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Who are we, and why do we get over 15,000 accesses a day from 129 countries?

Magic Dragon Multimedia was founded in 1995 as a subsidiary of Emerald City Publishing, a diverse high-tech publishing parent company dating to 1979 in Seattle and affiliated with the science/engineering consulting company Computer Futures, Inc..

Three of the officers of Magic Dragon Multimedia were on the Board of Directors of a major Hollywood CD-ROM publisher in 1994 and 1995, but saw that the World Wide Web would be a more important multimedia channel than CD-ROMs -- so Magic Dragon Multimedia began 1 January 1995 under the leadership of Jonathan Vos Post and Dr.Christine Carmichael.

They went on-line at the end of February 1996 with a domain that grew to include over 600 web pages, for small businesses, non-profit organizations, and extensive content in certain selected areas popular with netizens. The internet is really a way of connecting people -- so Magic Dragon Multimedia has information about, and/or links to, over 11,000 people worldwide who have something important or entertaining to tell you.
The major Sub-domains of Magic Dragon Multimedia's somain include:

Science Fiction

the world's most comprehensive on-line encyclopedia of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror literature and media. Includes over 3000 annotated hotlinks plus biographic and bibliographic information on over 5600 authors who have no known home pages, for a total of over 8800 authors, editors, and artists.

Mystery Fiction

one of the world's most comprehensive on-line encyclopedias of Mystery, Crime, Thriller, and Detective literature and media. Includes over 500 annotated hotlinks plus biographic and bibliographic information on over 1600 authors who have no known home pages, for a total of over 2100 authors, and editors.

William Wallace

The great national hero of Scotland, Sir William Wallace, was recently portrayed by Mel Gibson in the superb film "Braveheart." For six centuries, Sir William Wallace has been an icon for freedom.

Photo Enhancement

Magic Dragon Multimedia developed proprietary software for digitally enhancing and modifying photographs. We can change the age of the person in the picture, glamorize them, make them look like the opposite sex, or put their faces into famous works of art or historical settings.

Computer Futures

Computer Futures, Inc., has collected roughly $200,000 since 1980 in consulting fees. Its high-tech consultants are experts in aerospace, computers, solid state physics, software, and multimedia. This site has some of its publications, especially on the Space Program. Most of its reports, howver, are confidentialy issued to clients, including government agencies, Fortune 500 corporations, and intellectual property law firms.

Age Progression

Magic Dragon Multimedia developed proprietary software that can transform the photograph of any child over 4 years old into a photograph of what they might look like at age 18. This process is not guaranteed for law enforcement work, but has been used by parents, foster parents, and children themselves.


The great national heroes of Scotland, Sir William Wallace and Robert the Bruce, were recently portrayed in the superb film "Braveheart." See that movie in the context of portraits of the heroes, castles, battlefields, and legends of Scotland.

Frank Muir

The witty and erudite star of the BBC radio shows "My Word" and "My Music" passed away in 1998, and had no home page, until Magic Dragon Multimedia created this tribute site.


Connect to, or find out about, over 11,000 authors, editors, and artists, some nowhere else indexed on the Web.


Magic Dragon Multimedia has received hits from people in 129 countries so far. Find out more about this slice of the on-line planet.

Detective Fiction

one of the world's most comprehensive on-line encyclopedias of Detective, Mystery, Crime, and Thriller literature and media. Includes over 500 annotated hotlinks plus biographic and bibliographic information on over 1600 authors who have no known home pages, for a total of over 2100 authors, and editors.

Emerald City Publishing

Read a delightful selection of professional short stories, poems, and nonfiction essays and srticles in a multiplicity of subjects.

Entertaining Art

Fun with art -- see some amusing things done by experts to famous paintings.


One of the best pages by 9-year-olds anywhere, combines drawings, stories, poems, and jokes in a popular blend.

Venture Technology

The founding member of a self-validating network of high-tech consultants in the world, including experts in many areas from North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. Proven track record of busting patents by finding "prior art" about specific technologies, and of protecting your patents from being broken. All consultants are vouched for, and are scrupulously trustworthy.

Hairstyle Changes

"Hillary's Hair" is one of the most popular sites on the web. See some other examples of how a change of hairstyle can make people look transformed.

Iyengar Yoga of Pasadena

The webmasters seriously recommend by this modern version of Yoga, which achieves remarkable results in people willing to improve their minds and bodies.

James Bond

"My name is Bond, James Bond." You know him as Special Agent 007, but who is he? This is the only complete currcioulum vitae of James Bond on the Web!


Some really, really cool artwork. Come up and see my etchings...

King Arthur

The Ultimate King Arthur Web Site is under construction, but already provides history and legend nowhere else to be found on-line.


Who were the ancient Kings of England, Scotland, and Great Britain? Here's a good place to start.


Fiction and Poetry -- both high-brow and low-brow -- and where to find more.


Edinburgh is the magical capital of Scotland, a city famous as "the Athens of the North." See and learn about this beautiful and historical city, whose residents have changed the world.

The Bruce

Who was Robert the Bruce, recently portrayed in the superb film "Braveheart?" How did he unify Scotland?

Mel Gibson

A tribute site to a great actor/director/producer and family man -- and to some of the real people he has brought to life onscreen.


Dozens of professionally published poems about Love and Death, and about the impact of science and technology on human beings. Also links to the world's most comprehensive on-line encyclopedia of Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry.


All you ever wanted to know about hundreds of genre movies from the 1890s through the 1990s. Many exclusive reviews, and links to hundreds more.

Scottish Inventions

Scottish inventors created the modern world, from the steam engine to the television, and more. You'll be surpised to find out how your life has been made better by men and women of Scotland.

Sherlock Holmes

The greatest detective the world has ever seen. Find out the secrets of his life and career.


The co-webmaster of Magic Dragon Multimedia has over 210 publications, presentations, and broadcasts about Space and the Space Program. Find out more about your cosmos now!

Euterpe Opera

Based in Southern California, the Euterpe Opera Company has dazzled audiences with operas and recitals since 1924. They now have an annual Summer Opera Workshop at the University of Redlands, where the best young opera singers receive a uniquely integrated enhancement of their vocal, musical, theatrical, physiological, and literary capabilities, culminating on fully staged operas.

Space and Time

For over 25 years the magazine "Space and Time" has delighted readers and garnered awards in Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror. See two of the most awesome cover paintings, and read some of the best on-line fiction.

Pacific ADR

An Alternate Dispute Resolution firm, highly skilled and highly recommended.

Malibu Property

One of the most beautiful homes in the world, with one of the most spectacular views of the California coast. See it, dig it, buy it!

National Writers Union

Over 5,000 freelance writers nationwide have an organization fighting for their rights -- and the National Writers Union has recovered over $1,000,000 owed to its members. Find out more about the NWU and its Los Angeles area chapter.

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