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I feel obliged to comment on the recent controversy about Mel Gibson's latest film, "The Passion of the Christ", and on his father who is a self-professed anti-semite. As a Scottish Presbyterian by upbringing, I do not care for Passion plays. I don't like them. They were thought up by some 19th Century German nun, and are completely over the top. Two thousand years of love-thy-neighboour religious thinking is thrown out of the window by these plays because they goad people into self-righteous rage and anti-semitism.

So I am very disappointed in Mel Gibson for pandering to the tastes of the lowest common denominator of Christianity. I agree with the ever-perceptive Howard Stern who points out that Mel made the film to please his bigoted father. I do not support Mel in this latest film. I may well take all his pictures off my website. I am waiting to see how this all pans out.

Mel in "The Bounty"

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Mel with his kids

as Fletcher Christian

Mel in black

Mel in black 2

Mel with a curl

Mel in grey T

Mel's top 10

Mel and Robyn

Ransome 1

Ransome 2


Tequila Sunrise

The Bounty

Mrs Soffel

Mel as Romeo

Mel 1998

Mel in Tim

Mel as a punk

Summercity 2

Mel in shadows

Mel with cigar

Mel lights up

Mel inhales

Mel puff out

Mel close up

Mel laughing

Mel in Stirling

Mel in blue

Mel in bowtie

Mel with striped tie



Mel in a skivvie

Mel drawing

Mel with Danny

Mel in LW4

Mad Max 2 scar

Mel with eyepatch

Mel deformed

Lethal Weapon 2

Lethal Weapon 3

Mad Max 3

Mel in sunglasses

Mel with beard

Mel in a hat

The Bounty 2

The Bounty 3

The Bounty 4

The Bounty 5

Mel in a sauna?

Mel in a kilt


With Jodie Foster

Mel in sun

Conspiracy Theory

Braveheart pictures

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