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Jonathan's Math Page

Links to Mathematics Pages by Jonathan Vos Post, including: A partial solution to the 'Four Pi' puzzle in arithmetic; square roots of factorials; Knuth's Conjecture; the Four Fours puzzle; the Four Nines puzzle; Number Theory; Triangular Numbers; Polygonal Numbers; Quantum Mechanics.
NEW pages: part of why we get over 1,000,000 hits per month; 30,000 accesses a day from 130 countries!

MATHEMATICS: Fantasy and Science Fiction about Mathematics

Stories, Novels, and Films about Mathematics... Loads slowly (over 450 Kilobytes).

The Four 9s Puzzle

A math puzzle from 1900 updated with some new math. Warning: do not look at this unless you know what a Factorial is, and are willing to waste some time with a programmable calculator...

My Teachers' Teachers' Teachers

A Professional geneology of the very famous people for whom I'm a student or student's student or student's student's student. Includes celebrities as various as Andre Segovia, Ezra Pound, Bertrand Russell, and Albert Einstein.

Periodic Table of the Mystery Authors

Rollovers and links to over 110 Mystery authors, from a colorful interactive "Periodic Table" as you remember from Chemistry...

Romance Movies

What are the 100 best American Romance movies? The best 218 International Romance movies of the 1990s? See these surveys and more, alphabetically, chronologically, and ranked in order of popularity!

Romance Authors

In Summer 2003 we launched a comprehensive encyclopedia of the biggest category of fiction sold in North America: Romance Novels. Discover some 8,000 authors, tens of thousands of books, definitions, subgenres [such as Time Travel Romances, Romantic Suspense...], and more!


In 2000 we launched a comprehensive encyclopedia of the American West: Westerns in print, movies, television, and history. It is strong in the first third of the alphabet ("A" though "J") with the rest being added every day! 23 September 2003: added 139 more authors, for a total of 581.

Ecology, Biology, and and Science Fiction

Your Humble Webmaster did Ph.D. research in biology (Artificial Life and Nanotechnology) in the mid-1970s, and taught Ecology at the experimental college of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. His [22 Sep 2000] page in The Ultimate Science Fiction Web Guide may be found at the above hotlink.


We have added megabytes of text for a complete and original Encyclopedia of the History of Science, Engineering, Technology, and Literature. It starts at 13,000,000,000 BC with Cosmic History, goes millennium by millennium until 1 AD, then has a page per century until 1890 (when it becomes a page per decade, with an emphasis on Science Fiction, where science and literature intersect). Come browse through your past... to get a glimpse of where you came from, and (for the decade 2000-2010) a sense of where the future may be!

Mystery Fiction

one of the world's most comprehensive on-line encyclopedias of Mystery, Crime, Thriller, and Detective literature and media. Includes over 1,174 annotated hotlinks plus biographic and bibliographic information on over 1,911 authors who have no known home pages, for a total of over 3,085 authors, and editors.
NEW!: over 1,000 fictional charcters, alphabetically mixed in with authors.

William Wallace

This is now linked to by the offocial Mel Gibson website. The great national hero of Scotland, Sir William Wallace, was recently portrayed by Mel Gibson in the superb film "Braveheart." For six centuries, Sir William Wallace has been an icon for freedom.


This is now linked to by the offocial Mel Gibson website. The great national heroes of Scotland, Sir William Wallace and Robert the Bruce, were recently portrayed in the superb film "Braveheart." See that movie in the context of portraits of the heroes, castles, battlefields, and legends of Scotland.

Iyengar Yoga of Pasadena

This page has been updated in August 2000. The webmasters seriously recommend by this modern version of Yoga, which achieves remarkable results in people willing to improve their minds and bodies.

The Bruce

This is now linked to by the offocial Mel Gibson website. Who was Robert the Bruce, recently portrayed in the superb film "Braveheart?" How did he unify Scotland?

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