceallach), son of Fearchar Fada, killed by his brother, Sealbhach, in 724.
732: Mordacus, (Muredach), claimant for the throne of Dalraida, possibly king for a short time.
767: Solvathius, (Sealbhach) son of Fearchar Fada, who expelled his brother Amberkeletusin 719 and killed him in battle in 724.
834: Kenneth I, also known as Kenneth MacAlpin, who after conquering the Picts, became first King of Alba (all of what is now Scotland) in 832; died in 860.
859: Constantin, King of Strathclyde Scots.
889: Donaldus 6, son of Aedh, and brother of King Constantin. Killed by Danish invaders in 900.
904: Constantinus 3, no information.
943: Milcolumbus, Killed near Fetteresso in 954.
954: Indulph, son of King Constantin, reigned until 963.
963: Culenus, (Cuilean Finn, or white Colin), son of King Indulph, died 971.
970: Kenneth 3, killed in civil war near Loch Earn in 1005.

This list is not necessarily complete. It will be added to as more information becomes available.


Here is a list of Kings (and one Queen) of Scotland in the period of about 200 years leading up to the reign of King Robert the Bruce.

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Robert the Bruce, 1306 - 1329

Mary, Queen of Scots, 1542 - 1567, executed at Fotheringay in 1587.

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Apart from Wallace and Bruce (seen on the left side of the mural), you can also find Macbeth, Thomas the Rhymer, and other famous Scots from the Middle Ages.

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